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    The thing you were seeing didn't need to be attached to you. It could have been something like an octopus that was scripted to go to you (or whoever the owner targeted) ... basically a follower with a follow distance of zero. Nobody steals permission to animate you. They fool you into giving them permission. In Firestorm you can try 'Stop avatar animations & revoke permissions'. I don't know if any other viewer has something like that. As for the brute force thing: You weren't being brute forced. What you were seeing is a warning that the password you wanted to use is too simple and therefore easily guessed. The website likely made you try again until you came up with a sufficiently secure password. The days of using 'password1' as a password are long gone.
  2. Parhelion Palou

    Hi Second Life-ers!

    Not Safe For Work ... though that depends on where you work.
  3. Parhelion Palou

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I used to love going through the 3D recreations of Van Gogh paintings, so I checked this place out. It's very cool.
  4. Parhelion Palou

    An insight on retaining new users

    The Social Islands have some challenges in which you're paid L$ that show up in a Tutorial L$ Balance window. They can be used to purchase things on the Social Islands, but don't exist in the rest of SL. People have asked in the forums how to get to those L$ once they're off the Social Island, so it would've been nice to name the tutorial Lindens something else. The region a newbie starts in isn't accessible to anyone other than beginners, but after learning basic movement they're teleported to a Social Island (9 or 10 of those) where anyone can go. That makes the Social Islands much like the old Help Islands; there are helpful people, people who are not so helpful telling newbies that without a mesh body/head they'll be social outcasts, those who've never left to explore the rest of SL, griefers, scammers, and newbies. Look in the world map for Social Island and pick one from the list. I just went to a less populated one (only 10 there) and found 3 newbies with the rest ranging from 90 to 1500 days old.
  5. Parhelion Palou

    new starter avis,yay!

    All of the starter avatars have been system avatars for years now. They finally made the mesh ones disappear from the Choose an Avatar screen some time in the last year or so. There are still some of the mesh ones in the vampires/monsters category, but nobody is going to try to find clothes for those.
  6. Parhelion Palou

    Measure conversions for fitting house on land

    In addition to finding a large enough piece of land, you'll need to make sure the parcel has enough available LI (land impact) to cover the LI of the house and anything you want to put in it. The available LI for an empty 2240sqm parcel on different types of regions is: Homestead: 171 LI, Mainland: 769 LI, Estate (standard): 683 LI, Estate (30K): 1025 LI Check any parcel you're interested in by right-clicking on the land, selecting About Land, then going to the Objects tab and looking at the "Parcel land impact" value.
  7. Parhelion Palou

    Landmark Teleport Scripts - Only Owner?

    The OP said 'meant to teleport anyone that clicks on the object'. I dropped all other teleport methods once the experience-based one came out, but all my public ones use touch. My tenants wouldn't use a HUD; neither would I. I use portal type activation for fun experiments, like infinite falling and exiting a tunnel the way you came in, but those aren't accessible to the public.
  8. Parhelion Palou

    Landmark Teleport Scripts - Only Owner?

    Per the LSL Wiki: "This function can only teleport the owner of the object (unless part of an Experience)." You'd have to make the script part of an experience in order to teleport other people. There are older functions that can do the job, but they'll bring up the world map and the person being teleported would have to click on the teleport button on the map.
  9. Parhelion Palou

    How do I backup settings for second life viewer

    That step is meant for installing a newer version of Firestorm over an older version, assuming you want to keep your old settings. Since you haven't installed Firestorm before you can skip the backup step.
  10. Parhelion Palou

    First vs now challenge

    The 'old' picture is from some time in the first half of 2007, but the avatar hadn't changed since 2006. The inset I added *is* from 2006. The second picture was taken today. The location hasn't changed much in 12 years, but SL's graphics have.
  11. Parhelion Palou

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Thanks for the information. My female alt needed some new hair, and short hair fits her well. Here's the result:
  12. Parhelion Palou

    How does your avatar look today ?

    (/me checks his Nomex suit) You were hoping for poodle?
  13. Parhelion Palou

    How can I get 1500 linden free ?

    The OP asked their question nearly 6 years ago. Why are you waking the dead thread?
  14. Parhelion Palou

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    If you look at the LI of something that you put in Edit from another region, you get zero for the LI. You'll see the LI if you're on the same region as the object you're editing. ETA: Missed Theresa Tennyson's response on the bottom of the last page. Sorry about that.
  15. Parhelion Palou

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    Viewer 1 was a mess. The problem is that the viewers that came after were worse.