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About Me

  1. Hi friends! I'm selling a full sim resort, The Villas at New Ibiza, taking bids. Fully furnished and ready to go! Starting bid L$14,000. I poured a lot of labor and love into this project over the past 4 months but unfortunately I don't have enough time and resources to keep it going right now so I'm giving it to somebody instead! I'll transfer the land over to your name and give you edit rights to all my furniture upon purchase. I will be giving you complete control over the resort to edit it, return my items if needed, and make it into whatever you want to make it into. Here's a
  2. Perfect for a skybox, or the 1024m is plenty for some ground landscaping. Pay the box and grab the group invite in local chat - change media/music settings and other parcel settings to your liking IM me in world if you have any questions! TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deopyre/30/67/114
  3. DARLING ESTATES RENTALS Visit our unique and beautiful landscaped Sims to find the perfect place for you at Darling Estates Rentals! Since 2012 creating unique living experiences! Ours are upscale homes, with custom landscaping designs, rare select business parcels, and both furnished and unfurnished houses. All of our properties are full parcels, not shared. The public areas of our Sims are beautifully landscaped and planned with tenant access waterways, public feature areas, and other amenities. We also limit the number of rental parcels in each Sim. We do not
  4. Beautifully landscaped island featuring a small selection of private villas on separate islands to the main venues. Individually landscaped and optionally fully furnished should you require. Privacy and security with visitor orb and avatar privacy on private parcels. Generous prim allowance and competitively priced homes. All villas are waterfront and many include private beaches. Sky platform provided for personal use. Access to parcel radio stream. Details of all available villas can be found at our sales office here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl
  5. INCREDIBLE 3X PROTECTED FULL SIM SIZE: 56,576 m2 (Other land is ONLY protected land) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Humuli/170/75/31 LOW SALE PRICE AVG 50% BELOW COMPS! L$ 688,888 (L$12.2/m2) (Local similar protected road/river only comps: L$20.4/m2 | L$25.0/m2 | L$29.3/m2 | L$20.0/m2) Tier: $175/Month (Include Drymonia land available via group bonus for no additional cost!) This full sim has an additional parcel of 6464m2 available with purchase on Drymonia (neighbor sim) to expand your full sim even further at no additional cost! SAILING | GTFO
  6. I’m looking to buy land it would be amazing I’m really tired of renting so I would like to buy some
  7. Hello guys, how are you? I know that to be able to have a land you need to be Premium, correct? Any land I buy, can I make a public place where I will set up stores, houses to rent or sell? Thank you very much.
  8. Bring sailing and power boating luxury to Second Life.Visit us here at Tuarua Fiji Estates! You can view my land listing at http://tinyurl.com/SurrealChung . For my sailing regions, here's my listing - https://tinyurl.com/y4hz93ky If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to IM: Surreal Chung = Owner Donald Chung = Estate Manager Margotfenring = Estate Manager
  9. Please check out the parcel http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxfield/59/164/31 This parcel is half of my own land - I wasn't using all of the prim so decided to spit it in half. I am the only landlord, I do not own any other land, so you will receive a personal one to one service. Please IM me in world (violent.vortex) if you have any questions
  10. Dear Resident, Almost time for Halloween. This is a great time of the year to build and decorate on your island in world. Count Burks has a fine selection of various types and sizes of green forest land awaiting you to build for the Halloween season. You might want a corner island by the ocean of 4096 metres where you can build and terraform or maybe 1/4th of a Homestead island with plenty of privacy. No matter your preference Count Burks Estates is able to accommodate you with your land needs. Click Links to Teleport to parcel locations 1/4th Sim with 1250 Prims Hom
  11. Jeremy Linden

    Buying land

    Overview Why buy land? Types of land How to buy land Buying mainland Buying Private Regions Additional tips Land tier Example Land use fees Exceptions Finding land to buy Land sales in Private Regions Land object capacity Overview More than one parcel in a region
  12. Hello there! I'm looking for a parcel with a good amount of prims with roughly 3,072sqm if possible. Can be negotiated if not exact. Price: Around 3k Thank you
  13. FOR SALE! NEED THIS GONE TODAY Great sea front plot in quiet mainland area. 7552 plot. Give me your offer. IM me in world or leave message here. Currently set for L$2 per m - bargain price. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Strutter/112/193/21
  14. Parcels for Sale in : Quentin Samoa Georgina Terminous Please im Ray Nova
  15. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Sizes available; 25L weekly fully furnished with 5 extra prims including a singles and couples dance system. Ready to move in! 60L weekly with 10 prims Multiscene rental including a Single and Couples dance system ....Ready to move in !!. Fully Private multiscene 160L with 25 prims 200L week Larger Multiscenes with extra prims to use. Including a Singles and Couples dance system. Fully Private 1024 Platform rental including a Singles and Couples dance system.
  16. Hi , I like to introduce you too 'Dreamscapes' a Professional Small Team of Landscapers , Builders & Interior Designers/Decorators. Offering Value for money Landscape & Building Services The picture is from one of my last small projects at on a 1/16th of a sim Forset Springs. The requirements detail from the client where low prim garden, with beach (not shown) , water feature & Pier/sun deck (Not shown) - all for under 200 Prims. The 2nd picture below is of one of the Spa Rooms , & 3rd Picture, part of a road way with working traffic lights was this taken
  17. This 4x protected sim edge is located in Sharp, the former teen grid http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boscombe/181/15/57 Size: 3072m2 Prims: 1054 Costs: L$ 850 weekly Contact Timo Daehlie inworld if you interested in renting this parcel http://www.goodlifecreations.nl to see more
  18. A bit irritated on my neighbor on mainland. Asked him before to remove the tree's hanging over my parcel. He did for a while. Then he restored them back. So i contacted his landlord and he fixed it so i was happy. Now suddenly he have move all back! I'm not sure if he do that to get an reaction from me or what it is. Anyhow, i do not want to be rude and just sent all back as 30% is linked with house. Any advise what to do? Send back? Go to landlord again? They are phantom but makes problem for me when i want to grab my things and hit his.
  19. Добро пожаловать в прокат SB, я надеюсь, вам понравится, у нас есть скайбоксы в аренду, 30 прим, 75 литров в неделю, присоединяйтесь к нашему сообществу, мы с нетерпением ждем вас! доступные скайбоксы в аренду: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ho Su / 13/179/47
  20. Welcome to SB rental , i hope you enjoy , we have skyboxes for rent , 30 prim , 75L/week , come join our community, we look forward to having you! available skyboxes for rent : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ho Su/13/179/47
  21. Jeremy Linden

    Private Regions

    Estates versus Private Regions Private Regions overview Additional types of Private Regions Homestead Regions Homesteads for educators and non-profits Land parcels on Homestead Regions Openspace Regions Buying Private Regions Land parcels on your regions Transferring or canceling Private Region ownership Estates overview Transferring or canceling an
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