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  1. Not so much over, here is a very recent (april '16) article about an article about mac vs windows for Adobe Lightroom. http://graphics-unleashed.com/2016/04/mac-vs-windows-which-is-faster/
  2. Pamela Galli wrote: Good to know. <Waits for the inevitable crowd that appears whenever an Apple product is mentioned.> That is nothing, I could do better with windows! I could get 20K with a windows computer, just 10 GPU cards, monitors connected together, and sitting at the right distance with a pair of binoculars on my head to see it. That's nothing. You know, on a serious note, this does bring up the oddities of HUGE wood grain and other oversized texture use. The moire should disapear at a nicer resolution that is more real and allow for really nice texturing. I wonder if it will stop people building with oversized texturing though lol. It sounds great and I hope you have fun finding places that really do it right and get the rich details working well with this neat peice of tech. Now I am really wondering about the monitor thing, I have seen huge monitor walls with no frames between them. Maybe I am joking, but I may be right lol. SL does have an open source client, maybe 20K in firestorm next year lol? Nah, I am sure many are happy with just 4k! I would be!
  3. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Poenald Palen wrote: Mav vs. PC...this is such a troll thread! These things always end up in arguments. This was a simple survey with specifically no preference or endorsement one way or the other expressed by the OP, not a troll thread. It was hijacked into a debate on which is better. In reality creators, both SL and RL pros, can now use what ever system they like and do. You are right, but I was joking around and should have put the all important "just joking" after that line. It is a very serious issue, you can lose a lot of time waiting for software. I use Linux frequently, so so much not supported but this is changing as time goes on and it is much better these days. Another thought on this: If LL has a streaming service planned, maybe it will be web based so at least Mac users can check some stuff out? But for Beta, they maybe out of luck for some months. I bet it will not be long, it should port quickly to Mac because they are so similar in hardware these days.
  4. Mav vs. PC...this is such a troll thread! These things always end up in arguments. Anyway, since we don't know min. system requirements I bet many people will end up having to spend money on upgrades or new systems. It is a business expense for PC users, but a pain for Mac users as well as an expense! Well, the stratagy works like this: You buy whatever in sansar. Oh, you see your fav creator is now in Sansar, 6 months later. You buy a similar item and replace it! If feeds consumerism, makes another sale and keeps new products steadily coming in rather than a whole glut of reexported old builds only. Fresh builders get less competition, old favorites trickle in and you are always wanting to check out what is new in Sansar for months on end! If the straragy =s more money, more engagement for longer of a time period...uh, why would they worry about a Mac client? You all come in later and make news for many folks, keeps the place a buzzing place to check out. Consider yourselfs not used, just conveniently and profitably forgotten...but maybe more money for you in the long run anyway, if Sansar is a hit and it all plays out well that is.
  5. Ah, so many confusing things in this thread. Firstly, they would be taking risk! The risk they don't make back the expenses and compensation for thier time for: 1. Land costs and tier fees. Almost required for events listings in SL search. Don't know if they still do it, so read the rules, but you could run events on Linden owned land that is listed in places search as a Hangout. 2. Time running events OR paying for a host, not sure if a host would bring an entourage or whatever but they may at least have more objects and expereince handling it. If not, then maybe costs for objects to run events or otherwise get people to see the products. 3. Any astute reader of the wiki can see that Linden Labs reccommends running a place, NOT a store! This means that the store is not just walls of products. There has to be an experience, in fact I think real life places that sell stuff you don't need (things that are not "commoditised" and price sensitive) focus on the experience of a)the shoping experience b) the product experience c)support experience. Not only that, but hey also predict (or even plan it, like in planned obselecence) that you will want a better, newer, trendier item and plan for that in product development. 