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  1. In RL, I am a vampire... well, at least that's what my parents called me... They also told me to come out from the basement where I had been living (since I got kicked from college for selling exotic animals), get a job and stop mooching from them like a vampire. I dunno, I am beginning to think I could be a vampire... or they just don't like me.
  2. Once, I told someone that I don't find SL as exciting as it used to be. He then told me I needed to get laid in RL . Being 'proper and virgin-like' is not a big deal. He thinks that being 'improper' in RL will make we want SL even more. So I did just that... and it was awesome! Still didn't change my perception about SL, in general.... which is sad.. but at least the RL sex was good so it turned out to be a win-win situation for me.
  3. Well they're doing Topless Tuesday on the feed!
  4. There is nothing sexier than a guy with a stick and who knows how to play his card right.
  5. I was googling for bombs, bullets, whip, feathers, men in combat and cuffs - you know for a project in SL. Then I realised the banners started showing ads about Dating Websites for lonely men in Qatar, Pakistan, Southern Philippines and Toronto. I'm afraid to click on it, I don't know who is watching and I don't want one of those stupid secret service people comes knocking on my door, arrest me and sent me to Area 51 lookalike and starts brainwashing and training me to become a super-assassin. Well... hmmm.. come to think of it.. I might just click on the ads. I could use a new skill that
  6. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Sometimes you're doing everything right and still things turn out wrong. Like making coffee. I have a simple drip coffee maker. Everyday I make coffee. I follow all the instructions that came with the it. To the letter. Still I'm having a problem. About once a month the coffee has a slight vinegarish flavor. It's a tiny issue but it bothers me. That's my gripe of the day. I know... If only LL would lower down the land tiers we all could afford a Starbuck everyday. You see, it's Linden Labs fault!
  7. I need my sleep.. where art thou, sleep? Thy sheeps abondoned me for a greener field, where the owner needed not but 100 times to put him to sleep... I tried to ease the mind and logged in SL in hope I'll find my way home to bed. But home didn't feel like home anymore... My presence was frowned upon. I tried to make the bed, make it all nice and pristine... but even the bed rejected me. I felt like an outcast. So I thought maybe I could find me a barn but I wasn't pregnant and neither it was Christmas. All I could find was a tacky outdated non-mesh christmas tree. So I said, screw this.. I'm
  8. Sometimes, I wish for the death of SL. I need to get back to my RL. But Anywho... just FYI. I came to SL to build... Build an Ark I mean... Just in case SL destruction happens, I will be able to walk my breedables into the mothership .. both kosher and non-kosher.
  9. Heed to my words of wisdom, you... Who is right and who is wrong? Both are wrong... You for not trusting, her for giving reasons for you not to trust her. What should have happened was this: 1. She - Tells you what exactly going on and don't deny when it was so obvious. Don't set rules that she herself is going to break. One thing about people who are distrustful, they NOTICED and they NOTICED every single changes in your routine. 2. You - Don't go having a relationship. Ever. 3. If you asked for an opinion in an open forums, prepare to have a thick skin. Read all, believe little, care
  10. Welcome back Ms. Suspiria. Whether they admit it or not, they've missed you. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  11. Why girls prefer bad boys... Why boys prefer loose girls... Good Boys/Girls - Hard to get, easy to keep Bad Boys/Girls - Easy to get, harder to keep Conclusion: Some girls and boys are just lazy.
  12. Then you would want to meet Aunt Maggie, my twice removed mother's cousin. She likes telling people how to clean her house.
  13. My theories: 1. It's not about who is winning. It's about who is losing 2. The two of you must have at least shared a common 'enemy' 3. There is a word in Arab - Wasta, translation: Someone who has the power. A person who who has a connection with a Wasta might have used this opportunity to make sure things will go in their direction All I'm saying, Linden Lab.. You acted very very weird and unprofessional.
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