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  1. Parhelion Palou

    I Am Not Your Manic Pixel Dream Girl

    @Scylla Rhiadra The thread's title has been gnawing at me for four pages. Like the "Shave and a Haircut" knocks to Roger Rabbit, I have to do this: If you're not my manic pixel dream girl, whose manic pixel dream girl are you? As for your questions: I type pretty much the way I'd speak, except in longer sentences. I'm not trying to establish a personality (see the "Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?" thread) and certainly not authority. I'll say what I think; people can do as they wish with it. I have one voice, and it's a quiet one. 'No' to the question about consciously using a voice that projects a different version of myself. Finally, I don't do roleplay, so the fourth question doesn't apply. Nice uninteresting answers, all of them. 😉
  2. Parhelion Palou

    I'm suffering another bake fail.........

    Interesting. The shapes (in transition between heights) I'm using now are copies of their predecessor, which are copies in a line going back 11 years or so. They're all different now, of course, but they started out as copies. I hope I wouldn't lose them all if the original got corrupted. I suspect that changing a copy breaks the parentage link (the database has to know if a copy is related to the original or it couldn't wipe them all). If that's so, make a copy and change the slider by one for something trivial.
  3. Parhelion Palou

    Profile 'About Me' is Broken

    It was after 9:30 PM in California when LittleMe tagged Tommy, and approaching 5:30 AM there now. Isn't he allowed a life and some sleep? (I know, for what we pay LL their employees should be available 24x7. 😉 )
  4. Correlation doesn't imply causation. I suggest you do a study that proves a link between LR and the number of people online. Write that up and submit it to Linden Lab. Better yet, give it to Maddy so she can test her flamethrower.
  5. Parhelion Palou

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    Awww, I was going to increment the "put someone to sleep" counter by one.
  6. Parhelion Palou

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    I don't think I'm an interesting person in SL. If I did think so, I'd do my best to appear uninteresting. Same result either way.
  7. Parhelion Palou

    Does anyone else having this same problem?

    There's a new batch of bots out that started around the beginning of September. I've spotted over a dozen in this batch so far, and I come across a new one every couple days. I monitor my own and two other regions -- the same bots show up on all of them, sometimes a few different ones in the same day. You're likely to run into them no matter where you go, so of course it seems like they're stalking you. I have no idea what the bots are for ... probably not land bots.
  8. Parhelion Palou

    Evicted from a rental I never rented?

    The landlord can specify the name to use for either a reservation or a rental. The landlord can also set the time remaining (without bothering to pay). If the landlord decided to stop the arrangement, then Evict Silently would have been a better way to do it. I don't think anyone else (except possibly someone with admin permissions for the rental system) could spoof someone else's name. If you rent by paying the box, the system automatically uses the name of the person who paid as the renter.
  9. Parhelion Palou

    Why buy a private region?

    I had my new region within 15 minutes of placing my order w/ LL. It was fast enough for me.
  10. Parhelion Palou

    Unable to deed to land

    In the region settings (Region Details in Firestorm) you have to enable Allow Land Resell in the Region tab. Apparently deeding a parcel to a group is treated as a sale since ownership is changed.
  11. Parhelion Palou

    A Sansar Journal

    The hypothetical experience needn't generate any income at the Sansar store. The developers of the experience's content could do it all themselves and the experience could be set to only allow specific non-modifiable avatars (penguins, of course). The experience's owner could even use their own registration system. (Assuming LL hasn't gone back on previous statements.) I think *you're* thinking with an SL frame of mind.
  12. Parhelion Palou

    A Sansar Journal

    For Sansar, LL has the marketplace (largely for use by experience creators, so it's inherently limited compared to the SL marketplace) and experiences. What other sources can they use to get income? I hope they're not planning on running Sansar off of SL profits forever. Say a company gets a single experience (free), uses it to host a really popular VR game that's got 1000 instances running on the cloud 24 hours a day. How is LL going to cover the cost of that experience? The obvious thing to do is charge experience owners based on the total cost of the computer resources their experience uses. That's how the cloud provider is charging LL. If LL doesn't have a way to make enough money to cover their development costs, operating costs, and make a profit then Sansar will be gone quickly. LL can't afford to provide free play spaces to individuals without paying customers to cover the cost.
  13. Parhelion Palou

    A Sansar Journal

    No cost for experiences is temporary. LL has said they wanted to have the Marketplace support more of their costs in Sansar than they did in SL, not *all* of their costs. They will have to charge for experiences in some manner (initial payment/usage fee/monthly fee/something else) once/if Sansar goes live.
  14. I'm currently paying around $2800 per year and I figure I've paid LL around $28,000 over the past 12 years. I don't care if LL works on the region crossing problems, and I think I should get 9 votes against to your 1 vote for it. 😉 (I'd rather they get EEP online ASAP). If LL made region crossings so smooth you didn't know you'd crossed regions, it wouldn't measurably affect retention. Not that many residents care, and virtual worlds are a niche product that a only small percentage of the populace will ever 'get'. Despite all the predictions made a decade or so ago, they'll never be mass market. Real life is far more interesting. (An apocalypse might help, but that's going a bit far.)
  15. Parhelion Palou

    It's nearly Christmas!

    I guess they're cute. Probably not good eating anyway. As for almost Christmas ... bite your tongue. I'm still working on changing my region over to autumn, and the change to winter is way more involved than the autumn one.