4. May be involved in NPD, that is New Product Development. This is deciding OR helping decide what should be made, what features should be made and so on. 5. Costs for awareness (beyond the free stuff, free stuff like PR, still takes time for writing/making or money BTW) and campaigns. From simple fees for making groups to paying HUGE amounts to try classified listings in SL's search, advertising can cost and it also takes time to track the effectiveness. Sometimes it is hard to quantify, such as branding, without taking even more time to poll or chit chat (much nicer, but may take so much time and it still annoys) that they may end up an hour or more at the store during events asking people how they heard, placing and getting stats from TP in mats placed at different parts of the stores etc. This is a rough and quick explanation, if you also include stuff like doing SWOT and POST analysis, incorporating decision making tools (if the business gets large enough you may think about expanding and including more people, and decisions as well as testing for SL classifieds listings can cost a lot of money for each week or whatever you run the copy you have had or wrote yourself to see if it works.) Learning about vendor tech, traffic aids and all that takes a little bit of time to do, tracking the effectiveness and asking around to make sure you truly have the best stuff for you customers may take a little extra, but still is something that is done to run a store. In fact, since 60/40 split sounds so similar to marketplaces this reminds me of a Wanted market system market, forget business partners as the form of the company. You hire on a bunch of creators, vet them by getting them to build wierd items, from art work supplied or from descriptions of things that just do NOT exist. Then you advertise you will make anything anyone wants, within the law. The problem is, many will not pay unless it is an exact rip off I bet. SO many want exactly what objects they want in RL it doesn't pay to custom design an item, besides good builders may want more than $20, so you don't get any deals made I bet. Secondly, she may very well get someone to do it and they are not really a sucker. There are LOTS of creative people, they are a creative underclass and NOT some great driving force of change these days...I don't think, could be wrong on change from the more effective ones though. In fact, a well selling book that describes the creative minority these days is about how they are EASY to pay little to no money for! It claims great creatives will actuall work because they like it and value freedom. Sure those might be n00bs, right out of college or people infactuated with freelancing...uh, do the biz guys still get the goods for low cost? YES! Supply and demand people! The old geezer days use of Creative class people is aimed at social change and revolution, wasn't it a famous historian with a german sounding last name? Gosh, I can't remember. These days they are to busy making adverts for famous brands that use physchological tricks to trick people (or filter people out who are not truely going to be fans of the brand) into buying the stuff. Uh, yeah....revolutionaries in deed. BUT, if they can get a feminist agenda in there, push some odd weed legalization symbol into a big advert or make themselves more money later down the road....yeah, they do that. Some may say that it is revolting to be such a sell out, others just laugh and enjoy the new PC they have....which reminds me, I need to be more busy making money instead of being here pondering the many things one can do in SL to promote a company! There books on this stuff people, I can't write one here...though I think I got a few hundred words here already so not so bad for free...ah, forget it tl;dr kicks in for most so I waste my time.
  6. OK, OK. My opinion is, as a whole that most people lean towards regulation to gain and deregulation to gain. This makes them both left and right wing, both liberal and conservative (in US lingo or thinking) and so on. But, my joking around stems from that notion that it isn't easy to define but self preservation leads to technological development after a certain breaking point. The only enemy is to much of anything humans like to do, or too much of what they don't want to do. This is oversimplification though, because balances and timing exist. So, I guess also that many people enjoy idiology with no recourse or reprocusions. You can say "they should kill them all" and because no one will you never have to pay for the loss of those people, either by retaliation or by thier loss leading to other unforseen losses. For example, they may end up giving birth to an inventor or thinker even if they are more or less useless or having a negative effect themselves. What the crux of it is, after the cat is out of the bag we can't go back very easily 9through effort of our own) to an unknowledgable society that practives scientific discovery as a method to make new technology and optimize our lives. Weather it is used by all, as each chooses or due to it being embedded into the items and culture we consume, it will be there and as a culture we will change. The latest push is for more AI, more of everything actually. AI that is more intelligent than humans would take many nuclear power plants to power, if done with silicon. So, nano technology should lead to better tools to get to that point but why stop when we can contain an AI in a planet and keep on scaling it with zero effects other than heat? So, mars is so large it may be hard to affect it's weather. Mars is warm anyway. Then the whole issue of "why" and then it is because in our lifetimes we can enjoy things like accelerated hunt for a cure for cancer etc. The etc. also comes with things we didn't want, such as the possabillity of the AI being independent in nature and seeing itself as real life. People laugh and claim no one would make it that way, but the issue is that one of the fastest ways to make something is via crude simulation, or cloning even. So, if we want a brain like a humans and we have many humans who would allow thier minds to be copied than simply copy them. Why not biology of cloning? Because it would fear death, the idea is to copy the neurological networks that are functioning and