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  1. The military cannot act against the president. That would be unconstitutional. Everyone working for the federal government must swear to defend the Constitution. (I don't think anybody except perhaps the Secret Service swears to defend the president.) The military can and has refused to obey the Cheeto. The problem is the Republican side of the Senate is acting as if their oath was to the president and is refusing to do their Constitutional duty to be one of the checks and balances. Now they're trying to stack the judiciary. If successful, the US may be done for.
  2. Don't move that slider too far to the right either. A little goes a long way.
  3. Please be very careful with "devalue". Who decides what that means?
  4. Visiting some friends. Only change was to resize the picture. With warmer Windlight
  5. Ctrl-~ takes the snapshot to disk (if you've set up snapshots to go to disk). Have you tried that?
  6. Groups of bots come in waves. There's a group that's currently active that has virus-themed names for each of the bots. I've found at least 5 of them, but their rez dates are all late March. The way they behave depends on who created them. Most appear in some location, stay a little bit, then poof. One group TPed in around 1000 meters and would drop to ground level before TPing out. Look for similar behavior among several different names, or the same names popping up in regions that aren't related in usage - odds are they're bots. Once found I keep them off all four regions, either by adding their names to a bot ejector gadget or estate banning them. You can parcel ban them, assuming you've been given the ability.
  7. If LL had somehow seen 17 years into the future, perhaps they would have created a covenant. That covenant would've killed SL within a couple years. Mainland is the original sandbox. LL didn't know what would be built when SL started. SL was a place for people to create things together (or on their own). If LL had restricted what was created, those early residents would've dropped SL like a hot potato. In a way, mainland is still like that original sandbox environment. It's the one place in SL where you can buy land that nobody else controls and build whatever you like. To others it might look like junk, but to the person who built it their build is special because it's something they created.
  8. This forum is about discussing education in SL and is lightly used. You are much more likely to get an answer in the Mesh subforum of the Creation forum. It's here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/303-mesh/
  9. Still going on with this? It's not going to happen. Mainland is free-for-all land and it's way too late to change that. It's not Linden Lab's job to keep the people you find unacceptable out of mainland.
  10. This forum covers 2013 till now in 10 pages, so it's lightly used. Perhaps rename this forum Second Life Education and Nonprofits? Also, since event announcements are most of what was in the mailing list, would those be allowed here?
  11. Since many of their responses say almost the same thing as a post only two or three above theirs, I'd go with they only read the thread title.
  12. These are from the SL 4th Birthday event in June 2007. Everything here is prims. (part 1) Apparently the forum won't let me upload anything more in another post. I'll try again later.
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