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  1. Yikes!!! Did you sell the ownership of the pieces in question to the publishing company or license them to publish your work? If you made the mistake of selling them ownership of your work, then they have every right to sue you. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's how it works. If you simply licensed your works to the publishing company, they were just being opportunistic. If you are based in the UK, I strongly recommend that you contact the Musicians' Union and the PRS
  2. As an example of the legal position of performers [DJ's musicians, etc...] requiring licences to perform copyright works, I can offer my story: I've been performing my own compositions for over 12 years in SL. About 3 years ago, I decided to start live streaming my shows onto YouTube and then Facebook. Shortly afterwards, I added a few cover versions to my live set to spice things up a bit. Then along came GDPR and Article 13. Suddenly I found myself slapped with an endless stream of copyright claims against my live stream videos that had been applied retroactively against me for unlicensed use of various cover versions as well as my own material! I was able to get around most of the copyright claims by either removing the offending tracks from my livestream videos or just deleting the videos. Led Zeppelin's publishers not only blocked the live stream videos that contained my cover version of the Immigrant Song, but made it impossible for me to delete the videos! All over 1/1000th of a penny of revenue! That's what happens when bots [based on the Shazam software] are deployed in a big way by publishing and record companies As for my own material, my distribution company was too lazy to even check that I was playing my own material on the internet so I had to provide them with a list off all my pieces they had lodged copyright claims against... wasting my time and Google's time. Grrr.... What I'm getting around to is that copyright enforcement is a real thing. From my experience, if your performance is a simple 'shout into the void' and is not recorded / archived in any way, then you'll probably be OK. As soon as your live stream is archived, your live stream will be parsed by a Shazam bot and copyright claims will be filed against you. Seriously, it takes only seconds. YouTube is policed quite rigorously. Facebook, less so. While this is less of an issue for artists who perform their own material, it can be quite the showstopper for most DJ's and cover/tribute acts although it might turn out to be an interesting evolutionary spur in the DJ art form. In the UK, the governments' clampdown on Free Festivals in the mid-to-late 1980's led directly to the rave scene starting up. Free Festivals were actually quite extensive logistical exercises that were easily disrupted by police action which included impounding of sound systems and musical instruments. The original raves were short, sharp hits with disposable sound systems that were frequently abandoned by the time the police turned up to break up the party. Basically flashmobs with chipboard PA systems and a mixtape. in other words, the way people met up changed to reflect the changes. Similarly for DJ's. Rather than just spinning requests or playlists of copyright works, getting creative with loops, samples, beatboxes, etc., could be the way forward for DJ's [non-musician performers] to continue with their art form and not be shut down by copyright claims.
  3. Aha, it's my own venue which isn't going anywhere 😉 And, yeah, once you make the event listing you can edit it later.
  4. Whew! I managed to get my gig listings for my SL shows posted up to 1 year ahead before the fees came onstream. Yeah, it's a bit disappointing to have to pay L$10 per event listing that free was before but SL is Linden Lab's baby and they can do whatever they want with it even if we don't agree with their decisions. At least it's only a L$ transaction and not a mandatory quest & level-up before being allowed to post an events listing.
  5. I'd certainly agree with Mark Hill's conclusion that SL is a digital environment. Now that we're way past the old hype phases, SL has now become part of the 'digital furniture' of the internet and looks set to stay around for the long haul. It has sufficient turnover and userbase to keep the lights on for a very long time. which would suggest that LL change its focus from 'overnight sensation' to 'community utility service'. My most memorable day of the Hype era was the grey-out of 2007 [IIRC] that broke the illusion. There had been some massive news coverage about SL in the USA and the next day it was raining new resident avatars at Waterhead. So many people were attempting to log in that SL's servers couldn't keep up. Logins took ages and textures took forever to load. It was a breaking point in that most of the new logins that day never came back. No doubt the backend has been scaled up in the following years. SL needs to shift the focus of its advertising. Why not target the Mincraft and Roblox communities and entice them with the opportunity to build their worlds with more sophisticated tools? RP groups like to use SL? Target RL roleplay communities with the opportunities that can be found using SL as an environment.
  6. What, the old place at Baku? I was seriously underwhelmed by what looked like a trainwreck of poorly built memes populated by a closed clique who were so far up their assholes their were looking out at the world through their teeth. Yeah, they all thought they were oh-so-clever and avante-garde because they could write a sim-crasher script. I managed to get myself banned from Baku in and amongst some of my early-day shenanigans.
  7. OK, the out-and-out cynic in me has come up with 'The Ultimate Man Magnet Noob Account Creation Plan'. Here goes: Open up a chain of cyber brothels staffed with scripted animesh NPC hookerbots offering free sexxies to male avatars under 30 days old. Bump them up the destinations listings until one or more get on the rotating list of adult destinations offered at the new account welcome areas. I doubt it would do much for account retention, but it might ramp up the creation of new accounts.
  8. IIRC, I paid US$10 to open my basic account when I joined in 2005. Went premium a week later and never looked back.
  9. According to Scylla's timeline, I'm an SLoldbie. I'm good with that FWIW, I only found out about 4Chan and SA long after I'd joined SL.
