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  1. Ideas for a home in the sky

    Paths that are meant to be used on flat land can often be used on slopes ... as such: Individual trees and plants can be used in more places than collections like some of Skye's forest sections. Most mesh land pieces can be used almost anywhere -- resize them (watch the land impact) as needed. Experiment ... it costs you some time but you might work out something that looks great.
  2. They start out on an island that isn't accessible to residents. They learn to walk/run/fly there, then go to a Social Island (Social Island 1 to Social Island 9, I think). From there they can use a portal system to go many places in SL. The Social Islands are open to residents and often infested with low-quality griefers.
  3. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I used a Burroughs desk computer in 1972 -- the computer was built into the desk with a keyboard, paper feed, and the blinkenlights on top. I learned to program in assembly on it. I used some S100 bus CP/M machines and an Apple II in the late 1970s, then bought an IBM PC in 1981. I could build a really sweet computer now for what I paid for that thing.
  4. Desperate help with lag

    SL already has the tool -- it's in the Region / Estate window under Debug. The region owner and estate managers can get to it.
  5. khalidah12

    In case you're not particularly into social platforms -- you can spend a lot of time in SL without talking to anybody. SL is a social platform only if you wish it to be. Rolig also only brushed on creating things. It's likely that at least 99% of everything you see in SL was created by other residents. You can be one of the creators. Builders Brewery is a good place to learn how. You can also sell things you create. My suggestion is to jump in and look around. Almost anything that's done in real life is done in SL, and you can do things in SL that would get you killed in real life. Find what fits your imagination.
  6. TV issues

    I spotted this in search; it may be applicable:
  7. TV issues

    I haven't used a TV in SL for about a decade, but I do remember reading that you have to have the Chrome version of Flash installed. (The viewer uses Google's web toolkit now.) As a totally useless aside, Adobe announced that Flash will reach end-of-life at the end of 2020. It'll be fading away fast as developers go to modern formats.
  8. SL Moving to the Cloud

    Note this post (from back on page 2) from Oz Linden:
  9. Is Your Avatar an Exhibitionist? Are you sure?

    I post in the vanity threads all the time (in another dimension). I don't like being in pictures, but it's worth it if the picture is weird enough. That Flickr thing
  10. Mini map loading slowly

    Your draw distance determines how much shows on the minimap. With a short draw distance you won't see much of the next region until you get close enough for the region to be within draw distance. I don't know of any way to speed up the process other than increasing your draw distance. With my draw distance set to 1024 meters I could get 36 regions in the minimap with the map zoomed out as far as possible.
  11. Group owned land vs Personal owned

    Note: You can't get 589 sqm of land. The smallest unit of land is 16 sqm (a 4m x 4m square), so all parcels have sizes evenly divisible by 16. The closest you can get (and stay under 589) is 576 sqm.
  12. Sansar

    It's already too late if Sansar needs a lot of people with Vive or Rift goggles to succeed. The VR goggle hype wave peaked last year, and the hardware wasn't ready. How much do you hear about VR goggles, even things similar to the Google Cardboard, any more?
  13. Firewall settings and audio feed issues

    SL's involvement in audio and video streams is to get the URL to the viewer. The streams go directly from the source to your computer. There's no standard port for streams either; they can (and do) vary a lot. If you don't want to open ports in order to get the streams you'll have to stick to a few that you like and hope the parcel owners don't switch to a different stream. You could also find a stream you like and play it through a media player on your computer. Then set the viewer so it doesn't play audio automatically.
  14. Sansar

    It is true -- Ebbe himself said long ago that people would be able to buy experiences on the Marketplace. And it's also true that the term 'experience' as used in Sansar has nothing to do with SL experiences.
  15. Sansar

    Blame 'experience' on Linden Lab. For some insane reason they decided to call a virtual world an Experience. When you get a Sansar experience from LL, you're getting a virtual world that's 4K by 4k square meters. Then, because they'd been smoking something extra good that day, they decided that the content of the experience would also be called an experience. Thus you'll be able to shop for experiences on the Sansar Marketplace that you can load into your experience. Neither of those has anything to do with a SL experience, but it served to confuse people for awhile. I'd guess that once scripting and all the other features are implemented, you'll be able to use Sansar to create the equivalent of an SL experience that you can sell as an experience that will be loaded into someone's experience. I think LL should've named everything 'cat'. It's much easier to type.