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  1. As @Beth Macbain said, the Lindens are still out & about in SL, both under their own accounts and using their Linden accounts. I've seen Lindens in-world several times this year. Some of the existing Lindens were in SL before they were hired.
  2. Voice and whatever else was shut down at safe hubs because the people there abused it. If a toddler hits someone with a toy you take the toy away. LL never promised VR support for SL; they tested it and decided it wouldn't work well with SL. Some things have been moved to the cloud but so far there's no word that they've moved the simulator servers to the cloud.
  3. Parhelion Palou


    It's a feature in Firestorm and perhaps other viewers. Sometimes it gets confused and cams to the wrong location. Once it does it continues to show the avatar that location on the minimap though it's not there. I think that leaving the region then coming back resets it, but that was a test I tried a long time ago. The bug usually sends my camera to <0,0,0>. In my case that's fine, because I use the feature to work on things at ground level when I'm on my build platform (at 3300 meters). I just need to get my camera to ground level, then I can cam to whatever I want to work on. (Yeah, I'm lazy.)
  4. I recently went from Hanibaram in the continent below Bellisseria through the channel and through Bellisseria then to a short channel up to the continent that's above it. I brought an alt along. Other than the alt getting unseated at the first region crossing, the next 109 region crossings went fine. I was only doing 15 - 20 knots though. SL is a general purpose sandbox. It wasn't designed specifically for vehicles, and certainly not as a flight simulator. SL isn't being neglected, but I doubt Linden Lab has much interest in spending a lot of developer time on making your flights better. They've got many other things to do.
  5. It's quite possible that dominating the social VR market will be about the same as dominating the cheese straightener market.
  6. You can't set it per parcel. By making all land on the region have the same owner, the prims get shared as well. You could stuff 20,000 onto one parcel and have none on the rest. So ... decide how many of the 20,000 each parcel should have. Put it on a notecard and send it to everyone in the group. They'll each be responsible for using About Land->Objects to make sure they're not using more than the notecard says they can have.
  7. In this case the Lindex was very accurate. Here's today's buy screen: It's exactly the OP's purchase, with a 2-day estimated time to fill. If you want to get the Lindens quicker and use a limit buy, set the rate to a lower value. Something like 264 would've been filled in a few minutes.
  8. You can't, at least not in a way that would allow the individual parcels to have different owners. If they're all owned by the same group you can decide how much LI each one can have, but you'll need a gadget that checks the prim/LI count in each parcel in order to enforce the limits. ETA: If the 16 parcels use up all the land on the region, the only way a global object bonus can work is if some of the parcel owners agree to use fewer objects then their parcel allows. If a per-parcel bonus was possible it would be the same. The maximum LI of a region is not changed by the object bonus. In order for some parcels to use more others must use less. Generally a region is set up with public land such as a park that is kept to a low enough LI count to allow the rest of the region to use their 'bonus' LI.
  9. Are you assuming the person behind the screen will log both avatars in at the same time? I doubt that happens often.
  10. Linden Lab doesn't have a height requirement for SL. Read the Terms of Service and Community Standards to see. Land owners can ban her from their land if they wish. They can ban people for any reason. Go somewhere else if that happens; it's not worth worrying about.
  11. Since all died, and assuming you tried them on another (script-enabled) region, then it's likely something happened to you that killed the scripts in the HUDs. The easiest fix is to use the body, head, and AO delivery boxes to get new copies. If you didn't keep the boxes you'll have to get them redelivered first. Your other account wouldn't have had the same thing happen to it, so its HUD(s) wouldn't be affected.
  12. You don't hang around many newbie places. Asking where to get sex and where to get money are fairly common questions, though how to get a better avatar is probably the most common.
  13. Facebook's VR investment is the equivalent of loose change found under the couch cushions, so VR's success isn't that critical to them. All the research that can be done won't fix isolation. People don't like being isolated. What if someone is sneaking up behind you? If it ever does get popular (you may be as old as us ancients by then) I'm going to sell a book called "101 Tricks to Play on Goggle Wearers".
  14. A little over 13 with no breaks. I know several people who have been in SL for over 13 years. Guess I run with an old crowd.
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