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  1. Based on my own not entirely similar experience, I would expect such a product line, if presented under my own pricing scheme, to have paid all its own loading fees within 2 months at the latest. Then I guess it would just sit there accumulating money until someone files a DMCA notice or something. Which is quite possibly never. I suppose it if really burns you up, you can always buy one of the images and leave a bad review explaining where the image came from, but that does sort of make you complicit. Maybe you could take a screen shot of the listing and give that away as a free texture.
  2. >My Mom says its called a pig-in-a-poke. Just to be sure I never get accused of that, I try to sell the poke and sneak the pig in for free.
  3. It's arguably a pretty small legal risk to load up even massive amounts of completely unaltered images for sale, as the burden upon the copyright holder is to prove not only that the merchant does not hold the copyright, but that the person filing the notice against them does hold the copyright. This does not necessarily make it morally right, or even a good long-term business idea to shameless pirate every imaginable commercially viable image. I'm only trying to point out that we need to maintain a realistic idea about what probably will happen and what probably will not happen to such me
  4. >Something is definitely up with listing enhancements at the moment, conspiracy theory or not... Please allow me to apply Occam's Razor... When an expanding number of completely different types of accidents each consistently produce the same basic range and quality of effects, (rather than an essentially random distribution of effects) then the accidents are probably not accidents. So what are they? If it's the same people who keep benefiting from all the bizarre technical failures, even to a point where we can predict it, is there not some point at which it's reasonable to stop thinkin
  5. >On the subject of having "more valid theories" .. that's just plain impossible. Theories that are different and exclusive of each other cannot all be valid. One and only one can be valid, with the remainder being at best plausible and at worst being flat out wrong. If only one theory can be valid, it's not a theory anymore, but a fact. Until that happens, though, many theories can be valid. They are called competing theories. Some will be more valid than others at any given time, depending upon what evidence can be observed, but theories don't get invalidated merely by the accumulation
  6. I'm not asking people to believe stuff, per se. That's not really how theories are supposed to work. The way a theory works is that if there is some specific thing which would disprove it but which has not yet happened, it is a valid theory. There can be multiple valid theories at one time, even if they contradict each other, provided that they are all subject to disproof and not yet disproved. In fact, the more valid theories you have, the more stand to be disproved and the further away you can eventually get from being completely wrong. When you have only one theory, though, it tends
  7. >Obviously it happens because we're all here aren't we? Not to accuse you of making an intentionally weak point, but this sounds like sort of a Jim Jones/Marshall Applewhite kind of argument which exploits a basic cognitive bias regarding the perception of a small concensus as representing either a broader consensus or one that "would exist if more people could think as clearly as we do". Moreover, we who are still here represent an ever-dwindling pool of people still somehow haven't yet come to find participation in SL to be utterly pointless... and even we seem to be constantly complain
  8. It's a little sluggish, but not as bad as it has been a few times in the past. What should be more troubling to you, though, is the existing function of your store. Log in with an alt and see if everything works the way you were led to expect it would by viewing it with your primary account. It doesn't, and the difference may be costing you money. That is, you, me, and others.
  9. >or they are granting special display priority to specific individuals It's unfortunate that I can't see who is buying enhancements and who is not. Otherwise maybe I'd be able to break myself of the perception that listing enhancements only work properly if you also link and in-world store on your listings.
  10. >I think that because they are "gamers" they will be more likely to purchase Linden Dollars to have a better Avatar, and that, at the end of the day will be good for the community. It will be good up until they realize that having a better avatar is pointless without any appreciable context in which to present it. And then when they've all blogged about how badly LL has wasted their time and money, then what? Does a tiny shot of extra capital for a few days really justify a permanent abundance of intensely negative commentary all over the internet?
  11. Observable malfunctions in basic marketplace utilities have nothing to do with fewer people using the SLM. OTOH, I've now got money coming in without any new orders being fulfilled (and, again, WTF). I suppose if it turns out to be enough to keep loading 1 or 2 new items every day, I may as well put up with it for a a while yet. I really came to SL initially just to make stuff, anyway.
  12. And now I just used my alt to buy a 1L item from my main account. It was charged and delivered, and the order even shows, but my balance didn't increase. I know I've said a few times before that I'm on the edge of just giving up on this thing, but at this point there isn't even any money coming in, so it's hard for me to make any kind of case for bothering to continue. I mean - eventually I would inevitably run out of money anyway, right? - so why not just cash out and forget about eveything?
  13. OK, NOW I see... Using my alt, the search functions on my store only work for Relevance and for Best Selling (which is completely wrong anyway). The other search means default to Relevance. Of course this doesn't happen when I view my own store with my main account, since that would be way too easy to notice, huh.
  14. >Due to the kindness of a sister merchant I placed copies of my Magic Boxes on another parcel That also makes sense for now. I just hope you don't have any boxes on box rental sims, though. When The Malefactor finally gets down to the business of messing with those, their malfunction actually will disrupt the behavior of your other boxes (as it did a year ago).
  15. >Big shock for me was getting a notice today that a marketplace JIRA started in 2010 finally got reviewed, and Sunday I put in a MP support ticket, and got a response and resolution in an hour, for a non critical issue. More hints that the individual identifying as CTL may be going or gone to wherever it was she went before. Even so, you can expect 1 October to be a total storm of sh## hitting the fan, with someone other than CTL left conveniently holding the spatula.
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