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  1. Today I got Valerie Redenblack's (Valerie Inshan's) cafe set up. It's one of the parts of Valerie's land that was distributed to keep her memory alive.
  2. I do it for the pizza. But I haven't received any pizza yet and it's been a long time. I think the guy who was trying to sell me vampire bonds lied about the pizza. 😕
  3. The LSL functions needed for people to connect someone's new name to their old name, etc. are rolling out to the main channel this week. It's getting closer.
  4. The only information Google search has about vampire bonds and SL is this thread. It's almost as if such bonds don't exist.
  5. Isn't this possible with EEP? Yes, that's one of EEP's features -- the ability to pass EEP settings to others and also sell them.
  6. I think I know, but since I don't know for sure (and Google didn't cooperate by agreeing with me) I'll go with what I'm sure it's not: Fried Green Snakes or Fetid Goose Slime. It could legitimately be the Florida Geological Survey, but I doubt that's what was meant here. At least I've narrowed the possibilities down by a tiny fraction of a percent.
  7. Once you've set the parcel for sale you've done all that's necessary. It will take awhile for the map to update. Generally I find the land shows up as for sale by the next day.
  8. The starter avatars for the last couple years are the standard avatar with alphas and mesh clothing/hair. The mesh monstrosities aren't in the starter avatar panel any more though you can dig 'em up from their graves library folders. The mesh vampires are still in the avatar panel though.
  9. Parhelion Palou

    new homes

    Assuming you want to know what the change in rates for a premium account is: https://secondlife.com/premium/ has the information at the bottom of the page. It's $99 billed annually, $32.97 billed quarterly, $11.99 billed monthly.
  10. I hadn't heard of Pine Lake so checked it out. I kept my usual FS graphics settings (304m draw distance, ultimate settings plus others maxed that ultimate doesn't do on its own) but LOD at 2. I didn't have any trouble moving around and frame rates were usually in the 25-30fps range once textures had loaded. I changed to LOD 4 but that didn't make much difference. The region was maintaining its framerate but only 60 - 70% of the scripts could run in a frame. Anyway, here I am buying dinner from a street vendor.
  11. I have some cultured companions growing in my lab. They're not very bright, but they're sure to stick to by you. Sorry, I just couldn't resist that thread title.
  12. The old Help Island, Infohubs/Welcome areas, etc. have nothing to do with the onboarding process any more. A new user starts at one of a series of closed regions that contain the early tutorials then go to one of the Social Islands (either Linden ones or private ones owned by groups). The current system is updated fairly frequently. The others are relics and best avoided by newbies.
  13. I joined in 2006. Newbies started on one island, went through tutorial sections, and then were teleported to an Infohub. I took it as quickly as possible, landed at the Infohub in Bear, and headed away from any dots on the map. I bought First Land a few days later (L$500 for a 512 sqm parcel, if I remember correctly), sold it to a neighbor for the same two weeks later, and rented a 2K parcel on one of Anshe's regions. I have an alt I created in Feb 2016. Newbies start at an island that does the initial tutorials (how to walk, fly, jump, etc.) then go to one of the Social Islands. I created another alt in January 2017. The process was the same except the Social Islands had been updated. My latest alt was created in September 2019 ... in this case after going through what looked very much like the starter island that the other two had gone through, it ended up on Firestorm's Social Island. There's a Firestorm Orientation Island, but it doesn't look like what I saw. I've already explored the Firestorm Social Island so I teleported my alt to my region. The Social Islands still exist and are accessible to the public. The starter islands aren't open, but they do have newbie avatars created by some SL organizations that invite newbies to groups. I'd wondered how people could show up on a Social Island with group tags. There are still two Help Islands on the grid: Help Island Public and Help Island Public2. There's still Orientation Island Public as well. Some newbies (first day in SL) still show up there somehow, which is unfortunate. Those regions are the same as they were in 2007 or so (I don't know when they started) and are filled with inaccurate information and teleports to locations that don't exist or are totally different than in the old days.
  14. Last of the steamboat pictures ... I went 6 regions north (5 of them in Bellisseria) and back, which took a long time. I had to pump water into the boilers and stoke the fires twice. A long trip would take forever. At least region crossings aren't a problem at that speed.
  15. The new name change is the result of a lot of coding ... change LSL to be able to connect the UUID with all of the avatar's user names, make sure the system doesn't barf when dealing with "John Doe" now being named "John Deere" (since not all of SL's code used UUIDs), fixing inventory as needed, etc. It's built into SL now, but I'm sure it took a lot of work to get there. The people developing the software weren't around when it was originally written, so there's a lot of work needed to make changes without breaking other things.
  16. The $40 doesn't have to be about LL going for extra profit. LL could easily have spent over $100,000 (plus the loss of resources that could've been used on other work) to make the name change possible, so perhaps they're trying to recoup some of that cost. (And possibly get more premium members.)
  17. I took a shot at the new Linden houses & had no problem at all. All types are available - houseboat, camper, traditional, Victorian. I got a Victorian house for one of my alts. Today I read in a thread that the new portion of Bellisseria is to the south of the original, so I checked. The house is 24 regions north of waterfront mainland I have to dock a wee steamboat. Belliseria now goes all the way down to the continent that 's below it. Any new expansion has to be to the east or west. The steamboat now has much more water nearby than before, so that's good. I just checked ... you can still get any of types of Bellisserian houses. House (has a single chair in it & that's all there will be until after the holidays) 2K (32x64) parcel with steamboat. The boat is 42 meters long, so one of the Linden houseboats wouldn't work to dock it. Another alt has that parcel.
  18. There's no way to create a list of all the rental parcels in SL. If one existed it would always be out of date and too large to bother looking through.
  19. Almost all of my favorites are already in, but here's one that was missed:
  20. Make sure you're wearing the Slink body - then you can edit your shape the same as with a system avatar. If you rez it on the ground you won't get anywhere.
  21. Make sure you're on mainland when you're looking for parcels. Tier allowance means nothing on estate land.
  22. Patch could've said it more simply: Any premium account holder who pays the fee can change their name, whether they currently have a last name or not.
  23. For what it's worth, an estate manager or region owner can't override the 'avatars can see ...' setting.
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