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  1. I am so sorry, I never meant for you to remember remembering to stop remembering me only for you to forget to stop remembering remembering me. ...Dres
  2. Thanks! I totally acknowledge your lack of knowledge of me and very much appreciate your acknowledgment of not knowing me. It means so much to me ...Dres
  3. You are so condescending. There's nothing wrong with people who choose to display themselves at an actual human height in SL. Just because most people in SL decided, on their own, to make themselves taller than that which is naturally possible for a human being, doesn't mean that people who wish to represent themselves as tall as they are IRL... are... pedos? Give me a brake
  4. I have no idea how this game is supposed to work. SORRY
  5. That's alright. I just wanted to say hi to whomever does. ...Dres *waves*
  6. Think of it positively, at least your RL self has a 'member' that's almost a half an inch longer than your avatar. You win. ...Dres
  7. I miss Maddie I miss Hippie I miss Kinn I miss Pep I miss Silvia I miss Storm I miss Lee I miss Venus I miss Quinn I miss Lilly I miss Griffin I miss Stef I miss Derek I especially miss Sy I miss all of these people that knew me so well I've been away for a while now, but these are the people who have helped me become who I am now. You all will forever have a place in my heart I love you all. ...Dres
  8. I've dreamt that people I loved in SL showed up at my door in RL. Though I've had many crossover dreams, that one was the most vivid. I do really wish I could have met their SL personas in RL. ...Dres
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