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So what's up with this obsession with realistic avatars?


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It's like I can't go anywhere these days without someone complaining that my avatar is too tall.  I didn't know SL was real life, and we have to look 'realistic'.

Perhaps I should just walk around a 2 foot gnome.  I'll show them.  :p

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I agree with you, my avatar is fairly tall and most of the male avitars and alot of the female ones for that matter are tall. Here's my philosophy its your second life live it how you want to. If you want to be tall then be tall, if you want to be short then be short, just my two cents worth....

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I've noticed this too.  I write it off to the cycles of people finding things to complain about.  Not long ago there was thread after thread about avatars being too short.  It might have something to do with some of the shorter avatars feeling they've been discriminated against by a few sim owners or businesses accusing them of being child avatars..........I don't know.  :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:


I do know that is' childish.........so just ignore and move on.

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Seems to be a new fad. When I started, and up until recently, the average height for a man was over 7 foot. My av, for a long time, was 6 foot and she was one of the shorter ones. Recently, people seem to be moving to more realistic proportions. There are still many people, however, including a lot of "models", who don't appear ever to have seen a real human being. Mutants standing eight feet and ten heads tall, with legs twice the length of their torsos.

I remember once looking at an application card for a club that was hiring dancers. It specified that they had to have "realistic skin, hair and genitals". I thought this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I wanted to send it to Hugh Hefner and Peter Stringfellow (not that they have much interest in realistic looking women either, but still). I loved the fact that a club anywhere, in any plane of reality, could market its girls by having "realistic skin, hair and genitals". Imagine being ushered onto a red velvet carpet while a scraping footman assures you, "You will be wholly satisfied here tonight, sir. All our girls have realistic skin, hair and genitals."



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Now you know how all the people with real scale height feel when everyone tells them they are like teens or kids!

Of course, I say make a slightly higher poly face and keep similar UV mapping...but I only say this to myself usually because I don't want to code up all the proof of concept and then file jira's and garner support for it all. I remember someone redoing the avatar mesh once and posting his work as he went along in the old forums here lol. Obviously this went now where.

But yeah, the slider didn't used to have a height indicator and people figured the top was about tall in RL measure, like 6ft 3 inches of something. But of course, the elven ears morph and a few other sliders should really show that this was for more than just humans!


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life is just too short to be held back  by what others feel is normal..everyones thoughts on normal are different depending on who programmed them..some are able to hack their way out of it while some just get the next patch..

so many always trying to save someone else all the time from not being normal..

lifes too short to let others live it for us..

a lot never wake up until later in life and realise what they really wanted all the time was something totally different..

times change and ways and thinking do as well..

normal is when we find our compfort zone that we really enjoy..

You know what you really do when they get like that?

Just Hold up that hand ..ya thats the one!!! then put it right in their faces nice and close so they can smell your ,man from the day before..good and close till they make that eww face...then you tell those biotches nice and loud..Get out of my lazy boy before i break ou the real  canowhoopaZZ and lay out some real normal round here!!!

then after that you grab them by the......OK OK!!! calm down Ceka!!!

 the rain will stop and summer break will go on again soon..just deep breaths ..thats it deep breaths....here listen to this ..this always calms you..OMG i am talking to myself in a FORUM!!!

WT hell am i turning into..OMG!! normal vitals fading fast..PLAY it!!PLAAAAY IT!!!! \o/

just kidding..i woudl never really do that..i mean who talks to them selves in a forum ya know? ya i know





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I'm 5'0" prim-height.  It feels right for me.  If someone wants to be 7'10", cool.  Just don't be 7'10" and say you're "normal".  (^_^)

Also... "Realistic".  I'd be happy if that were a banned word in SL.  My goal is believable.  I still shape myself as a chubby little ideal.  (^_^)

Though, I gotz no problem LULZing over the hyper-tall crowd. =^-^=



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Ceka, that was gross to do...wow, weird ahppenings on that side of the forum! ?me sits by the door again, watching bots walk in machanically and post about thousands of linden dollars and such.

That is so odd, although I have done similar forum post jokes myself that ended up a little odd...but that is grosser and tops mine for grossness! It also reminds of how If I smell lots of perfum, sometimes, I figure they might have been seeing a prostitute or been to a strip bar and are soacking themselves in thier own after being at the 'gym' and makes me wonder about humans and why they are the way they are. /me thinks of bears with noses to the wind and the massive sensors and then thinks of military robots with sensor arrays named after bears and becomes slightly sader...."mars rovers, sniffing for life, eh!? Yeah right."

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Bree Giffen wrote:

I think people need to mind their own business. If people want to look like baskeball players then it's their own right.

