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  1. Tillicum Islands Presents BATTLE OF THE DJ’s A NON STOP 3 DAY GLOBAL EVENT SPONSORED IN PART BY BOSL RADIO FEB 8 – 10, 2013 1st Place – L$10,000 2nd Place – L$5,000 3rd Place – L$2,500 DJs from around the world go head-to-head competing for cash prizes and available slots at The Lounge at Tillicum Island. This event will receive both SL and RL on-air radio coverage by the most prestigious audio group in Second Life. This is an opportunity for YOU to bring your best skills as a DJ and show what you’ve got! The winners will be selected by a popular voting method conducted by the patrons, and verified by three independent judges. DJs who participate will also have an opportunity for first choice of the available slots for permanent positions at The Lounge at Tillicum Island which will soon be operational 24/7 Submission: Please complete an application as a DJ from the box mounted on the wall at the venue by the left entrance.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tillicum Island/49/41/21 Return your completed application to the box or to Scott Yedmore via email. Incomplete applications will be tossed without consideration. Follow the instructions on the application as best as you can. All entrant applications must be submitted to the venue NO LATER THAN February 5th at 11:59 PM SLT. The lineup will be finalized at this time and forwarded to BOSL Radio for inclusion in their channels and blogs and other publications. Contact: If you have any questions please contact Scott Yedmore (scott1.yedmore) inworld or email syedmore@tillicumislands.com Further information on Tillicum Islands can be found at: http://www.tillicumislands.com For information about BOSL: http://thebestofsl.com/
  2. Verena Vuckovic wrote: No, my argument is that one's online status in public sims has nothing to do with privacy and it's a complete joke to pretend it is. If you are on a public sim then you are by definition viewable on radar to anyone on that sim.....which could include anyone in SL, and that includes anyone you are 'hiding' your status from. How can you then claim your online status is 'private'.....when you are yourself displaying publicly that you are very much online ?? You have no idea who might be on that sim before you go there, and you have no idea who might TP in while you are there. If someone is 'hiding', why does it matter to you that someone that they are 'hiding' from could TP in to the same sim they are on and see them? If that is the case wouldn't they be the ones to have to deal with that when it happens and not you? People can believe what they want, if you feel it's laughable that's okay too. I still don't understand how this would affect how you choose to go about your SL.
  3. I'm not superstitius and I never seem to realize it's a Friday the 13th until it's over or is half way through (like just now, seeing this thread), so I'm not doing anything differently because of the date. I'm having a pretty good day, and am going to go buy a new phone in a few minutes which is always fun! Hmm... maybe I should wait on that until tomorrow..... oh that's right, I'm not superstitious. Happy Birthday Peter!
  4. SHOPPING!!!!! Oooh that might motivate me to do some serious inventory cleaning. I may not need incineration after all.
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: /me hugs you all up. This is starting to look like an epidemic, Leyna!!! _______________________________________________________________ Thank you Maddy. Interesting, according to facebook data spring break and two weeks before Christmas are the likeliest times of year for a breakup. April Fool's Day is popular, as well as the summer holiday and the day after Valentine's Day. ___________________________________________________________________ I have fallen very far behind on my "Warm Welcomes" project. __________________________________________________________________ Then get crackin! ________________________________________________________________________ Although my fireplace was designed to burn away sin, I imagine it might help burn away sorrow as well. So, for any of you who want to give it a try, look me up in-world. I'm not in much, but you'll get my full attention if incineration suits you. Maddy /me wonders what one wears to their own sin and sorrow burning....considers pearls and a tiara.
