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  1. But never mind. I shan't trouble you all any more. This is the most unhelpful bunch of people I've encountered on line... well, ever. It's good to see "blame the victim" is a live and well. ---------------------------------------------------------- So now poor Rudy is a victim and everyone is blaming the victim. How about Rudy is too hard headed or too ignorant or lacks enough common sense to see that when the whole world appears to be upside down it just might be time to stand up on your feet? No one is blaming you for anything except that you are not accepting the help that has been offered. You are convinced it's LL's problem, even when all the evidence and facts say something else. Sometimes victims are victims by choice.
  2. But you are getting those simulator resources. Something in your system is not handling those resources quite like it should. In real life you might own a home. You pay taxes for city resources (roads, fire protection, police protection, educational opportunities, ect.). You also have water, sewer, and waste pick-up. But, let's say your water pressure is low and all your neighbors' pressure is fine. The city claims it has no leaks and the water pressure on it's system is at the proper level. But you don't believe them because it can't be a leak on your property because you have a new plumbing system recently installed and it's the best plumbing company in the county........it has to be the city's problem. You ask friends why you should pay the city taxes or water bill when every time you water your lawn you can't take a shower because the water just trickles out the shower head and your sprinklers dwindle down to drips. Everyone tells you to check your plumbing and you claim it's fine and refuse to accept that the problem is very likely in your system........you even argue with them about it. You're problem ain't going to get fixed and your water pressure is going to be low.........and you're going to be mad. What do you want the city to do? Come and do what you are responsible to do? You know that isn't going to happen..........just like LL is going to do nothing for your rezzing issues. It's on your end. It's your responsibility. You are the one who needs to fix the problem. You've had some good suggestions in this thread. I still think it's your bandwidth speed. But you insist on discounting that so lets say it's fine......someone mentioned packet loss. Packet loss can cause all kinds of issues........including disconnects from the servers and even crashes. And, yes, it also can cause things not to rezz in SL. 1% jacket loss is enough to cause noticeable issues. 2% can get you disconnected from the servers. 3% will often not even allow you to connect to the servers at all. It don't take much.........and the sources of packet loss are as limitless as the Internet. What is your packet loss? Do you know? Did you check? Or do you just want to continue to complain?
  3. I believe you were asking this same question last evening but your post had no text in it. I took a guess on what you were asking about.......which is part of what you are asking right now. I posted a screenshot and a brief explanation on how to use camera controls. Maybe it will help since you are, apparently, using the official SL Viewer 3. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/How-do-you-view-your-own-avatar-from-the-front/qaq-p/1995355/comment-id/12824#M12824
  4. The screenshot you posted is not really telling much about your computer except how it measures up to the "Windows Experience". In other words how well the computer will handle your operating system (in this case, Windows 8). Your system has an index score is 3.3 with the highest score being 7.9 (that's for Windows 7 but I'm sure it's the same for Windows 8). That score is determined by the lowest score of the various tests Windows goes through to analyze your computer's performance (graphics capabilities, RAM. CPU speed, read/write to hard drive speed, etc). It's an overall rating to give you an idea of the performance you can expect (in a very general way) for common software programs and Windows 8. Second Life is not a common program with all the real time graphics requirements and the amount of data thrown at your computer.......you need a base score quite a bit higher than 3.3 (which is okay for Windows and most programs......not great, but okay). For Second Life that score says very little about whether or not your system can handle SL. It only says your computer will handle Windows 8 in an acceptable way.......and most common programs you might install. I don't know which hardware device that caused the 3.3 but my bet is it's your graphics processor.....that's judging by the message you are receiving before the crash. Though that is an indication that you may have a graphics card/adaptor failing that is not necessarily the case.......it could be your driver is corrupted or that your GPU is simply not strong enough to handle what SL requires of it. Updating the driver may fix it but you have to know that that message is often the precursor to a graphics card/adaptor failure. You really need to keep an eye on that and if the problem continues take the laptop to a repair facility before a failure occurs. To get the specs needed for more help the easiest way is to launch your viewer (no need to log in) and under the "Help" menu click "About Second Life". The basic specs for your computer will be listed......copy those and paste back here. Don't start a new thread to give the specs or additional information.....use the "Options" in the upper right corner of your post and then "Edit".