  10. I put almost everything I built [except for the big treehouses] into my freebie box. It's all a bit old and primmy but you can find it here: Mystery Super Freebies Collection
  11. OK, I don't know if I'm one of the good or bad guys in this debate. I built my own venue which I use as a place to present and promote my music in the form of 'live gigs' which are live streamed to Facebook and YouTube. Well, about as live as it gets playing along to backing tracks in Cubase. Anyhoo... being the creature of habit that I am I do 3 of these shows every week [to keep my material fresh and sufficiently well-rehearsed for RL gigs at short notice]. I also list my shows in the events calendar quite far ahead [late October 2020 at this time of writing]. Does that make me an events list spammer? Maybe... the algorithm used to pull me up about posting multiple listings for the same event even though it was actually for separate events on different days. I got around that by changing part of the write-up text for each my listings. Also, it's 6 listings in any 24-hour period, not 5. I only ever enter one event listing per event. Also, my main audience is no longer in Second Life but Facebook where my live streamed SL performances reach a larger audience.
  12. Here's one sure-fire way to get most men's attention:
  13. Yes, I'm definitely a green dragoness in RL 😉
  14. Yeah, I hear what you're saying but I did set out my landing point with clearly marked teleport portals marked 'Mystery Venue', 'Mystery Station', 'Moonbase' and 'Monolith' to make things kinda obvious. I guess I'll have to use flashing neon signs in future
  15. Pet peeve: People who are too lazy or entitled to even consider walking their avatar from a landing point to a venue / club. Case in point: my place. It's an explorable build that's open to the public and includes the venue where I put on my live music shows. I built it with a teleport hub at ground level that has teleports to various locations including the venue. But does anyone ever use it? Not a chance. Unless I put the landing point inside the venue, no-one bothers turning up. I mean what does it take? Three steps and a click. But no, that's asking too much. Grrr......
  16. M playing as F in SL here. Lost a few and gained a few friends when I hit the F button for my avatar shape. Wrote a narrative in my profile and picks that more or less covers all bases. I occasionally get compliments for my looks and every now and then a guy will hit on me. Whoop-de-doo! I might flip a coin some time down the road and play SL as M again. Or not. Other than that, I dunno. I don't see any point in making a big deal about it. Things like overcoming creative block are much more important issues to me than my avatar's gender.
  17. I use social media a bit. I was a latecomer to social media back in the day because I got into SL back in 2005 and couldn't see what the big deal was with flatweb stuff like MySpace and later Facebook, Twitter etc. I use them primarily to promote my music recordings + performances. I can't even get an instagram account because for some reason they want a mugshot + more info than the police take after an arrest so I'll pass on that.
  18. How about keeping the core sim as a non-profit exclusively for Role Play with no rental units and the adjoining sims as 'regular' rentals? It could be classed as your usual value-added themed rental. They might have to convert one of the homestead sims to a full sim but that would boost the land impact available for rental units. No doubt if LL made such a concession to Djehann Kidd, every other value-added landlord would be clamoring for a similar deal. Hangars Liquides and Insillico are two of my favourite regions. It would be a real loss to SL if Hangars Liquides had to close up. Coming to think of if, the builds on the adjoining homestead sims could all be stacked vertically in a single full 'rental' sim with plenty of prims / land impact to spare. Not only that but the builds would benefit from the better script support that full regions have. Yes, it would be an epic job but it's nothing that you couldn't manage with a few days spent chucking rez box positioner scripts into each linked object. It's certainly doable. FWIW, I had a project 12 years ago that was 1.5 km in height packed into a string of RezFaux boxes [with their 100m radius limit]. The free CasperTech rezzing boxes will record the position of any object in an entire sim so it's definitely worth a try.
  19. Everything went as smoothly as possible for SL16B. Even managed to rustle up a stage set that managed to fit in with the overall colour scheme and visual theme. It was fun to play for everyone there. The lag on the 21st almost ground my computers to a halt! The 28th was less laggy and we managed to escape without our computers catching fire See you next year at SL17B!
  20. I hated all that sorta stuff... I was a progger back in my teenage years. Things like Grease made me want to spark up and listen to The Firesign Theatre or Cheech and Chong instead. *BUT* It's like this every year. They let the builders in early to set up their exhibits. I know, I had exhibits and my own stage at some of the SLB things long ago. Us performers are treated like some sort of tolerated afterthought. And every year there's different organizers who inevitably ask me the same question: Have you ever played at an SLB event before? Sure, but the organizers are the n00bs and it shows. Here's a thought: treat us performers like you do any other exhibitor. Be professional about things and work with us. Yanno, we might even integrate our acts into the SLB theme of the year. As it stands all you're gonna get is performers rushing in with their generic gig setup.
  21. Guess what? I'm up on the 21st [Second Day] and the 26th so that gives me under 24 hours to size up the Festival Stage, design and build a stage set.
  22. Hi! I'm booked in to play on the SL16B Festival stage and I want to find out any info I can about the stage's size, shape, colour scheme, etc., so that I can assemble a stage set that blends in nicely. I have tried contacting the people running the stage but to no avail and time is running out. Is it the same shape as last year's stage? If so I could recolour and tweak our rotating stage set for this year. Or is it your traditional venue stage set into a wall? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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