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  1. Make sure you're wearing the Slink body - then you can edit your shape the same as with a system avatar. If you rez it on the ground you won't get anywhere.
  2. Make sure you're on mainland when you're looking for parcels. Tier allowance means nothing on estate land.
  3. Patch could've said it more simply: Any premium account holder who pays the fee can change their name, whether they currently have a last name or not.
  4. For what it's worth, an estate manager or region owner can't override the 'avatars can see ...' setting.
  5. Long ago in a thread far, far away (as in I'm not going to look for it), someone stated that Linden Lab had said BOM textures would not include materials -- just the diffuse texture without the normal and specular maps. It may be that merging materials textures is too difficult or gives bad results, but that's just my guess. It was pointed out as a reason why appliers wouldn't go away when BOM came out. It took a long time for BOM to be released and apparently most people either didn't know about that, or forgot. By the way, ALM (Advanced Lighting Model) has nothing to do with this other than you need to have ALM on to see materials textures.
  6. A script that can give a notecard & LM upon entering a region or parcel would use the LSL functions llGetAgentList (which can be set to list all avatars in a region or in a parcel) and llGiveInventoryList (which will put the notecard & LM in a folder to make them easier to find). The script should keep track of which avatars it has given inventory to so that it doesn't continuously offer inventory to the same person. Check the Marketplace if you don't want to write it yourself. However, I don't think it's a good idea to offer the notecard/LM unsolicited. Many people are annoyed by it. If renters have visitors the visitors really shouldn't be given a notecard; annoy the visitors and you could lose renters. If you have a parcel that's used as a rental office or information area you could possibly give the notecard/LM to people who are in that parcel since you can assume they'd be interested in the information.
  7. Just a quick little clarification: The house does remain owned by Linden Lab but that isn't the reason it doesn't count against the parcel's land impact allowance. The root 'prim' of the house linkset is outside of the parcel, so the LI of the house is counted against the common land rather than the parcel the rest of the house is on. There's no magic exclusion from parcel LI counts for LL owned items.
  8. Mollymews has the only good answer. You need to select this setting for your parcel. If you can't then I assume you're renting; you could ask your landlord to set it for you. When you restrict sounds to your parcel it also keeps you from hearing sounds from other parcels. It's very similar to the setting that keeps people outside of your parcel from seeing people inside. If they can't see you then you won't be able to see them.
  9. The Head of Hardware (I forgot the title) who spoke in a video a couple years ago said LL's data center is becoming obsolete. They decided it would be cheaper to put SL on the cloud completely than to build a new data center. I'm sure they thought it shouldn't be that hard; they'd done it with Sansar and could use the people who did that work. I would've loved to see the look of horror on the faces of those people when they saw the SL code base. The data center was set up to get the fastest possible data transfer between the servers in order to reduce region crossing problems. I don't see how they'd be able to guarantee that on something like AWS unless LL could arrange a similar setup there. LL has said they won't tell us that they're moving simulators to the cloud until after it's done. One clue might be region crossings getting a lot worse.
  10. I don't see why Linden Lab would want to spend the resources necessary to create a new client (including rewriting the OpenGL graphics SL uses to the API that the Playstation 4 uses). That's a lot of effort for uncertain financial gain. I suspect LL's learned enough from Sansar to avoid taking unnecessary shots in the dark. A few hundred G-rated regions that would be interesting to people used to PS games would be hard to come by, and they're scattered all over the grid. Note: Moderate allows nudity and private sex, so M-rated regions are out. Between M and A ratings that's most of SL. Would a PS user be interested in paying SL land prices to be able to build something that's interesting, assuming they could find a G-rated region that rents parcels? Sony assumes the game developers are responsible for the content of their games. SL's content is user-created. Who would be monitoring everything available for sale to PS users to make sure the items meet whatever standard Sony has set? Maybe LL would have to add a PS rating to the .Marketplace. And yes, there *is* that little matter of SL being limited to 16-year-olds and up.
  11. You're funny. I assume you're roleplaying.
  12. Interesting -- this comment about big companies leaving hasn't only come from you. The big companies left by around 2009, so it's not a recent thing. Why would people bring it up now?
  13. The SL servers (that aren't off somewhere in the web like CDS) are in a facility in Arizona. That facility is aging & needs to be replaced, which is why LL is trying so hard to move to the cloud. It's cheaper than building a new facility.
  14. Today I was at the Breakfast Club breakfast: Here's one that @Clover Jinx and @Rhonda Huntress may like: I'll probably put the rest on Flickr once I go through the pictures to separate the wheat from the chaff.
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