  5. Huddles EZ Animator is the one I use. I've had it for years and I don't know where one might find it, or even if it's still sold (though I don't why it wouldn't be). It's primarily a dance animator that to load dances you simply detach and drag from your inventory to the ground, drag and drop the dances you want to add, take back into inventory and wear once again. You can have others join you in dances. It's so simple to use it's almost embarrassing. Search in-world. Maybe Market Place if you do that route (don't know about MP though).
  6. Done? Easy? I did read what you said in the original post and, believe it or not, I think I understood what you want. You want a shape in notecard form that you can "drag and drop" in appearance to alter (in your case) the face. Sounds easy. But I know from spending some 2 years altering my shape to get where I wanted it isn't easy. Each adjustment you make effects other parts of the shape.......even limiting the adjustments to the head only. Adjust the lips and maybe your chin changes a little, so you adjust the chin and the lips are not what you want.....back a forth you go without ever getting what you want. Then, you decide to leave the lips alone for a while and adjust your nose. And guess what, your lips suddenly look the way you want and so does the chin..........but the cheeks changed. Here you go again. It's not easy and it can take a very long time before you are "done". But you finally get it right and write down all the slider values, put them on a note card to pass to others........and those others have a shape where the torso is just not quite right for the face. How do you reconcile that? What you want and what shape you are starting out with is not likely the same as anyone else's. You have to do a shape as a whole......not just the head, the torso, the legs, the bust, the butt.....everything interacts to get the shape you want. It's not easy and it's not just done. It's a good idea but I can't see how anyone could successfully craft a note card without including the entire shape. And why do that anyway. Like someone else mentioned get a shape that is mod and customize it the way you want..........without a notecard.
  7. The very first problem I see, and it's a big one, is how long is this notecard going to be? Do you realize how many different combinations of slider settings that can be made? Way more than just a few hundred, or even thousand.......millions is more what I think. Each slider setting effects the shape in other areas....change the nose and the cheeks change or change the head size and the ears change. How would anyone determine what a customer might want and might not want for a shape? You'd have the include a notecard pages long just to make a few options available......impossible to cover all the possibilities (or even close to all the possibilities). Probably a good idea if there were a finite number of shapes possible in SL.....but that just isn't the way SL is. You have almost infinite possibilities available. A notecard could never cover that and if you tried no one could (or would) bother to use it. The best way is to get a shape that is mostly what you want that is modifiable then make the changes to suit you. There really is no easier way...........or, in my opinion, a better way unless you create your own shape from scratch. There is a reason shapes are somewhat expensive (by SL standards)........they just ain't that easy to make.
  8. I forgot to post the link to the test site http://www.speedtest.net/ Distractions in RL..........sorry about that.
  9. Go here and run a test then post the results back here. My bet is you will test at something less than 800 kbps (or maybe right at 800 kbps). 800 kbps per second is 300 kbps above the SL viewer's default setting of 500 kbps. The SL viewer will go much higher than that (I believe somewhere around 3000 kbps but I haven't bothered to set my bandwidth that high even though my connection can handle up to 8000 kbps.........just no need since I rezz quickly in SL). You're confusing bytes with bits. The bandwidth speed is given in bits.......not bytes.
  10. It's the shape that determines your avatar's height (as well as other things like waist, legs, arms, etc) not your outfit. Well your outfit could cause a change but only if the shape for the particular outfit is different from the shape you are having this issue with. A shape is part of an outfit but, like a skin, if it's the same shape you had before you made a new outfit it won't change. Most shapes are copy, mod but no transfer so go to appearance and work with the shape sliders........if they won't move or change then the shape is no mod. Use a different shape (or create your own shape).
