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  1. In RL, I am a vampire... well, at least that's what my parents called me... They also told me to come out from the basement where I had been living (since I got kicked from college for selling exotic animals), get a job and stop mooching from them like a vampire. I dunno, I am beginning to think I could be a vampire... or they just don't like me.
  2. Once, I told someone that I don't find SL as exciting as it used to be. He then told me I needed to get laid in RL . Being 'proper and virgin-like' is not a big deal. He thinks that being 'improper' in RL will make we want SL even more. So I did just that... and it was awesome! Still didn't change my perception about SL, in general.... which is sad.. but at least the RL sex was good so it turned out to be a win-win situation for me.
  3. Well they're doing Topless Tuesday on the feed!
  4. There is nothing sexier than a guy with a stick and who knows how to play his card right.
  5. I was googling for bombs, bullets, whip, feathers, men in combat and cuffs - you know for a project in SL. Then I realised the banners started showing ads about Dating Websites for lonely men in Qatar, Pakistan, Southern Philippines and Toronto. I'm afraid to click on it, I don't know who is watching and I don't want one of those stupid secret service people comes knocking on my door, arrest me and sent me to Area 51 lookalike and starts brainwashing and training me to become a super-assassin. Well... hmmm.. come to think of it.. I might just click on the ads. I could use a new skill that I haven't learned before and all those combat training may helped me losing those extra kilos that I had accumulated from sitting in front of my computer years after years building stuff and what not and then whining at LL's forum thread after thread that my business was not as lucrative as it was way back in 1893. Yeah, no whining please... but if you became self-concious about it and it had turned into an inner self-concern/conflict, you are allowed to be vocal and expressive. It's not whining.. it's just an open self expression that centering towards the inner self. Yes.. that's right.
  6. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Sometimes you're doing everything right and still things turn out wrong. Like making coffee. I have a simple drip coffee maker. Everyday I make coffee. I follow all the instructions that came with the it. To the letter. Still I'm having a problem. About once a month the coffee has a slight vinegarish flavor. It's a tiny issue but it bothers me. That's my gripe of the day. I know... If only LL would lower down the land tiers we all could afford a Starbuck everyday. You see, it's Linden Labs fault!
  7. I need my sleep.. where art thou, sleep? Thy sheeps abondoned me for a greener field, where the owner needed not but 100 times to put him to sleep... I tried to ease the mind and logged in SL in hope I'll find my way home to bed. But home didn't feel like home anymore... My presence was frowned upon. I tried to make the bed, make it all nice and pristine... but even the bed rejected me. I felt like an outcast. So I thought maybe I could find me a barn but I wasn't pregnant and neither it was Christmas. All I could find was a tacky outdated non-mesh christmas tree. So I said, screw this.. I'm logging off! And What do you know ... I felt much better and ready for sleep! Alas, it's 20 mins before my driver will come and pick me up for work... I need to get ready for work. Now, I really am going to miss my sleep.
  8. Sometimes, I wish for the death of SL. I need to get back to my RL. But Anywho... just FYI. I came to SL to build... Build an Ark I mean... Just in case SL destruction happens, I will be able to walk my breedables into the mothership .. both kosher and non-kosher.
  9. Heed to my words of wisdom, you... Who is right and who is wrong? Both are wrong... You for not trusting, her for giving reasons for you not to trust her. What should have happened was this: 1. She - Tells you what exactly going on and don't deny when it was so obvious. Don't set rules that she herself is going to break. One thing about people who are distrustful, they NOTICED and they NOTICED every single changes in your routine. 2. You - Don't go having a relationship. Ever. 3. If you asked for an opinion in an open forums, prepare to have a thick skin. Read all, believe little, care for none. 4.In the end, you do what makes you happy. What's done is done, you've made your decision. Asking for validation to your action is just you not trusting yourself.. which is kinda sad, really.
  10. Welcome back Ms. Suspiria. Whether they admit it or not, they've missed you. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  11. Why girls prefer bad boys... Why boys prefer loose girls... Good Boys/Girls - Hard to get, easy to keep Bad Boys/Girls - Easy to get, harder to keep Conclusion: Some girls and boys are just lazy.
  12. Then you would want to meet Aunt Maggie, my twice removed mother's cousin. She likes telling people how to clean her house.
  13. My theories: 1. It's not about who is winning. It's about who is losing 2. The two of you must have at least shared a common 'enemy' 3. There is a word in Arab - Wasta, translation: Someone who has the power. A person who who has a connection with a Wasta might have used this opportunity to make sure things will go in their direction All I'm saying, Linden Lab.. You acted very very weird and unprofessional.
  14. Tem Haalan wrote: Porky Gorky wrote : We have 6 hours to spread the word. We are the masters of social networking. We can get a million people reading this thread inthat time!!!!!! Imagine that! Cross posted to my SL feed. ( that's another 5 people who may read it) /me prepares the ark.
