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  1. Possibly Ridiculous Project for Stimulating LSL Research

    Shhh ... I know there's not a way. But there's a live one possibly taking the bait.
  2. Possibly Ridiculous Project for Stimulating LSL Research

    There is a way .... but the method is restricted to the high priests of the LSL Scripters Guild. I'm sorry.
  3. Oz and Grumpity Linden Interview @ SLS15B

    Place Pages isn't part of the Destination Guide. It's something LL has hidden well but would like people who have regions or parcels to use.
  4. Worm Farm

    I thought worm farm was another term for a cemetery. Learn something every day ...
  5. 18th century woman looking for an RP husband

    Perhaps the French didn't notice, but for the rest of the countries involved World War I came *before* World War II.
  6. Connect the Continents

    OpenSpace regions are now an endangered resource. After this month new ones will not be sold. (Per Another 15 for 15 - Lower Land Prices and Reduced Set Up Fees) Too bad, the monthly tier for them is dropping to $60 as of July for the ones that already exist.
  7. Better viewer for Second Life? ((To get MORE Fps))

    SL is OpenGL, not DirectX
  8. Funny, SL hasn't failed on me in weeks. If SL had been designed to be a vehicle-based game, you could say it's failing. You're trying to turn what's basically a general-purpose sandbox into a vehicle-based game. Of course it doesn't work smoothly. About 9 years ago I started noticing that people were teleporting everywhere. They'd teleport from a store to another store that was only 50 or so meters away. They wouldn't even know that the two stores were so close. It's still that way for most of SL's population. They don't walk anywhere, much less use vehicles. The behavior of vehicles at sim crossings, good or bad, will have nearly zero effect on new user retention.
  9. Are All Avatars Human?

    There are some nice Bento avatars out now. These are from Medhue Animations
  10. Best Venue for an SL Wedding

    For around 100 people you'll need to find a venue that's located at the intersection of 4 regions. A region can theoretically hold 100 people but nobody will be moving much. A venue that straddles two regions might work, but at 50 people per region dressed in formal clothing it'll be laggy.
  11. The Latest on Last Names

    Lindens changed their mind. See Dakota Linden's post about halfway down the previous page. All new accounts will still have the Resident last name. Premium accounts will be able to pay some unspecified amount to choose a last name from a list of possible names.
  12. Sansar < Secondlife

    And C++ (at least used to) be interpreted to C in a preprocessor. C, of course, is the heart of all good programming languages. Young whippersnappers don't appreciate it; they like the newfangled stuff.
  13. Sansar < Secondlife

    SL's simulators are written in C# running on Mono. That's one reason LL would use C# for the Sansar scripting ... they're used to it. As for Sansar's graphics ... meh. What tech LL is using for Sansar isn't that important considering Sansar is a product chasing after a market that's quickly disappearing. LL has to find another use for Sansar or it won't matter what's under the hood.
  14. Abandoned Land Problem

    There aren't that many nonprofits that would have any interest in SL. Other than huge-scale setups like Relay for Life, there's not much to be gained by fundraising in SL. I've told nonprofits that they'd make more money with a tin cup on a RL street corner than they'll make in SL. There are far too few visitors to use SL to advertise a nonprofit's work. That's what websites are good for. It's really not well set up to use for meetings -- nonprofits don't tend to have good enough computers to use SL well, there's a big learning curve, and there are better and easier ways to set up on-line meetings. If LL let nonprofits sell abandoned land to raise money, who would the customers be? The reason the land was abandoned is people didn't want it. Premium members who want land already have it. They're unlikely to want to expand their land holdings enough to take up a big percentage of the abandoned land. I've been working or volunteering at Nonprofit Commons for over 10.5 years. We offer free office space for nonprofits. Almost all of the nonprofits that enter SL to set up an office space start with high expectations and fade out within a few months. Only organizations whose representatives happen to 'get' SL stay around for long. During the hype wave (2007 - 2008 mostly), we had lots of applications from nonprofits. Now it's rare. Nonprofits mostly forgot about SL when corporations did.
  15. WCIF t-shirt

    My guess is Where Could I Find (I couldn't figure it out when I first read this thread hours ago, but this time it made sense -- I suppose being very tired makes my brain work better?)