  11. Try setting your bandwidth in preferences at 600 kbps (that's 75% of 800). Overwhelming your system's ability to render and all the other stuff involved with the SL environment that you might find yourself in when in-world causes problems that interfere with what can and cannot be rezzed in a timely manner. It also usually causes packet loss at your network and that is a whole new set of problems (including disconnects from the servers and crashes of the viewer). Obviously you don't understand that setting the bandwidth beyond what your connection can handle will lag your textures (and other things too). Over loading your network will cause problems......not may cause problems, but it will cause you problems. You don't need to understand it.......but it's true. You have a slow connection using a fairly high end rig. You asked for help and received some very good suggestions and advice.......but your fighting it. I don't have a problem like yours, neither does Nalates (nor others who have tried to help you). You have this problem and your connections appears to be at the root of the problem. Fix it or live with it. Complaining and explaining that you don't believe it is not going to make your avatars rezz any quicker. Do something constructive instead.
  12. Racism is a word that, over the years, has become almost useless for defining discrimination. It's become a buzz word to evoke sympathy..........and that cheapens the meaning to a level that it's insulting to the people who truly experience discrimination solely to their race. Ethnic groups get lumped into racism.......the Irish are not a race, it's an ethnic group. The Jews are not a race. Muslims are not a race (though middle eastern is which is were the vast majority of Muslims live). All those groups have been discriminated against both in paste and today But just because the group might be discriminated against does not make it racism. Discriminating against a person (or group of people) because their skin is black, brown, or yellow is racism. Discriminating against a person (or group of people) because their ancestry happens to be a foreign country or they practice a belief system other than what someone decides is proper it discrimination. Both are bad. Both should be shunned by society. But they are not "racism". I've been discriminated against because of my hair color, skin complexion, my birth place, and, to some degree, my religious beliefs..........but I've never been a victim or racism.
  13. To add just a little bit to Theresa's post. The speed of your connection, I believe, you made an error. Bandwidth speed is not measured in bytes. It's measured in bits. A big difference since there are 8 bits per byte. But bandwidth meters measure bits because that is what is actually being sent to and from your computer/system.800,000 bits per second is pretty slow if you are using SL with any settings above about mid-range........and if you have voice enabled, or media enabled, or you have a third party IM program running, or maybe you have the forums open while trying to use SL it's not "pretty slow", it's very slow. The rest of your system seems to be plenty healthy enough to run SL at high (even ultra settings with some lag). The fastest computer in existence will lag if that system is not receiving the data fast enough to use all that speed. I have a feeling that, since you have a good GPU, CPU and plenty of system RAM that you are running your SL at ultra (or, at least, at high) settings. With that connection, you might as well have a low end HP off shelf office computer.
  14. Since you have this "long experience" (to which I'm very much less than impressed........we could add your years and my years and have almost 14 years experience and it would all still be irrelevant) why not prove your system is up the task of rendering more than 6 avatars (your system being your computer, it's hardware, and your connection to the Internet). It's easy to give specs........just launch the viewer (log in or not, makes no difference) and under the "Help" menu click on "About Second Life". You'll see the basic specs. Copy those and paste back here. Had you done that little bitty thing when you first posted your issue you just might have a solution by now. That is if you really wanted a solution. Me thinks you just want to complain. If that's the case, I'm done...........I wanted to help but now I think maybe I don't want to anymore. But someone else might be along soon.......and boy would specs help them help you.
  15. "... I've been in SL over six years and generally keep up with upgrades and have up-to-date, high-performance hardware and a good internet connection. ..." -------------------------------------------- The 6 years is irrelevant but I will say something ain't quite right somewhere in either the performance end, the updated upgrades or the Internet connection. Slow to rezz avatars is a pretty sure sign of texture lag. Texture lag is caused by less than adequate hardware or hardware that is not properly updated or an Internet connection that is less than capable of delivering the information necessary for proper avatar rezzing. The tip of is the part that eventually avatars rezz.......unless there are 6 or more. System specs are extremely important for anyone to give a guess on what might be the problem. Up-to-date high performance hardware and a good Internet connection is not specifications........not any that are useful anyway.
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