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  1. Who wants to bet that these pictures were men that looked young? I can't count the number of times that people though I was 14 when I'm in my 20s.
  2. Czari Zenovka wrote: I think it's a stupid idea meant to cater to a "diverse population" that were born with joysticks in their hands. Joysticks? Lol, you must be old.
  3. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Treasure Ballinger wrote: I should take a page out of Ceka's book and not even respond, lol but I have to laugh; did y'all really not know what the OP meant? I am black in RL (no I don't intend to Skype to prove it, if you don't believe it, *shrug*) and I think, and am pretty sure, that OP just wanted to get with some people in his/her comfort zone. It's hard to explain if you don't share having a group that you are more comfortable with, than with others. It could be racial or ethnic or something else. Maybe musicians or artists. I hang out with other deaf people, in RL and SL for the same reason, it's a comfort zone. Skin color is not a comfort zone. What would a 4th year African American law student at Harvard and a Detroit inner city gang banger have in common besides skin color? Perhaps if they had stated some of their interests it would have been a reasonable request. Such as: Are there any jazz clubs that black people hang out at? Asking where "real black people" hang out at in SL is a trolling question. She didn't want an answer, she was just looking to start a war. And anyone that only wants to associate with a specific race is a bigot. Ah, still forcing your liberal opinions down people throats? You never give up.
  4. Tari Landar wrote:. Most people who are this resilient to providing proof of something, only do so because they don't have that proof, or did something that would make their proof not effective. Such as creating an account you shouldn't have, using false or stolen information, that sort of thing. I am not saying that's what you've done, but that is the primary reason most, including ll will be skeptical. It's why they need proof. Of maybe the TC is just not comfortable showing their ID over a company over the net,or have no means of getting a scanned version of their personal Identification. I know I was felt the same way when LL asked for my information after I accidentially closed my account.
  5. I Studio09 wrote: I've recently joined SL and have been using the "official" viewer. I'm asking for recommendations for viewer that have RLV capabilities. And even though I haven't got much time invested in learning the one I have, I would like viewers that have a similar interface, if possible, so I don't have to learn two completely different systems. My other question is about timing. Since I gather there is going to be a change in "baking" (I only have a **bleep**ue idea what that is) would it be better to just wait for that to be implemented? Any idea when that will occur? Thanks for any advice. Edit: Removed extraneous comments. I've been using Singularity for a while now, and IMO it's the best viewer that's currently out. I enjoy the UI and it's always been stable for me, however, the main reaosn why I enjoy it is performance. Objects on the screen seem to rez faster for me in general.
  6. Orca Flotta wrote: You know what a big brand manufacturer actually does? They build a case. Buying it from a manufactor also give you better techinical support and easier part replacement. I used to build my own computers all the time (for over 8 years in fact), but I got sick of individual parts shutting down and or my computer not booting up at all because of faulty hardware. Is it motherboard, the processor, or the one of my ram slots that's acting up? That usually takes me up to a week or a more to find out. I actually have to waste my busy schedule by figuring out with the problem. Now I by all my high end computers from a trusted company. Yeah, I may have to pay $100-$200 more, but the extra techincal support is a life saver for me. If I have a problem, I they can help me through it, or I can just send the whole computer back to them. My current computer has a gtx 690 and a I7 3770, AND it's fully upgradable
  7. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I would like to point out there is only one RACE on this planet.. The human race. The word you are looking for is ethnicity. Are you going to say all black people are from Africa? what about Haitians? or Dominicans? Are all white people from England? I wish you jsut stop forcing you liberal point of view on other people in EVERY topic on this forum. RACE is what we call the different ethnicities from where I come from, whether you like it not. African Americans is what we usually call ourselves in american DUE to our african ansesty. It may not makes sense to you (and I can understand why, since not all Black people come from African), but that doesn't mean we should stop using the term.
  8. Deja Letov wrote: Toy String wrote: IMHO the technology is dead, at least for now. Just go to a really crowded place, you won't even be able to move. This is just my 2 cents...but I think part of the problem is not just outdated technology. Sure it could be better but I hear so much talk about lag and not being able to move...and everyone loves to just throw the blame on the SL client or whatever, but none on their own system. Why does nobody ever consider the issue that maybe the technology to run things just fine is there but everyone's systems are getting out of date and can't handle the technology they are introducing. I have a top of the line gaming computer at home because I game...A LOT. Since I got this machine 2 years ago, I have yet to go to a sim that lags me out and I've been to some very crowded sims. I still face download times of textures when I go into a new sim yes...but lag...I don't experience what others are describing. Maybe to a small degree sometimes, but nothing that I really take notice of. Now, if I log in at work on that old thing...yes I lag out even on my own sim, but this thing is 5-6 years old with no real graphic capabilities. But if some machines run SL just fine and older ones don't can we really put all the blame on SL? It's not like this is a game where all assets are already pre-installed on your machine from a disk so it can be loaded immediately and therefore have no lag. This is real time viewing and downloading happening every second we are logged in. I'm not saying anyone should go out and replace their machine every 2 years, that's a personal choice, but obviously having the latest and greatest does give you more freedom to enjoy Second Life the way the developers probably intended it to be. I have a 2 computers with a gtx 680, and I can turn draw distances down, and I still lag like the dickens in crowded places. It's definetly not my computers.
  9. Too be honest with you, it's hard to find a nice person on this forum because all the regulars here then to be jerks at times (thankfully, it's not as bad as the first forum). THe only regular I've seeb on this forum doesn't flame or result to name calling Marigold.