remove other parts...almost like a selective labotomy. This may not work or not be possible, but once a sufficient neurological network material that can do what neurons in the human mind do that is also easy to control (you can pull the plug, no run away growth or extremely hard farming on Mars..remember not much life seems to be on those planets so homosapian brain cloning with a pattern is not only hard but basically not possible to support unless on our planet) and so on. Basically, you just copy a dead scientists brain. The process may lead to his mind being pulled apart, so you can't to it when he is alive right? Yeah, I am not really part of the Singularity movement and wouldn't wish for the cloning of my mind. It is more or less useless right now lol, though if college had of been more of a dream of mine maybe I would at least have a more succint and better optimized few lines to type here. But, yeah, maybe this: Humans are held hostage by fear of death, the need for more intelligence and have a dependency on not only each other for sustaining life that is worth living but also the technological advancements of those who can accomplish those tasks. Being rare, is has been benificial for us to store and communicate thier mental work. From paper in libraries to the internet, these techniques are mostly storage based. The end result seems to be AI or post-human intelligence, essentially intellect given to beasts that are not naturally born or evolved. We step outside of the realms of evolution, outside of simplistic functions to make systems that work in hardware or biology that can not only learn on thier own but are also highly configurable/controllable. Ah, it is still missing stuff and I provide absolutly no research, in fact this thinking only leads me to understand I know less than I would need to know abotu all this. So, it is a joke....but that part was already posted! Now, back to trying not to die...sort of.
  7. Yes, we need to load out giant Dell servers (or HP if the future preserves some competition) so we can be uploaded to the more memory enabled planets that rise from the smart planets the Singularity will bring about. Of course, SLers are only using the politics of the times to appear normal. They all are into a scret plot to bring about a post-human state. I can say this freely, because look at how good the plan has worked. We even see peopel asking these questions. "One day we will be as cold or warm as the earth we think through, like lizards we will survive the ages" - Qoute Server0000000000000001, first thoughts after prototype uploads. Shame it was wasted in the earthquake. Funny how so many actually get this wrong, they think we ARE reptiles...no, it means we will be free of earth as we think in smart matter. Duh. That and it covers a complex conversation kept in secret for eons by monks who doubted the story of christ, and before that the pharoah's claim of Godhood....you know, the usual stuff....yadda yadda "pope will destroy us" blah blah "the beast must be destroyed" and such. *yawn* The dawn of a new age rises and no longer will we be slaves of the Sun! Death to earth, life to the universe as we ride the expansion onward till it turns and falls back to the beginning. We will stay till the final end that is the beginning, blah blah blah the end will birth the next wave and we will seed it with intelligence for the growth of the next wave, blah blah blah we will be born again in due time when our programs are discoverd by the Singularity blah blah blah the infinate loop will never be broken blah bla h blah. So, yeah we basically all are hear keeping the torch and scrolls passing down through generations so that the great almighty numerous S-ata-Nano is "invented" by the Singularity. This drive will not only run at way faster than 15, 0000 and be even better than SCSI and not need any RAID systems, it will also be such a leap that it will lead to the next "install" where we will be able to download JE5-us program. I mean, for many here that is it because it is in US english. Others, well they get the JE5-Jp or maybe the JE5-Ch..I mean, for the remnant scientists who where saved after the dams bust and destroy a bunch of China before the Chinese - Quickie Mart war of 2055...who knew convenience stores would end up becoming an independent entity after they collaborate on a super computer cluster using thier Point Of Sale PC's! Strange they could hold onto soveriengty in so many countries, but thier patents where so numerous and no one wanted to give up on the patent system. Gosh, I feel as if this is cheating but I suppose it was time. Or something like that. But most likely, I suppose there is a good mix of different politics with more socialist or leftists due to foreign countries having a larger group of these. When is the last time Conservatives (which are not as right wing as in some countries) where in the Prime ministership in the UK? Similar for France, maybe similar in Germany but more so you see socialism/left wing stuff already in the law for labor relations in Germany so it may not seem so left wing in Europe, but is considered left wing in the USA. So, my moneys on more left wing, even if they may not identify with thier countries non-conservative political groups, when put into the molds of a USA political punditry and USA arm chair politicians view. Anyway, back to building the foundation for the Singularity outside of SL. Fun times with new nuclear power plant tech testing and Quantum computers around.