  6. As of of today you can add me to the "moving on" group. yay me. While it's nice to know I'm not alone, I don't wish for anyone to be hurting like this because it sucks! Part of what is hard for me with SL is that we joined together to help bridge a long distance relationship gap in between times we saw each other. Since we joined we did almost everything together until the last couple of months, and now he's not really on anymore. Being an introvert, I'm not so inclined to... well whatever it is that extroverts appear to do do more comfortably and gracefully than I do. I tended to keep to myself when he wasn't logged in, I enjoy time alone working on projects, etc. But at the moment, not so much. Most of my friends are couples and i'm not feeling the "hangin with the couples" vibe right now. I agree with Ceka about getting involved in something different, changes of place, etc. Even though it's probably not what any of us *feel* like doing, it really does help. Of course nothing sounds good when you're feeling like this. But putting one foot in front of the other and doing something, anything, getting involved, seeing new places, people, things.... Until finally a shift starts. Being of service can be good too, helping others gets my focus off my own problems if only for a short while, like a tiny vacation and I can breathe normally for a little bit. One final self-pitying blurt if I may, here's how I felt today after the "talk". I thought of this tonight and as gawd awful pathetic as it is, I couldn't help but crack up because I so identified with it.
  7. OMG!!!! I love this thread! I was going to pick out some favorites to comment on but I can't, they're all great - awesome job guys! (and gals )
  8. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: If someone says they are terribly distraught over something, I don't have to believe it. Especially, if the over-dramatic "feeling" is way out of proportion to the event. Some people like to make hyperbolic-dramatic statements, and blow things way out of proportion. Also, known as, "Making a mountain, out of a mole hill". I understand your point, I really do. If I've been around someone long enough to know that being Chicken LIttle is a way of life for them (and it doesn't take long for that to become apparent) chances are I'll be long gone by the time something truly serious does occur and I won't hear what they have to say. There are times when the thing that appears to be blown out of proportion is just the straw that's broken the camel's back for that person or people. For many folks who are really upset about how the name decision played out, I'm seeing a history of thier frustrations with LL, I don't believe the intense feelings are purely about the last names. That's just my take on it. I did say "I have to believe" when saying "I choose to believe" would be more accurate. I tend to take people at face value until I have reason to believe otherwise. Because I take my time in getting to know people, this works out fine for me.
  9. When I first saw this thread a couple of weeks ago this is the song that instantly came to mind. It's been an earworm since then so I figure if I post it will go away.
  10. Darren Scorpio wrote: I mean if you are roleplaying a dog for example do you howl or do you actually type out clearly what you want to say? No, I pretty much just howl. People are impressed with my written howling skills. kidding!
  11. Thanks Ariel! That makes sense, and I guess it's pretty obvious I don't have kids.
  12. Dresden Ceriano wrote: I'm not usually big on entering contests such as this, but I think, in this case, it would have been fun... if only just to show off a bit... lol. Unfortunately, I only just noticed this contest, having been sick for the last few days, and seeing that it's completely screwed up from the start, I won't be participating. Knowl has some very good points, to which I would like to add a few... This should have been announced way ahead of time, that way a buzz could have been started about it... more people would have known to enter it when the time came, entrants would have been able to get their stuff together to take their pics in plenty enough time and more people would have know about it making more of them interested enough to cast their votes. It's quite simple... Announce it a few weeks ahead of the starting date. Open it up to entries on the starting date and give people a week or so to get their entries in. Close entry on the given date and open the voting. Close voting at the end of a specified time, say a few weeks. Announce the winners. It's not rocket science. Yes! This exactly! When I began looking at the entries I hadn't read the info about it yet, and didn't realize it was still going on, I figured it was over as I was seeing the votes cast already.
  13. What I don't understand is why I see so many people roleplaying kids who can't pronounce their "r"s. Where does this come from? Is that a standard or something? I'm sincerely curious. eta: I don't mean to be critical of speech impediments - I had a serious lisp when I was a kid so there's no lack of understanding what that's like. But I was the only one in my kindergarten class that had a problem with speech. Good times.
  14. Awesome! You might check to see if they can do a backlit keyboard, mine doesn't have one and I do wish I'd asked them if they'd do that. If either of you do go with xotic pc I'd love to hear how it turns out for you! (I'm not an employee or anything, I just get excited about this stuff )
  15. ooh I wanted to add, it was totally worth it to have a system built, I think it was 12 days from the time I ordered it to the time the blessed event occurred and it was deposited into my arms. They kept me appraised of every step along the way which was pretty cool too.
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