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  1. Been trying to take pictures of my avatar to display on my profile, but the resolution hasn’t been the best, is there any way to get higher resolution screen shots?
  2. Looking to meet some more furries, just a lonely fat dragon hoping to find someone to chat with.
  3. No I’m more thinking of unrealistic role play, more fantasy sci-fi kinda stuff
  4. I’m usually on most of the time, the place I prefer to roleplay most at is the gluttonous buffet
  5. Is anyone interested in weight gain? im quite new to second life, and ive been looking for places and people that have weight gain and fat likings. ive just recently started getting back into role play and id like to find some people who might want to be friends and enjoy a good meal. if your interested, IM me, and I have my discord linked in my profile. the main things im into and belly stuffing, im alright with some inflation primarily with lard/water/fizzy drinks ext, I love gaining to immobility, so your gonna need a lot of food to keep me well fed.
  6. Hi, dragoness here, I got some epic horse cyber legs, because there’s no cyber dragon legs, and now I need some claws for them, I’d prefer one that can be modified so I can put a texture on it
  7. Hi, dragoness here. I’m a very novice artist that draws fat dragon, looking for people who do the same kind of stuff. Also looking for help getting better ideas and techniques for drawing
  8. I’m 18 as well. Rencently joined second life and looking for new people to hang out with, come chat if you want
  9. Thank you, still learning the basics here, but that makes a lot more sense,
  10. Hi, dragoness here, I’m looking for a small land with a house or just a multi bedroom apartment that has enough prims for me to display my fortnite trophy collection, gatchas, and YouTube banners and all together have enough to not worry about running out of space when ever thing I place in including the stuff I listed above is under 10 to 1 prim, except for a bed or chair of course, but other then the necessity’s hold little trinkets and stuff. I also want something it can afford on a planned basis, nothing over 1000, but around 500 per week or more, I’d still prefer something like 299 but I’m not vary good at finding lands.
  11. Very new to the game, but what’s the difference between renting and purchasing a home, and where can I find buyable homes
  12. I really like the furry clubs, theres some vary warm and livly places, such as YIC, so far ive had a good expirence, luskwood is also nice, quite small but theres a lovely little group of people there.
  13. ladydragoness here, I put togethere my dragon with the furry dragon, all clothing is static so im still trying to find something better to ware.
  14. Hey guys, Dragoness here, just joined second life a few days ago and im looking for some furs to chat with. Im also looking to meet some people who like fat furs. If theres any furries that have good ideas for clothing im currently using a simple dress, need a bit of help getting used to controls and getting some street smarts if anyone wants to chat, im always online most of the and always in the mood for meeting new people.
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