The problem is how do I know they want to look like a basketball player? If there's no standard then they could just a easily be using a lager scale then me. After trying to play this guessing game for the past few years I've given up. Your height means nothing these days. Take this to its absurd conclusion and I start to wonder why we even bother with this 3d business in the first place, we'd get a lot better performance if we all just switched to irc. Then we wouldn't have to listen to the people with wooden computers complaining about poor performance either.

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I'm thinking of creating a sim with the ultimate rules and discrimination.

1. Age. In you are less than 30 yrs old in RL, I'll ban you. If you are more than 39 yrs old in RL, I'll Perma-Ban you.

2. Height. Everyone should be 5' 9" . Less than that, I'll ban you. More than that, I'll kung fu ban you.

3. Size. Everyone's Breast, Waist and Hip should be measured with his and her loop-o-meter that I created. Less than that, I'll ban you. More than that, I'll perma-ban you.

4. Scripts. Everyone should be in a total of 'O' kb. More than that, Instant Kick. Less than that, Instant ban.

5. Name. Anyone who comes in with a digit in his/her name, I'll ban you. Anyone who comes in with a human name but with a fantasy avatar, I'll ban you. Anyone who comes in with name that contains the name of  an animal (like dog, cat, bird, etc) but having human avatar, you are potentially into bestiality - instant perma ban and your name will be reported to SPCA for animal cruelty offender watchlist.

6. Partner status. Only singles are allowed. Anyone who comes in with a partner status on his/her profile gets perma-ban. Get an alt if you must but anyone who get caught will be reported to his/her partner with all the chat logs that I obtained using Chat-Spy script.  

7. Skin colour. Too much tan, Instant kick. Too pasty white, perma-kick.

8. Your profile has a link to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, Youtube or Flickr account, I'll permaban you.

9. Attire. No red or black colour in my sim. Anyone gets caught wearing red or black will get instant ban.

10. Must have donated minimum of 50L to the sim before entering. Anyone who entered the sim without paying will get his/her/it name and pic posted on the wall at all entries as non payer and will get instant ban.

Did I missed anything? Have I got it all covered? If you have any more suggestion please sent me a tweet @WillowDanube.


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it wasn't meant as not washing the day before..it was meant that you get it so close they can smell  passed the soap LOL

kind of like when someone says ..i'll hit ya so hard your whole family will feel it ..hehehe

they won't really feel it hehehehehe

you can't really schock value these forums very much..i've tried many ways and it's like ..ya ok..anyways..lets anaylize what you just said :P

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honerken wrote:

It's like I can't go anywhere these days without someone complaining that my avatar is too tall.  I didn't know SL was real life, and we have to look 'realistic'...

You've has the misfortune to blunder into a swarm of 'realos': the type who make their avatars into a mini-me of their RL player and expect, nay *demand(!)* that everyone else do the same. Sadly it will end in tears and temper tantrums for them.

@ Ceka: are you absolutely sure that these 'realos' are attempting to enforce their fantasy on others? I always got the impression that they suffered from a collective lack of imagination and downright fear of fantasy.

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it's really just a bunch of people playing oposite of themselves  in rl and getting an overload of attention and becoming cliques and enjoying giving the beatdowns for once hehehe

anyone saying you are doing it wrong in that way is way too caught up in their role..they need to unplug..beause fantasy has taken over  the reality that waits for them..


wanna really test if they have lost it? do an inspec and go buy everything they had on..then show back up there and take a few steps back after you introduce the new jan bradey hehehe..because they are gonna explode...why? because they are not unique anymore lol  hehehe

thats warped..

be like me but not so much that i am not myself !! Oo


here goes that line from dewey cox in rehab hehehe..

Dewey: i'm cold..

Nurse: omg he is cold dr!!

DR;he needs more blankets..

Dewey: i am so hot!!

Nurse He is hot DR!!!

DR: get him less blankets!!

Dewey: i am cold and hot at the same time..

Nurse: omg now he is hot and cold at the same time DR!!

DR: he need more and less blankets

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i haven't bumped in to many if any people who have complained my Av was too tall, according to edit appearance i'm often over 7ft those scripted things say over 6ft i rather like that i can be such giant like heights in SL which is the only part of myself not realistic, it beats being an RL 5ft midget any day of the week. plus i think on screen scale plays a part someone with height and leg length sliders maxed looks a more realistic RL adult height than being RL height in SL where you might be mistaken for a child or teen Av
if someone wants to be RL height in SL fair enough but don't expect every Av to want to be

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There are complex problems related to inconsistency of scale due to some clumsy decision making by LIndens early in the development process, and one consequence of that is that avatars tend to be "too tall".

