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  1. Or go up one level from where you're reading this. There's a link to create a support ticket on the right side.
  2. Really ... you wanted the wall of text? Go to the Blake Sea, roads, or some of the other mainland areas that are commonly used by vehicles and look. In the Blake Sea there are generally more people hanging out on islands than are actually moving, and the total number of people isn't that large anyway. Now consider that the Blake Sea and the other areas are a small part of mainland, so you can't claim that there are so many of those areas that the overall total is significant. I'm only specifying mainland since estates can easily ban or regulate orbs if they wish. Would you leave SL because you couldn't fly over someone's parcel? For that matter, isn't it likely that region crossings are a far bigger problem for vehicle owners than some parcels they can't enter? What percentage of vehicle owners would leave SL because of security orbs? Niche case isn't dismissive. Modifying the simulator code to add a feature that would only be used in a fraction of SL is a niche case. It's also not that easy a feature to implement. How do you keep someone from building within an altitude range, considering that you still would have to allow vehicles? You could block non-physical objects from being within the range, but not all vehicles are physical. You could decide that anything that's in the range for more than X seconds must be static and therefore get rid of the object, but what about slow-moving vehicles? You could allow everyone's objects to enter *except* for the parcel owner's, but it doesn't seem fair that the parcel owner couldn't fly over their own parcel within the corridor. For that matter, what happens to parcel permissions within that range? To be fair to the parcel owner, the people passing through that range shouldn't be able to see anyone above or below if the parcel is set to not show avatars. Is the corridor set for public ''allow entry" and "allow scripts" even if the parcel isn't? Is doing all this worth the risk of making the simulator code less stable? The security orb disagreement doesn't really have a solution. LL can't change LSL to stop zero-second orbs, because separate functions do the detection and the ejection. They could add something to the TOS (applicable to mainland only), but what delay value would be reasonable? I discourage the use of orbs at ground level on my region, but if used they must have at least a 10-second delay. For some vehicle users that's OK, for others it's unacceptable. If the land owner is dealing with a stalker then perhaps a very short delay is OK, but anything more is unacceptable. If LL requires too large of a delay, they *will* lose people who need the security. It's not likely they'd lose vehicle owners by leaving things as they are since vehicle owners already have the problem with orbs and they're still here. And finally ... One positive thing that could be done without messing with the simulator code is add OpenSpace (I assume LL can still create them) regions so vehicles have better channels and more places to go. If LL wanted to offset the cost of running the regions, they could charge for using them. It doesn't solve the security orb disagreement, but it does meet one of the biggest desires of vehicle owners (other than making region crossings seamless). It would also be nice if LL would set some standards for themselves & the moles for the width of channels.
  3. Any tier decrease big enough to interest landowners is unlikely to be offset by increased retention within the small part of SL that's into flying. Increased retention also has to pay for the cost of modifying the simulator code to handle a case that would only apply to a small percentage of the parcels in SL. LL needs really good reasons to touch that code; it isn't something that should be done for niche cases like this.
  4. Why should LL decrease their income for something like that?
  5. This thread is making me way less sympathetic to vehicle owners, especially the ones who using flying vehicles. It has helped boost my creativity as I come up with interesting things to do to ones over my parcel. If that was the point of this thread, then it's been achieved. I still have an old balloon and a sailboat, though I don't have much time to use them. When I do use them I check the map first to find a route that keeps me off of people's property. Part of the fun is coming up with a way to do it. If there wasn't a way I'd pick a different destination. I've accidentally hit ban lines and orbs before, but I don't whine about the mean ol' land owners who broke my immersion.
  6. Here's a solution: Create a Vehicle Owners Association group and everyone in it donate tier to the group. The group buys land to use for boating/driving/flying/pogo sticks so that everyone can use it. In the meantime, stick to land that's set for public use (explicitly stated by the parcel owner in the description or parcel name) or Linden-owned land. (As in the parcel owner is LL. No BS about who ultimately owns it because of course LL does - they can turn off the servers and it all goes away.) There's a lot of empty land on the mainland. Use that. This has already been said: Talk (nicely) with people who have zero-second orbs. Some of them may have no idea that there is a delay setting. The "there ought to be a law!" attitude leads to trouble. And finally, something appropriate to the thread:
  7. Lindal Kid and Rolig Loo ... got it.
  8. When you deed the land to the group, the group must have enough tier from members to cover the cost of the land. By checking the box, the owner of the group contributes tier to the group. You can find the tier information in the group information window. Linden homes don't allow deeding the land to a group, and premium tier means nothing on private estates, so the check box can be ignored on those.
  9. The maximum distance between the centers of two linked objects is about 53 meters. I generally make the thing that's going to be off-sim, rez a cube and put it around 52 meters away from the center of the off-sim part. Select the off-sim part then the cube and link them. If the link fails, move the cube a little closer and try again. I don't bother with a prim going between the cube and the off-sim part. It's not necessary.
  10. For what it's worth, you can have as many in-world stores as you wish.
  11. I don't think LL ever allowed that. Definitely not in the last 12.5 years (my time in SL). An extra server would have to be running LL's server software (the simulator), and they keep that to themselves.
  12. LL is expensive in their server rent (though a region owner is only renting a part of a server) because that's a big part of how SL is funded.
  13. Actually, we're close to having materials strong enough to do it. Per a NASA article from 2000, NASA scientists decided we're very close to being able to build it. But who cares about scientists? It's engineers who will do the job.
  14. I doubt LL will want to set themselves up for a bunch of ARs from people complaining that someone's security orb booted them in 9 seconds rather than 10 seconds.
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