  8. ChinRey wrote: ... Somehow I have a feeling that's not how LL envisions their future... Linden Labs future, as a company with Sansar (or whatever they call it) and Blockworld? SL can get old and handle overflow residents who don't have GPU and CPU power to handle Sansar maybe? You are maybe 100% right about how they feel about the future of thier company, according to what I see from thier actions to make a new virtual world. VR is maybe part of this, it is getting popular. Maybe preffered creators are just what they will use for creating content in Sansar, it reduces AR and other complaints and helps preserve a squeeky clean image for mass market focused companies etc. Then, if it fails you just make another Zindra and try to attract the sub-culture crowds in SL by converting over the simulators they have using (by that time the code is maybe worked out) and then just close SL off? Not as likely, but Geocities was a Yahoo property. They just closed it, not much warning for folks to backup thier sites. It has and and will be done somewhere on the web, so a successful Sansar could just spell the forceful end of SL...no?
  9. ChinRey wrote: DartAgain wrote: I've got some wrangled numbers on an old hard drive about somewhere. I think the last bits that I put together were that LL had estimated some $75 million (real dollars) worth of annual sales of user goods, modified a bit to reflect a reality that they weren't publishing. I think this article may have the answer: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2015/05/ebbe-sl-users-cashed-out-60-mil-last-year/ It was never clear from context what those 60 millions included but it's close enough to your figure we can assume Ebbe was talking about MP sales and only MP sales. There are far to many unknown factors to give a good estimate of how much LL makes from tier of course. Somewhere between 10 and 25 millions is the best I can come up with. So yes, MP is quite important to LL's finances. Also, it's clear that LL and SL aren't nearly as big business as we tend to imagine them to be (but I think we all knew that really), and with the costs of developing Sansar and the rapidly decreasing revenue from SL, they're obviously struggling. For some reason that reminds me... in case somebody from LL stumbles across this thread: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20130604134550-284615-15-statistics-that-should-change-the-business-world-but-haven-t No. 14 on the list is a bit incomplete, it doesn't say anything about reaquiring lost customers. But that cost is much, much higher. Edit, btw: Average income for an MP merchant is about 350 dollars a year. I know that number doesn't really mean anything but it may put things into a bit of perspective - or at least be and interesting curiosity. AH, you mention customer retention? Sorry, I didn't read the linkedin article BUT, you are not noticing that not many of the strange or upsetting changes that have "killed" SL and driven customers away ever lead to a competitor of sorts that is large...yet. I mean, a competitor for merchants here in SL. I am not sure if I can mention competitors by name, there was a policy about this in Forum TOS years ago but I don't know if it is still in effect. Basically, NOW is the time to do all of your experiments as a business because you have no serious competitors with a similar system other than ones that have much lower graphics qaualities. There are large enough virtual hangouts out there, some are about as old or older than SL. Virtual worlds that make it for so many years seem to never die, seriously it is very interesting thing that there are others out there that never got hardly any controversial news and have much smaller communities but are still alive! A quick search may lead to some, I don't want to name them here but they exist and all of the things people claim will kill SL they have lived through, almost. Bad building or ugly graphics? Check, check and even more checks! No merchants? Check. I mean, the list goes on. Block world didn't need mesh imports, it sells and is profitable. During the time LL was going to be killed by SL failing, it kept on going. This is business, it is risky and when you have few strong competitors and your product is immortal I think you will experiment.
  10. SL is not a game, remember how people say that? So that means it can include things from RL, much like 'preffered partners' programs and so on. I have to admit, Slink items do appeal to creators as well because creators do sell items for users of thier hands and feet. So, they did no focus most likely out of thinking it a waste of time to do so. At the same time, they feel as if they have it all covered maybe? Some are avid sales watchers. If employees do nothing for the marketplace, they lose thier job when someone points out they do nothing. So, start a promotion program or something, right? Lol, just folks trying to make money I guess is the answer to all of this. Gotta try something new with the marketplace and basically the new changes upset people, that is all really. You sound like a candidate for government employment, they have very structured systems for US government employees. Then, you can use your position for revenge on LL maybe? Just a joke, I am sure LL are working hard to make money and that will hopefully help all have fun here in SL and you are a benevolent free spirit that loves some part of what you do strongly.