Penny Patton has treated this issue at some length on other threads, and I have essentially come around to her general thinking about it, after realizing that, while simply declaring the Linden meter to be 2.5 English feet might be the easiest thing to do, a better solution would be for LL to make a universal permission to resize owned objects, even if they cannot be modded by other means. 

But until one of these things or some other thing is done, it makes practically no sense to criticize avatars on the simple basis of total size. It's a criticism which I think is especially offensive in that it assumes "realistic" heights which exclude heights of at least some real users in real life.

If you tell a 7 foot tall avatar that he's too tall, you might also be telling a 7 foot tall user that he's too tall to be "realistic". Probably not, but it's a possibility. I've heard similar complaints about breast size and other physical attributes that are at least plausibly accurate models of any specific user's real attributes. Real-life breasts can be "fake", but if 2 people get intimate in RL and one of them has a 10-inch **bleep**, the complaint (if there is a complaint) should probably not be phrased as anything like  "I reject your unrealistic **bleep**". But, somehow, this becomes acceptable in Second Life. 

My earlier efforts to promote the 2.5 foot Linden meter were rooted in a profound desire to get the self-appointed size police to STFU. I still think that could work, but I'd prefer to see LL simply open size permissions for "no-mod" objects (which can already be rotated, anyway, for example; think about it).

Penny Patton is NOT part of the self-appointed size police, so please don't bother her with that. She IS an advocate for greater consistency of scale, and it's an issue she has very completely thought through from every imaginable angle. Please see her contributions on this point elsewhere.

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My avatar height has not significantly changed since my early days.  I used to be average height compared to those around me but, yes, I see more short avatars in the past year or so and so what?  No one has ever commented negatively to me about my chosen height and I have never commented to anyone else about theirs.  These are individual decisions and best left up to the individual who wishes to experience SL their way. 

Ohmy, there are so many other things much more significant to chew over such as 'Why does my beach have grass patches some days and not others?' or 'When the DJs switch streams, why do I have to click my sound button to play AGAIN?'

Yes, very serious.  :matte-motes-bored:

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i have found that you tend to match the ones you hang around with. if your friends have tall avatars, then chances are you will be tall as well, sooner or later. if your friends have huge badonkadonks then, well, you get the picture (they travel in packs - i have seen them :matte-motes-evil:)

when i first came to sl i changed the starter shape to something i liked at the time but kept it the same height. when i found a place i enjoyed spending my time at i started noticing how tall the others were, and eventually i had added quite a lot to my own height as well. perhaps especially to be as tall as someone i was dating at the time. i never liked it much, but i did it anyway. after i had dumped him :D:P i wanted to feel like me again, and that meant going back to a shorter avatar.

even if the shape is scaled to proportions i still think a very tall avatar looks out of place, it stretches weird. and, as someone who makes stuff for others to wear, it's better to make something fit a smaller shape. this way it can be scaled up with no trouble. it's when you make something fit a bigger avatar and use prims at their minimum size you get problems.

i remember seeing a picture of someone so tall they couldn't fit through the doorway. that was kinda funny. :D

the ones i hang around most (but not as much as i would like, they use voice :() are significantly taller than me, and they tease me about it every time they see me. and then i tease them about their boob size and then we're even :D

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I just wanna know how many of you tall folks can stretch a prim out the length of your wingspan - finger tip to finger tip with the arms in a T-pose, and have that prim be the height of your avatar?

If you can do that, then I've got nothing but kudos for you (*) - be you human, furry, na'vi-smurf, dragon, robot, or whatever. But otherwise I'm gonna lol inside when I see you. :)

 The other big test for you - that by contrast many short avatars have trouble with: take a prim from crotch to foot sole, and copy it on top of itself, the top of the new prim should reach the top of your head. Tall avatars can do this easy - but most fail from bad design. Short avatars need to use a bunch of sliders to do it.


(*) arm length, shoulder width, and torso width will help achieve this.

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To the OP: SL isn't real life, and never was intended to be.

Once LL takes away the ability to teleport and fly and institutes the requirement of feeding one's avatar every 6 hours or so I might begin to take the rants of the realism-obsessed seriously. Oh yes, and perma-death on combat sims. That is a must.

Who am I? oh, just some naughty giant 7'6" horribly out of proportion guy, that's all  :smileywink:

June 2011.jpg



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Complain about a 10-inch **bleep**... never... lol.

Seriously, I've always thought it strange that avs were so tall in SL, so it didn't take much for me to come around to Penny's way of thinking. But after reading and participating in the thread of which you speak, I can say she's made me a believer and it is certainly not an attack on large avs at all. It's here if anyone wishes to take a look.


ETA: Full disclosure - I'm still tall 7.59 ft, but seriously thinking about shortening up a bit.

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