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  1. Minor griefing - L$1 purchase

    Good warning -- I hadn't thought of people pulling a stunt like that. My parcels are safe enough; I set them for sale for a week's rent. When purchased, a script detects the ownership change and updates CasperLet. I have some other rentals that are set up differently. Those could be a problem. Thanks!
  2. Modern Sim Lag Times

    I didn't want to get into too many details. The point was that Sansar and SL are not sharing the same computing resources. Even when eventually SL moves to the cloud SL and Sansar will still be separate. LL isn't stealing computing resources from SL to run Sansar.
  3. Modern Sim Lag Times

    FYI: SL runs on servers in a Linden-owned data center. Sansar runs on Amazon's cloud service. Totally separate things.
  4. I heard last names were coming back. When?

    Guess I'll have to refer to them by their UUID .... or call them all Phred.
  5. Furnishing a rental house

    Ask the landlord. The answers to your questions depend on how the landlord set up the houses.
  6. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    Sorry to drop this in as a response to your post, Moira. It's a shortcut so I can get to sleep. True, but still new code. Little bits of new code all over the place and the infrastructure to connect all the pieces. The original post mentioned GEMS given out for meeting minimum activity requirements, so code needed to check for login/logout times to determine if the requirement is met then award GEMS. GEMS given out for existing LInden mini games, so code changes there. GEMS given out for forum posts that gain reputation ... that might take some doing. GEMS for completion of basic platform educational achievements such as creating your first prim, adding your first profile picture -- code changes (including database changes) for all of that. Also "almost anything really" ... that sounds like infinite code changes. ;-) On the sink side, reduction of tier payments for GEMS returned to LL ... definitely some code changes there. Promoted positioning for location in search etc., texture & mesh uploads -- still busy adding code. There's also something for residents exchanging GEMS, including LSL changes ... more code. This is like all the other ideas such as regulating gachas, having a legal system to deal with bans, etc. Fun to talk about but they're not going to happen. I'd rather LL got EEP out.
  7. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    They have the data but they're not paying attention to it. Things like location information likely hit the bit bucket rapidly once you've moved on. They keep the chat logs for awhile, but for AR (and law enforcement) purposes. What if you wanted only certain types of conversations to be worth GEMS? LL would have to parse everyone's chat to determine if it's the right sort of conversation. With GEMS they'd have to be watching everything you do to see if you're doing something that's worth awarding a GEM. One way to offset the cost of all that code is to add advertising to SL. You'd be famous ... or infamous.
  8. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    You mentioned people getting GEMS for chatting in local ... that means a process has to monitor every local conversation in SL to determine whether to award GEMS. If GEMS could be given for IMs, LL would have to monitor those as well. You've been giving out GEMS for about every activity in SL, which means there would have to be code to spot that activity and award GEMS. That's a huge undertaking. Hmm, perhaps LL could monetize this after all. Since they'll know what everyone's been doing they can collect the data, add an advertising channel to viewers, then sell targeted ads. It works for Google ...
  9. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    There's no way LL would modify most of SL's code just to do GEMS. Sansar is a long way from finished. You should suggest GEMS for Sansar.
  10. sub dividing lang

    It's how the landlord has set it up ... the ability to divide or join land can be disabled at the estate level.
  11. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    The GEMS system, if it ever came to be, should require opting into it (or at least being able to opt out). If not, it had better be possible to delete the things. If people want to use the system that's fine, but it shouldn't be forced on those who don't.
  12. Viewer shows moving water as red.. is it a graphics setting?

    You didn't disassemble one and figure out how to modify the high voltage section to make it catch fire?
  13. Viewer shows moving water as red.. is it a graphics setting?

    My favorite was the Lear Siegler ADM-3A, but they're rare now.
  14. LL Policy for Gacha Games is a need

    It's fun answering things when I'm really tired ... Say I'd be happy with anything that's in a specific gacha machine. I put in my Lindens, get something out ... I've won. There's no way I can lose. Is it gambling? I rarely bother with gachas, but most of the times I've used a gacha machine I've wanted the commons and not the rare. I want stuff to put in a house, not a house. I've got tons of those. In that case if I get the rare I'll delete it rather than clog up my inventory. That rare had no value to me. The true value is what it's worth to the person using the machine. Labeling something 'rare' doesn't change its true value. If you disagree, I've got some rare cubes I'll sell for a reasonable price. Now, for the "RL dollars": Lindens have no value in the real world. They only have value in Second Life. You can't get Lindens out of SL. If you could you couldn't use them for anything. A Linden is basically a token used for barter within SL. Do you have to report your Lindens to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so you can be taxed on them? Funny, the IRS doesn't think they're money. (If necessary, Linden Lab could shut down the RL money argument by ending the conversion of Lindens to dollars. That's an interesting thought.) In summary: Nothing I typed above matters, because @LittleMe Jewell and others are right. Unless LL's lawyers decide there's a problem with gachas there will be no rules, regulations, covenants, or finger paintings created by Linden Lab with respect to gachas. I suggest moving on to some other subject. How about calling for speed limits on mainland roads? There's a terrible lack of regulation there.
  15. not walking

    Re: Firestorm move lock -- You are all correct. Look in Preferences->Move & View->Movement. There's a checkbox under "If built in LSL Bridge movelock is active ..." that says "Lock and unlock position after stopping or starting movement." If it's checked you can have movelock on and still walk around. If it's not checked you're stuck in one place until you disable movelock. Not my discovery ... it was posted somewhere else in the forums by someone else. I'd guess Whirly, but I'm not sure.