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  1. Millennials & Land Costs?

    Pretty much anyone who is willing to part with a US dollar a week can have a place to live in SL. The majority wouldn't want an entire region -- that's a lot of space to terraform, landscape, and build on. A 4K sqm parcel seems to be the favorite size; that's 1/16 of a region. You think selling or renting parcels is a scheme, but that's how it's done and it works well. Nobody is interested in replacing SL. I haven't heard of anything in development that works the way SL does. Linden Lab is spending a lot of money to improve SL; they want to keep it running for many more years. BTW, region loss is now at the lowest loss rate in 2 years. If you'd like cheap, there's OpenSim -- try one of the OpenSim grids where you can host your own server.
  2. MAC High Sierra issues - extremely bad performance and crashes

    My cable modem is rated for 589 mbps; my service is 200 mbps (which often goes up to 240 mbps). I run a 1gbps wired network with everything except cellphones running wired. COX must be a bit behind where you are. Anyway, it's not the connection speed so much as the connection quality that makes wired better than wireless. SL is very dependent on the quality of the connection. Self-driving cars had better be able to operate using only what's on-board. (Losing GPS will mess up their navigation but they should still be able to move through traffic.) If self-driving cars were dependent on an external wireless connection then they'd be far too dangerous to allow on the road.
  3. Does LL want to fix SL

    I checked the profile before replying. I figured the reply was a plug for the YouTube channel that was linked in the signature.
  4. Does LL want to fix SL

    Didn't read the thread, did you? Sadly, more proof The Saturday Geeks is dying.
  5. I wouldn't touch that website with a 20 meter pole. Either they're externally accessing the marketplace in order to mimic an order from you (and you'd have to already be logged into the Marketplace), or they're getting your SL login information at some point. I'm sure Linden Lab would be very interested in knowing how they're doing that.
  6. What are you doing today!? :D

    Here are a few pictures of the Dresden Gallery (in SL) in 2008. It wasn't quite opened when these were taken. I know I took pictures in some of the rooms on a later visit, but I found these first.
  7. Order failed, But still got billed

    On the Dashboard, under Account click on Account Summary. It will show your Linden dollar balance and US dollar balance. The money taken from your credit card should show as a US dollar balance. Try buying Lindens again using that amount (actually, the amount less the $0.99 fee). The money will be taken from your balance. If the money doesn't show in the US dollar balance, you'll have to check with Linden Lab to see what happened.
  8. It's not a Firestorm thing. The standard viewer has the hooks into translators (Bing or Google; user supplies the information needed to make it work) -- Firestorm includes it as well.
  9. I see that the standard viewer has translate options for either Bing or Google. For the Bing one you have to create an app & supply the app ID. The message you received indicates you've hit the limits on the license for the translator service, or it's being used too fast. Since you said it isn't working at all then I'd assume the former. One way to resolve it, per Microsoft forums, is: "...please send a m,ail with your client ID (or appid, if you are using that) to We may need to adjust the settings for your app." If you're using a translator that was created by someone else, contact the person who created it.
  10. The Pentium 3556 is designed for mobile applications & was released in 2013. Intel calls the built-in GPU Intel HD graphics, which likely means it's one of their earlier attempts. It's unlikely the laptop's graphics can be upgraded. There's not really anything you can do with the processor either. Increasing the clock speed wouldn't help much even if you could change it. As Zeta said, keep your graphics settings in the viewer set to Low. In empty areas where you're not moving around, increase the setting if you wish so that you can see things better. Keep your draw distance low. In areas with other avatars, make sure the avatar complexity (maximum complexity in Firestorm) is set very low -- something like 50,000. A highly complex avatar will bring your system to its knees.
  11. Prims on Premium account?

    To be thorough: A 512 sqm parcel on a mainland region has 175 LI. On a homestead it would be 39 LI (not really worth it, eh?). On a private region (20K LI) it would be 156 LI. Finally on a private region with optional increase to 30K LI, it would be 234 LI. Nothing in SL is simple.
  12. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    Yes! It's much cheaper than the ones I used to see in Byte magazine. Those drives were about the same price but only had a 5 MB capacity. However, for $330 I could have matched the 12MB with a mere 66 180KB 5.25" floppies. In 1981 I was only paying $50 for 10 of them. Access time would have been significantly longer. A 4 TB internal drive is somewhere in the $100 - $150 range today, so one at $125 costs $0.00003125/MB. That's a bit of an improvement over the $249.58/MB cost of that 12 MB disk system.
  13. Modifying premade avatar items

    The name tags are added by the viewer. That's why you can turn them off for yourself but everyone else still sees them ... they're not in-world and not affected by things that are in-world.
  14. What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Not much of a competitor. Sumerian is designed for things like corporate training. The only avatar in sight is a NPC called a Host which is there to describe the scene. You don't see yourself and the documentation gives no indication that there are avatars or that it's possible to have more than one person in the same scene. It's more like the 3D camera pictures you see on a website than it is Sansar. There was a fairly short discussion of it here.
  15. What are you doing today!? :D

    Working hard changing over to winter.