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  1. I miss Maddie I miss Hippie I miss Kinn I miss Pep I miss Silvia I miss Storm I miss Lee I miss Venus I miss Quinn I miss Lilly I miss Griffin I miss Stef I miss Derek I especially miss Sy I miss all of these people that knew me so well I've been away for a while now, but these are the people who have helped me become who I am now. You all will forever have a place in my heart I love you all. ...Dres
  2. I've dreamt that people I loved in SL showed up at my door in RL. Though I've had many crossover dreams, that one was the most vivid. I do really wish I could have met their SL personas in RL. ...Dres
  3. Reminds me of Liilie and her fabulous voice ...Dres *misses going to her shows*
  4. I think you're effed up and I like you a lot. ...Dres
  5. I never really cared for Lana, but I actually really like that song ...Dres
  6. The longer I'm involved with Second Life, the more that I hear songs that make me think of Second Life. I've got plenty, but I'd love to know what songs other people associate with SL. Here's my addition... ...Dres
  7. I've recently had a few threads nixed by stupid people. If you can't rezurect then, could you at least let them know how stupid they really are? ...Dres
  8. Dresden wrote: Canoro wrote: damn it! what the hell happened to my account? where are my posts? *gasps* :matte-motes-shocked: Copycat! :matte-motes-sour: :matte-motes-silly: ...Dres Don't get all bent out of shape, Dresden. I'm sure Canoro was only doing that for dramatic effect. ...Dres (...and you love the dramaz.)
  9. Sassy Romano wrote: Well there's this very recent thread for starters https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Vicious-Abuse-Reports-to-Flag-Items-on-MP/m-p/2987888#U2987888 which is in the Merchants forum instead of the General Discussion forum. Also, just to point out that "Adviser" is merely a token title based upon post count, nothing more. Dres, nor any one else is here to "do a job of advising". Thanks Sassy... this is the very reason why I decided to start sending in my clone to address these idiots. ...Dres
  10. Alwin Alcott wrote: i see a lot on your pic, but no hairbase Perhaps it's pubic. ...Dres
  11. Rez a prim... stretch it into a platform and rez another prim but leave it in the form of a box, then link the platform to the box. Sit on the box, then use the edit window to move that conjoined object into the sky (using the z axis). Once your platform is situated to your satisfaction, stand up... then, simply build your home on that platform to your lovely, little, heart's content. ...Dres
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