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  1. Donald Littlepaws Penry Piggins Notso Melodious Noxious Cloud Luffing Mainsail Patty Peppermint Completely Dismantled Ima Leeder Openly Mysterious Puppy Puddles Tastes Salty Dis Enchantment
  2. Wake up. You can have a custom last name for the low, low price of only $500 per year.
  3. It generally takes 15 minutes or less, but the world map takes a long time to update. LL should've sent a SLURL to use to go there directly, or perhaps it's in the Land section of your control panel. It's been about four years since I bought a region & I don't remember. I do remember I had to use that SLURL.
  4. That would have been a very bad move. All the people who'd already registered with a single name would've been upset to find out they'd have to create a new account to get a last name. LL had to be able to let those people change their existing user name. Putting last names back was the easy part. Burrowing through SL's software to make it possible to change an existing name was what took so long. On a completely different note: I wonder if Completely Dismantled is still available.
  5. Land rental businesses are generally just on the edge of losing money. If dropping their prices means the landlord can't afford the maintenance fee then they'll dump the region. As for mainland, so much of mainland is a garbage heap that many people wouldn't want land even with a price drop. People are flocking to Bellisseria because it looks good.
  6. Avatar limits are per region, not per parcel. The 40 avatar limit on mainland is for the total number of avatars on all the parcels in the region.
  7. Based an where his right thumb and left hand are, I'd say the pretend president is up to his old tricks.
  8. Your region is a mainland region, right? There's no requirement to be premium to own estate regions, but many people think it's required.
  9. I doubt that suggesting region purchases to new residents would be a good idea. Telling people who are just starting with SL that they can have land for only a few hundred dollars plus 100 - 200 dollars per month would end their time in SL. A full region is a lot to deal with too. Here's your land, now go buy stuff to put on it. Oh, and you'll want to learn to terraform too. Giving newbies a couple months of premium and a Linden Home would be a better start. Linden Lab is already promoting the idea of SL for business meetings. It didn't work out in 2006-2008 and it won't work now. There are products that are cheaper and much easier to use. Those products don't require participants to choose an avatar name, learn how to navigate, set up headsets, figure out the viewer (not to mention having to download & install the viewer). It's too much trouble.
  10. Mainland (where you can buy parcels if you're premium) and Linden Homes regions have a 40 avatar limit. Private estates can be set higher. It's highly unlikely you'd ever get 100 people to a club. If you did nobody would be able to move anyway.
  11. Bento has been part of the viewers from Linden Lab and 3rd parties for a long time. You must have been looking at an old article.
  12. Maddy is right. The forum is a good place to learn about and meet people. If you then meet them in-world, such as at the Sunday Breakfasts, you'll be familiar with them and less uncomfortable. I recommend reading this thread: "How are you feeling today?". The people posting in that thread are very nice and very caring.
  13. @roseelvira You've put a great deal of effort into making a lovely (and calorie-laden) thread. Thank you. I'm very glad I can't rez them in real life; I'd be as big as a house.
  14. Izzie's has items that add wrinkles for both male and female avatars. I recommend getting the demos to see if they do what you want.
  15. The initial mobile client is for iOS and is for text. LL plans to add more features later/eventually.
  16. Linden Lab is working on getting the web profiles out of their viewer. I'm hoping once that's done they'll kill off the feeds and the rest of my.secondlife.com. That'll fix Trending.
  17. Stipends are delivered on Tuesdays, so the 300L should be received the first Tuesday after becoming a premium member.
  18. It's an outfit called Montana Outfit from Giz Seorn. It's in the in-world store but didn't spot it on the website. The fasteners on the top must have fallen off, but Mel doesn't get out much so it didn't matter. 😉
  19. Ah, but I didn't mention my first two alts. Not to mention the one I lost track of (forgot password & security question answer) about two days after I created the account. Not worth getting that one back.
  20. Here I am with my 3 youngest alts. One of them has posted in the forums before and the others had never logged into them. They've all logged into SL; that's why they exist. As @LittleMe Jewell said, that's necessary to log into the forums. I suspect it's an additional barrier to the bot accounts we used to see here a lot. I'm the little one at the bottom of the picture. I've logged them all in to the forums so they can have their first (and very likely last) post. Peri's had some posts before, so this is a way to show that she's one of my alts.
  21. If you're talking about Bellisseria, it is already connected by water to mainland at the north and south end. No clue what the continent names are. There aren't any ground transportation connections. There's not a good way to get a land connection to the south because all of the coastal land is owned. The north side has a place on both ends where a road could connect, but getting from one to the other would be difficult.
  22. When a company's direction changes it's often necessary to do layoffs. In LL's case, they had Sansar developers who knew nothing of SL. They apparently moved some of the former SL developers back from Sansar (or rehired them from elsewhere), in which case some of the existing staff would be 'redundant' (a lovely word for yer outta here). Layoffs and hiring can happen concurrently when a company's direction changes. It's the layoffs that get the press.
  23. Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF format, pronounces it JIF. See How to pronounce gif That's the way I always heard it up until the last few years.
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