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  1. I normally use a chibi noodle and the avatar definitely matches my personality, but I’m a little timid when entering new social situations and I’m on the younger side. I do have some confidence but also anxiety, thought I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, I’m just more careful with how I interact. Places to find shorter people i couldn’t say, from what I’ve seen finding vary tall avatars is vary regular.
  2. I recently get firestorm and got the WMS, is it possible to have multiple avatars able to use the same system but have a different set of shapes assigned to each avatar?
  3. I will for sure, there a lot of places I’ve still to see, I’m also hoping to use my art skills eventually
  4. I know, I’m just trying to figure out how to even start getting into something new, don’t exactly know who to talk to about landscaping or other skills.
  5. More looking for small jobs, and hosting is vary fun,
  6. Anyone know of any active feral roleplay sims? I got a European dragon and want to find a cool place to ya it,
  7. So why would I want to work as a doctor when I can learn landscaping on my own?
  8. I was held back for two years, I do have valid identification if needed.
  9. But I need landscaping and decorating experience, I’m really bad at remembering thing and getting into a roleplay job is more complicated then hosting
  10. But I won’t be able to do landscaping because I don’t know how to, and that’s what I want to learn
  11. But I’ve been vary good at being a host so far, renting hasn’t been an issue scence I started and been able to get all sorts of things I used to not be able to afford, I’m just looking for a little experience in other things to have better knowledge of things
  12. I just started working as a host, really don’t know if I should try doing more big things
  13. But I’m looking for experience, Will this be a long term job?
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