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  1. Odds are she's used an alt if she's been in SL. Going around as a Linden won't help you learn what it's like in SL. Also, there's a Meet the Lindens blog post out ... most of the Lindens covered in the post were residents of SL before they became Lindens.
  2. I've never needed to transfer money to PayPal. The bank lists the transaction as Paypal instant transfer - it goes through immediately.
  3. Maddy is over a decade younger than me, but I'm not sure that qualifies as youth. (Dropping some Maddy-bait: I'd say she's around 29.) As for badnic, I prefer "Allow me to introducing myself. I am Boris Badenov, world's greatest no-goodnik." SL is full of corrupted good ideas ... LL gives us a new thing and we twist it into something they never expected. Then again, not all of their ideas qualify as good ... maybe we made their ideas better.
  4. I never see an "Abandon" button, perhaps because I own the region. 😉 But when I was renting, I was very careful around that button. Maybe there should be a cover over it, like there are over the 'kill power' buttons in computer rooms and labs.
  5. Get off my lawn! Actually, the idea was to mark it as not applicable so the tab doesn't show to other people. Saves time when going through a profile. ETA: However, it would be useful for showing additional picks.
  6. If you accidentally abandon land you're renting on a private region, notify your landlord rather than Linden Lab.
  7. If so, I'd like it to have an option to check "Not Applicable".
  8. Mel and I were wandering around at sunset ...
  9. Holding an air horn and wearing hearing protectors, get about 5 feet (~1.5m) behind a goggle wearer. Set off the air horn. Scrape goggle wearer off the ceiling. So far I haven't convinced anyone to buy VR goggles. Bummer.
  10. There was anaesthetic. You forgot about the whisky.
  11. Considering that this is the only time the cost has increased in at least 12.75 years, it doesn't seem so bad.
  12. My female alt (who has a Maitreya body) is 5' 7". Not too far off.
  13. You're right -- there's no need for premium membership to own any number of private regions. The reason to rent a region is generally to avoid the upfront cost of buying one because you don't plan on using it long-term or you can't come up with the initial cost.
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