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  1. I looked at a very large online shopping website and didn't see any retractable leashes that didn't have a lock. Used properly you have the same control over your dog that you'd have with a standard lead. The owners, not the equipment, are at fault.
  2. That's a great idea. It turns out I don't need to use it this time. My alt's Bandit 25R has a phantom mast. My Dixie Belle steamboat is solid when inactive but goes phantom when running. Though it's a little over 17 meters above the waterline, it will go through the bridges just fine.
  3. I thought there were rez zones, but I just checked. All three regions are no-build and there are no parcels (well, there are region-sized parcels). The docks do have swan boat rezzers if you don't mind a slow trip back.
  4. Pictures from the western bottom end of the lakes up to Randelsham Forest: SSPE1167 looking into SSPE1168, which has the westernmost point at the bottom of the lake(s). SSPE1170 looking into SSPE1171, where the lake goes north. SSPE1171 looking north into SSPE1172 The northern end of SSPE172 and SSPE1173. It doesn't seem likely that the railway can go down the west side. With roads for the new parcels there's really not room for a railway. Looking down at SSPE1173 and part of SSPE1174. The center part of the mountains have been flattened. There's room for a couple houses (so far). The road by my house now has a connecting point on the east side so the road can go up to the houses. The bridge there can't be very high. Finally, SSPE1174 to the left and SSPE1175 to the right get the railway into Randelsham Forest.
  5. Interesting! Those markers are on the west side of the lake and the ones south of Randelsham Forest are on the east side. I wonder where they'll cross the lake? Still hoping there will be a west side line at SSPE1173. I went out to see what's going on. The temporary railbed gets all the way to Randelsham Forest from the south. To the north you can see where they've flattened a mountain on each side of the water to make a very high bridge over an inlet heading north (SSPE1194). On SSPE1188 the markers show the railroad crossing the river connecting two of the lakes to meet up with the railway on the west side. There's an east/west road beside my house that ends at SSPE1173. Across the river there's terraforming for the other end of a bridge over the river leading up to what looks like future parcels there. Some are already marked out to the south. At least two of those bridges may be too low for sailboats. 😞
  6. Sometimes, ease of use just means you can't do much. The only thing out there that is truly like SL is OpenSim, and that's because they're a clone of it. SL is in a niche market. It will never be huge. There aren't that many people who get it, perhaps 15% of the people who try it. It's not meant for people who want to sit and watch. A company that wants to create something like SL has to create the space and tools, open it to users, then hope the users create something that others want to be in on. It might take a few years to get there, or may fizzle out. Try selling that business plan to the boss. Linden Lab didn't make SL what it is; its residents did.
  7. By the time they've created those the simulators will be on the cloud and it won't matter (to LL) any more. Bellisseria is built on 1024x1024 textures too. I looked at flowers from their content pack. A 1024x1024 texture for the flowers themselves, another texture that size for the stems and leaves. Even the textures for trim pieces are 1024s as well. They're not close to optimized content yet.
  8. A 1k parcel on a homestead gets you 78 prims. The multiplier to get to 351 is 4.5. For ten homes, that means 3510 prims allocated to residents, leaving 1490 for the Moles to use for landscaping and houses. Houseboats look to average 200 prims per boat, so with them 7 of the 10 parcels get a boat. That leaves 90 prims for everything else (and 3 upset tenants).
  9. The Moles have laid out the railroad route from Randelsham to the railway ending in Hawkesblood. The track goes along the east side of the lake and mountains (as shown on the map above). There's also a switch before the connection where a line runs to the south. Nothing laid out to the north of Randelsham yet. BTW, Abnor Mole is putting in temporary roadbed right now. I wouldn't mind if they put in a line to the west of the lake and river. My house would be very close (around 25 meters) to the track.
  10. One of the Linden Lab developers recently said that they'd looked at engines like Unreal but those will *not* work with SL. SL is too different from the usual games. Their priority now is to update their engine to work with Macs.
  11. If available, you can choose the type you want (Victorian, traditional, cabin, houseboat, trailer). You can't choose a particular location - that part is random from the viewpoint of the person trying for one.
  12. Shouldn't this thread be in some other company's forums? It's not related to SL.
  13. There hasn't been a large growth in region demand up until recently, so this is likely due to newbies and returning oldbies. I wonder why so many of them want to buy full regions. Are they hoping to make significant money from SL? At least it will boost the prospects for the people who have landscaping businesses.
  14. A triple portrait: Peri, me, Mel Only cropped & resized as prescribed.
  15. @Clover Jinx, @Madelaine McMasters Thanks! Now I have to find/make alphas for a pile of outfits. 😞 But after that ... Par's good for a few years. 😉
  16. I try to keep my paws out of this thread. Who wants to see cat pictures anyway? Today I finally updated Par's human form a little. It's been awhile. Scary, yes? No tail, mostly hairless ... not at all a proper cat.
  17. Redgrave has stayed mostly in the past. They have some skins with appliers for the Maitreya Lara but that's about it. I don't know if they have anything at all for mesh heads. Their skins might work for BOM.
  18. Sorry, I meant that you don't have to pay LL $350 up front. You can get the use of a region without the initial payment to purchase it. You can also rent for a shorter period than a month, so if you decide a full region is too much you're not out a lot of L$.
  19. You can also rent a full region or homestead region. In the case of a full region it means you don't have to pay up front. You have nearly full estate powers over the region you rent. I suggest trying that first if you're serious about buying a region. It will give you a feel for what it takes to run one. By the way, unless you hire people you'll need to learn to terraform to make the region look the way you want it to, and you'll be spending a lot of Lindens buying content to put on the region. I rented parts of a region for nearly 10 years before I bought one.
  20. That's true. Anyone can do a bad job of setting physics up in less than 60 seconds. I see it all over the place. If you're trying for realism it'll take longer than that. It's a spring-mass-damper system and you need to get the right values for each. Those values aren't constant between avatars.
  21. There was a post above yours which was removed after your reply. I assume that poster's account is now in the bit bucket.
  22. Linden Lab looked into allowing Hypergrid teleports (I think that was the term) from SL to OpenSim grids. It's technically possible but was dropped due to legal concerns. LL did not attempt to connect OpenSim servers into SL itself. That would truly be a big security risk, but it's moot because OpenSim simulator software isn't compatible with SL anyway.
  23. I'm gaining weight by looking at the pictures. So many cakes I'd love to taste. Thanks.
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