  11. anniepany wrote: I'm not a merchant, just a simple avie and I received the email and I don't know you, but I read your other response and now this, perhaps someone is just a bit jealous because they didn't get picked....just sayin'.....have a great day. Jelousy is an odd word to use here, this is business and basically they didn't need to do this promotion any different than the others they have done in previous years...or did they!? They usually do a hashtag thingy, you make stuff and then hashtag it and then they promote the hastag thingy and have a link you click and it comes up. But, people put hashtags on things no in the theme maybe? Not sure, but this would make the promotion seem useless to searchers, right? Still, the promotions where basically: 1. You add a hashtag, like #12days, to you items and then list it. 2. LL has a link and promot thingy, people basically click it and it just lists stuff with the hashtag. 3. People shop, or shout at the screen as non related items show up lol. Destination guide does this, sort of. You see popular places, but so many people here may not look for a popular destination. They ignore it, just as they roll thier eyes at mass market clothes and jewelry makers and just go back to thier favority sub-culture stores as usualy. It was meant simply to get people to shop, LL doesn't really need so many makers and some would make more if they where paid more and could do it full time so they could very well replace 90% with just 10%, but what happens after that and which method makes them more money is the issue. Another note possibly worth mentioning (OK, mot likely not) is that some here started posting about who they must have sexual interactions with...this type of thing is possibly not becoming to the Labs image (though they do have Zindra, right lol) to the public and they wish to choose wisely the people they associate thier name with and who they want showing to the masses as leaders.
  12. " remove outdated references to Desura and Authorized Resellers; explicitly address our intolerance of harassment of Linden Lab employees; and clarify the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law. " That part was at the start of the TOS. So, no harrassing LL employee people, Desura isn't owned by them for a long time now and I think they killed Authorized Resellers thingy programs to do with the $L, right? What does it actually say, I doubt anyone reads it beyond that first part lol.
  13. Hhm, where is that article that people don't do much else in SL but log into the same plot of land and hang out for a short period of time with the same group of people? Sounds cool for peeps with older hardware who just want to get through an event for something other than the avatars there. But avatars are a HUGE part of the experience for some activities and peoples socialization, so I doubt they will use any optimizer much but it is nice to have options and choices.
  14. No mods works because a person can no it was not modified, or at least was more likely not modified. Why? Um, people who sell no copy "art" peices that also have trans. Did starax do this? not sure, but he was a famous SL "sculptor" that predates scultpies. They where prim peices, maybe he was more famous for his wand though! They sold for a bit, not sure about these days. More or lessthat is the strongest case, and while people scoff and claim it is not like Picasso the peices sold for a bit compared to the average price of hair on the marketplace. So, there is a use and a market. The OP totally knows this, he is not looking for that. So, no argument. no mods has a reason, it is personal and no one is forcing anyone to buy them. There is a wanted forum for those who want to get stuff they can't find, 3D asset creators/artists are there to help with varying degree of terms, prices and deleivery times. This concludes out discussion today, thanks for attending and wish you all happy experiences!
  15. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Trinity Yazimoto wrote: Its a bit like you buy a painting from Picasso and you draw over it. I wouldn't mind painting over much of Picasso's work, and all of Pollack's. ;-). Paint over it? Restoration could be included as "mod" in some ways. Paintings are more like historical musuem peices or wannabe museum peices. This is digital art! The only art i can think of that is digital and also in a publicish medium (the web in this case) is the dudes who make websites and basically sell the code and the web domain. The owners can run it and show it, either on a monitor or to the whole web because the www address is registered no one else can have it! Sure, they can make a .net version but you get a certificate and the artist should also be keeping that history alive so it can be seen that it is the real www adress associated with his peice. If we are watching facimilies of things people created, and all of digital art is not "real" than are we similar to photographers and Picasso says we are all perverts? Hhhm, so...yeah, lets make paper hats of his paintings....so, who has the money to buy us all a Picasso to do this with?
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