  15. Well, would you like me to call you foolish, ignorant and mean for thinking that WoW has a better userbase than other MMOs? Have you seen the playerbase in Korea? Or even remotely bother to analyse the majority of gaming age community per game per country? Fact is, WoW is loosing their players left and right because of newer games. What's left are children of older parents who used to play WoW and had gone to more mature games. I said, WoW is flooded with confused teenagers and 5 year olds. That hasn't changed. Go into arena and PuG, you tell me if the majority of the players behaves like 45 year olds? Oh and about SL, pffttt... Why are you comparing Second Life to a game in the first place? Unless you consider Second Life platform is a type of game, then maybe... you need to reconsider your opinion of what a real MMO game is all about.
  16. Hmmm, the answer is simple... if someone gets a nerd rage attack over what someone is thinking over a game, that person is seriously in love with particular game. And you Mr. Deja does not have a tail's end knowing who disagreed first do you? I came in to say I'd vote for that lady for my reasons. I say I might not vote her because she does not reach her voters effectively. Why? Because WoW itself has plenty of children it it, compared to other MMOs. Syo, came in with unfounded anger telling me that I'm ignorant and mean... over me calling a MMO game what it is? Which nerves did I hit on both of you? The fact that it is true that we have more children playing WoW compared to SWTOR? Or the facts that Syo is relating well with her inner child and you relating well with your bias-ness of one particular game? So what if Rift is a piece of crap, call me a fanboy/fangirl... Bottom line is, We're talking about a game and and a politician.. and if she would be able to reach the userbase effectively as what other games will. The answer is this... NO. Where in my previous comments (if you had read it at all) saying WoW is a piece of crap? Obviously Syo did (in her own misconstrued preconception about my comments) and you with your one-sided conclusion. And, Fanboy/Fangirl actually does have a nice ring to it. You want to take it as an insult, then be it. Ask me if I care?
  17. Hmmm, Syo... you struck me as someone with misplaced rage. Unfortunately for you, I have 2 level 85s and one leveling monk in WoW enough to be convinced that Yes, we've got plenty of teenagers and confused 5 year olds in WoW. I didn't say though whether or not the operators are actual children or just adults behaving like children. Calling me ignorant and mean, is not going to change what I think WoW is full of nowadays. But I understand that you are a WoW Fanboi so I apologised if you're nerd-raging right now because someone just wore the shoes and stamping dirts all over your holy ground too ... But I gotta tell you, WoW has got nothing over Rift. Not even GW2. No trash talking politician will be able to change my mind in this case. To lighten the mood (probably not yours... it's always a hit and miss with you) here is a girl having her nerd-rage moment in WoW. Caution: Watching or Listening this clip may cause Epilepsy
  18. A few reasons why I would still vote for her. 1. She is goal oriented 2. She is goal achiever and then some (she did have 2 level 85s didn't she?). She is a starter and a finisher. 3. If she knows how to trash talk and survived her way through those elitist Leroys in WoW - twice, then she is mentally resillient and competitve. 4. She knows where to dump her frustration and anger. 5. She talks the language of 10 million players-world wide. Crit, DPS, HPS, PBoE, AoE, DoT, HoT, GG, WTB, WTS, LFG, etc... MMO players, they're worse than the medical workers. If she is in South Korea, it will be a landslide win. One Reason I might not want to vote for her. WoW is flooded with confused teenagers and 5 year olds nowadays... Unless she moves on to Rift, GW2, TSW and other MMOs, I'm afraid she will not be able to reach her voters effectively. By the way, would anyone of you be voting for the operator of Stroker Serpentine?
  19. SinfulPrince wrote: Wow, Willow Danube wrote: The only reason because I do not think it is fair for men to speak on behalf of us women thinking that WE think it is OK to share. I dont see the relevance between "I appreciate your input" and this? One person appreciates the other , and the individual blasts back about not wanting to be spoken for. But ok. You must remain calm samurai. If you read my post as a blatant personal attack on you then you must take a step back and wonder why? Could I have hit you square in between the eyes? Calling me "Honey, I appreciate your input" could have easily misinterpreted as condescending but I try not to see it as that. My opinion though, stand as it is. A man posted in the forums asking if having multiple spouses are ok? A few men came in and supported him that it is OK for men and therefore, it must be OK for women too... I came in to say on behalf of myself, as a woman, that it is NOT OK to share my husband and in return, I gave my piece of thoughts on why men in a society at large are into multiple spouses. Of course, I was quickly 'corrected' on that. I am not arguing here on how valid your feelings, needs, thoughts, opinions, belief, etc... as to why one woman cannot satisfy you. I will also not going to agree with you. Fact is, I'm not a man. I do not know how a man's brain works. I can only guess, that is all. But, when someone comes in and explaining in very long post telling how good it is for women to share their man ... and he is a man? That's just wrong...I call that brainwashing. I've been living in a culture where men having more than one wife is heavily practised and I know their MOs in getting women to fall in a polygamous relationship. I can tell you this much, that they are not generally content and happy but feeling helpless about it. They just *had to accept* that it was their fate given by their gods. I'm amazed that you get that she thinks she'll lose her husband out of that. She is not afraid of losing her husband.. She is afraid of being alone. If she was given a better choice, losing her husband is the least of her concerns. She is already taking a risk by sending her husband off to another woman... She is entitled to her opinion of course, but as a woman myself, I think it is my privilege to say that, Woman to Woman, she is wrong. Another thing, I am not trying to convince the woman in that tube... No, I'm trying to tell you what the woman thinks and does has got nothing to do with me and how I felt. It won't fool me into believing you even if you shoved a woman in front of me proclaiming how wonderful her life is... People choose all kinds of things. Catholics who choose to have abortions. Women who choose to also be misogynists and verbally call it that themselves. And All of the above, I have opinions on them too, but I'll wait for another thread for that... And that they have a right to have their choice seen as their own when it is. We also ought to be willing to admit that they count too when tallying up who's here in this world. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Let me rephrase that, What you say will apply to MOST. But will not apply to few. Smh. For a person who's first paragraph in this very post, says she would appreciate somoene else not speaking for HER you sure don't have any problem doing it for someone else do you? But lets go there: Most and a few are only relative when voting, and no one needs other people to vote their choice in life into being valid. And I'll translate that myself so you don't have to. The personal choices of any majority does not eliminate the freedom of choosing something different for an individual. Oh, agreed on this... as much as I agree that people have every right to make a choice to disagree with these people as they see fit. I, sometimes, got tired of certain groups of people who always thinks they're perpetually victimised because historically, they've been tortured and discriminated from the majority. They failed to see that life has gotten easier for them and so much so the table has been turned over and the majority becomes the minority and these are the ones who are feeling oppressed just because they wanted to retain their own beliefs. Now, from the way you posted, it almost sounds like I'm victimising you with my opinions and I should have been politically correct in you wanting your freedom of choice and should just agree with you. Doesn't work. Sorry. The thing is I have every right to disagree with you on your opinion about us. I've never told you to stop doing what you think it is right... but I'm not going to sugarcoat my words into letting you know that what I think of that... My choice..
  20. SinfulPrince wrote: Willow honey I've read enough of your post in forum to honestly appreciate your input. Thanks, but when I'm posting sometime it usually is for my own personal entertainment. If people are entertained by it then, yeah.. thanks. However, it also not within my interest to force someone into believing what I believed in. The only reason because I do not think it is fair for men to speak on behalf of us women thinking that WE think it is OK to share. Matter of fact it wasn't a week or so ago that I listened to woman youtube to the fact that it was HER who brought the idea to her previously monogamous husband , and that was the result of her INITIALLY feeling it was all just a sexual rouse to the benefit of the sexual appetities of men but subsequently changing her mind. And it was a mind she changed alone while solo looking into that concept. I told my father once that I prefer not to be married and will rather just pay a random healthy guy to impregnate me with his baby and raised the child on my own. Radical? He thinks so.. in fact when I told him about my opinion, he, the usual Alpha male in the family was lost for words. He thinks it was absurd... not culturally accepted. But then his moment of silence made me ponder myself as to why I had such idea. Basically it comes down to this, I lack of trust... in a man, in a marriage and in myself. Do you think this woman in youtube wanted polygamy because it will make her happy? Many... many women in polygamous marriages that I've encountered had unnatural reasons why they wanted to 'share'. Where you see her as someone adventurous and strong, I see her as someone who has been defeated, surrender and resigned to the fact that anything is better than being alone completely. Ask any educated, well travelled, well read, well socialised, financially independent sexy and young single woman if she would want to marry a middle aged man with 3 wives and 7 kids? What do you think her answer will be? The same woman in that youtube, if she was given another choice of a loving, rich, stable, mature and handsome single man that met her every expectations, do you really think she's going to stay with her current partner? My point is, it is not a natural instinct to share... Sharing needed to be learnt.. sometimes this is taught in a positive and stable environment, sometimes this is exploited and enforced upon the physically weak gender into believing that life without a man is futile so therefore share if you have to. What you say will apply to some. But will not apply to all. Let me rephrase that, What you say will apply to MOST. But will not apply to few.
  21. For a mere man who boasted that he alone could provide the needs for more than woman is just that, boastful. That or you are looking at an SL relationship with high turn over rate. It become meaningless and your entire point become moot. Yours and Sinful's long explanantions are exactly the most subtle way to brainwash a woman's mind. I've known the religion and the culture that shall not be named on a personal level and at one time, close to intimate... Although it was allowed, it was not encouraged by their original leaders. This concept of polygamy were exploited down the course of history for be it political power or economic reasons. Today, the reasons why a woman willing to share her husband to another woman basically comes down to this: 1. She was made to believe that didn't have any other choice 2. SHe didn't know any better THat is what these women considered as Acceptance.
  22. The practise of polygamy are really an old practise designed for - breeding, keep the lineage because the were a lot of males died due to war and diseases - welfare of untended women and children - money Today it was more of : - selfish reasons - cultural brainwashing - for showing off. Most men in SL who practised this are often love to announced it to everyone else If the women are ok with these reasons.. yeah, go ahead.
  23. Water Nymph... Me in old Willow's skin and shape.
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