  10. Tyrath wrote: I have a ? for all out there ...I’m hoping that you can shed some light on this. I Love Sl and having the time to bounce around the wonderful sims. The one thing I see the most of when I pop on a Info,Safe hub, Freebee zone are Vampires. I read the rules of each one of those sims and they state “ No Bites , No Bloodlines , No recruiting for Bloodlines, . Each one has it on there different but still the same meaning to what they want on there Sims. A safe place for people to come to with out getting random bite request all the time. Now mind ya I do like to chat with people and I do find people that are good “ Bloodlines “ players who will ask others “ Do you know about Bloodlines/Vampires “ they will tell you that there coven has strict rules about “spampires” and that you will be booted out of the coven for it. BUT then you got the ones out there who do not care about it. So as I'm standing in a freebee zone writing this I get unwanted bite request form several “Bloodlines “ players. Now my so called soul was in Limbo and I fell in to the money trap of buying the wormwood potion after I lost my So called soul. ( I'm a person who is behind the avatar so I feel I have a soul as my avi is an extension of myself) So wanting my Soul back I fell in to buying the potion (scam from makers of Bloodlines ) . So why are they still hunting in these places ? Most of the “Bloodlines “ players can not pay the high cost of the things they need to stay alive in the game so they hunt noobie and people who are just trying to have a good SL time . Its also very strange that the maker of Bloodlines Lyle Maeterlinck wrote this “The Bloodlines system was designed to spread like a real vampire curse through Second Life. If there were vampires running around trying to bite everyone in real life, surely there would be some people who were upset. I think it has been an interesting social experiment to see how a curse of this kind can successfully spread through a virtual population. I think it's even more interesting if people think of the vampires as "despised", as people might despise a real vampire curse. “ Oh yes We have the right to Opt-Out of the Bloodlines game buy getting a FREE Garlic Necklace and yes you too will still be put in a database you never asked to be put on . Now does that still stop the “Bloodlines “ player from asking you ? YES it does as it will tell them they cant ask ...BUT ….I have friends real close to me that they don't get the pop up but instead they get a IM like this. “ take off that necklace so I can bite you “ So another ? Would you like if someone put your name on a list in RL and you are now marked with something you are not aware of ...your name is out there for spammers or griefers to take a poke at you just because they want to ? So back to the top of this form ….I am asking why is this still going on? Why are there Vampires hanging out in these sims ? We all have the right to free speech and freedom to go were we want n all.....But we also have the right not to be harassed by a game that is only out to make money off us when we wanted nothing to do with it in the first place. In Closing I really feel that all people coming in to SL need a free Garlic Necklace and have the option to take it off to join the”Bloodlines” game when they want. Now I know you vampires out there will say that humans are the prey and should fear us ...ok I will give you that lil bit ...BUT ….does the “Bloodlines” game make it fair for Us Humans to hunt you down and kill you as in most vampire lore does ? I mean How would it be if there were “Vampire Hunters “ in SL that could take all your souls you have earned hunting people down ? I bet you all would cry “foul” But as we all know LL or BL will not let that happen...SO......All we can do is if you are in one of those “NO BITE ZONES” and you get a unwanted request from a “Bloodlines” player send in a AR on them and hope they don’t come back with a alt ...but …..they do anyway heck I know first hand of one telling me they have alts just to spampire hunt and then pass the souls to there org vampire avi. Ok im done lets see what this brings up in here . Learn to ignore, mute, and go about your day. I find bloodline complainers more annoying the bloodline players because they can't follow those simple instructions.
  11. It's really sad how LL lets scammers get away to things like this. If someone does something like this on Steam for example, they will get banned. This is one of the things that makes you question LL and their support. EDIT: Guess I suck at reading; the guy's stuff was removed from the market place. But, it still sucks for all the people that were scammed.
  12. Canoro Philipp wrote: Linden Lab allows bots in Second Life, and allows recordings of SL. nobody is breaking any rule if they move the slider to max distance and record what they can see around, i dont see how recording or taking a snapshot is griefing, it doesnt harm anyone. it makes sense for a company to have an address of their customers, to where they can send them the product if they dont have it? Pretty sure LL stated that if the owner of the sims stated "no snapshots in the land description", then they aren't allowed to take pictures there.
  13. jwenting wrote: As to not allowing nudity in M or A rated sims, that's imo idiotic unless there's a specific theme to the sim that would make it problematic. And even then there's usually in sims I've visited a clause like "no nudity unless you can explain it" (iow, unless it makes sense for your avatar to be naked in that situation). Adult sims I agree, but M rated sims I think it's actually a smart idea not to allow nudity in some RP sims or sims trying to fit a theme (like churches, official gatherings, etc). Nudity just isn't need in some places really.
  14. Czari Zenovka wrote: Pyxie wrote: Looking for a male to spend time with, talk to, cuddle, go dancing with. I'm picky. I'm a young one and every man I meet is 40+ Any human avi single men between mid 20's to mid 30's looking for a NON sub/dom relationship? I starting to think they don't exist! I'm on the flip side - I am 40+ and would love to meet a refined gentleman with whom to spend time; however I run into the 20-somethings with the unimaginative opening IM of "Hi how r u?" Makes me want to grind my teeth. Hi, how are you is a standard English Greeting. If that really grinds your gears, then something is wrong. That's like telling a Japanese person not to say "hajimema**bleep**e," when it's an expected standard greeting.
  15. It's just to hide their "interesting" fantasies from people in RL I guess. I've never seen another online community who was so interested in pretending that they don't have a RL at all. But that's fine I guess.
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