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  1. The thing that is so annoying about sl drama is that it really is entirely avoidable. If you really hate someone so much you can block, mute and derender them. If you really hate a sim so much, you can leave it, and there's probably 99 million other clones of it that you can frequent instead. Heck, if it's all really got that bad, you can log off and go for a walk in the sunshine or take a dance class or read a book. So when someone perpetuates it on and on and on ad infinitum, it's much more irritating than a real life crisis or problem. As for the problem of people partnering on sl and then arguing over boundaries, that one is as old as the pixellated hills, probably older. If you're going to pursue sl relationships, get used to it.
  2. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: I have to admit, I must be getting old...had to google "boo" Don't worry too much, the term hasn't been fashionable since about 1997.
  3. Ok, I'm late to this party and I can't be bothered to read this entire thread, so apologies if I repeat someone else. Anyway, I started reading the OP. Autumn Eleventhauer wrote: I can't find people who seem able to keep SL and RL apart. Ok. Autumn Eleventhauer wrote: In my real life I am happily married, a mother, and a full time student with a part time job and a few cool hobbies...(And before any of you judge me, know that my RL husband is aware of my SL submissive life. We have the agreement that as long as it stays in the computer, and does not carry into RL, we are both ok with it.) The problem is, few of the men I have met are ok with butting the EFF out of my RL. Well, heck. I didn't care much about it but you've just released a shedload more rl information to a bunch of people who didn't ask for it than I'd expect from someone who says never the twain shall meet. Autumn Eleventhauer wrote: They want to be on the phone all the time, harass me for more and more pictures "I haven't had any," said Alice, "so I can't very well have more." So you gave them details about your rl, including your phone number and photograph, and you wonder why they're having trouble separating? Don't get me wrong. They have no right to harass you for more than you wish to give. But on the other hand, you don't seem to be very constant in what you want or are prepared to give either. Oh my God, why can't people stay out of my rl when I give them my rl photo and contact details? I'd also be wary of the "my rl husband/wife/partner knows all about it and is fine with it". I've heard that line from so many people it just ain't funny. And for every single couple/person I got to know a bit more deeply, it was never the mutual happy arrangement they'd initially told me it was. On the sub-topic - I do seem to recall Ishtara once saying that she preferred to be referred to as female although she didn't mind too much if people didn't. Still, it's up to her how she identifies herself, so on the rare occasions I have to refer to her in the third person, I do it this way.
  4. The time to worry is when you want to go to bed with your partner in rl and start looking for poseballs.
  5. 99% of everything is squit for you. And I do mean everything. The clothes in the store, the films at the cinema, the people in the club. Please note, I said squit for you, not necessarily for everyone. Plenty of people look good in the clothes that make me look like a pregnant rhino, plenty of people like The Tree of Life (God knows why) and plenty of people have a fine old time getting off with men who don't turn me on. The key is in finding that 1% that does do it for you, and I'm afraid that means a lot of patience and a lot of time. But heck, if you're prepared to put all that time and effort into it, seems sensible to me to put at least SOME of that investment into finding an old fashioned real life relationship which, though it may be imperfect and tough at times, is at least real, and the risk of getting some very very nasty and unexpected surprise about who they are is...lessened.
  6. Does anyone else want to tell him, or shall I?
  7. Seems to be a new fad. When I started, and up until recently, the average height for a man was over 7 foot. My av, for a long time, was 6 foot and she was one of the shorter ones. Recently, people seem to be moving to more realistic proportions. There are still many people, however, including a lot of "models", who don't appear ever to have seen a real human being. Mutants standing eight feet and ten heads tall, with legs twice the length of their torsos. I remember once looking at an application card for a club that was hiring dancers. It specified that they had to have "realistic skin, hair and genitals". I thought this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. I wanted to send it to Hugh Hefner and Peter Stringfellow (not that they have much interest in realistic looking women either, but still). I loved the fact that a club anywhere, in any plane of reality, could market its girls by having "realistic skin, hair and genitals". Imagine being ushered onto a red velvet carpet while a scraping footman assures you, "You will be wholly satisfied here tonight, sir. All our girls have realistic skin, hair and genitals." Yah.
  8. "It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts... However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. Men have wasted away before it, entranced by what they have seen, or been driven mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even possible...It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that." Albus Dumbledore could just as easily have been talking about Second Life.
  9. Dillon Levenque wrote: You "see it very well" and continue on as if I'd not written a word. Because nothing you said changed anything. Your facile claim that 'lying is wrong' is just another way of saying 'lying to me is wrong when I'm asking for information to which I have no claim', ie 'lying to me is wrong because I am ENTITLED either to an honest answer or a flat refusal to reply at all'. And I repeat: when you ask for information to which you have no right, the person you are asking has a choice. They may refuse to answer, answer honestly, or answer dishonestly. That's their right, because it's their information and you have no right to it. Not even when you run the risk of getting pissed off. If you are looking only for pixel sex and long talks in IM, and that's what you get, everything else you are given is a privilege and not a right.
  10. Dillon Levenque wrote: To Point 1; here are the only relevant sections I could find.: From the TOS: Disclosing Personal Information in Profiles, Forums or within Second Life You may choose to disclose personal information in our online forums, via your Second Life profile, directly to other users in chat or otherwise while using Second Life. Please be aware that such information is public information and you should not expect privacy or confidentiality of this information. Yes. No arguments there. If you wish to tell us the truth about yourself, of course you can. And if you want to tell us that you're an incredibly sexy porn star with a million pounds in the bank, a Lamborghini and Brad Pitt's number in your iPhone, you can tell us that, too. Dillon Levenque wrote: I don't see that as saying anything about how I don't have the right to ask (never have, mind you) Nobody ever said you had no right to ask. But you have no right to the information, and therefore nobody you ask is obliged to give you the correct answer. Dillon Levenque wrote: To Point 3: What you either don't see or won't acknowledge about the majority of the posters you disagree with (include me in that lot, by the way) is that virtually none of them said anything about being entitled. Most have said that LYING about one's RL with intent to gain in something as emotionally involved as an SL relationship can be is wrong. It's wrong in RL, too. I see it very well, but because you lot have nothing but highly emotive "but I want it" arguments in response, you don't grasp the much simpler point I'm making. You are not entitled to this information. (Yes, you can ask. No, you are not entitled.) Since you are not entitled to it, nobody is obliged to be honest with you about it. That's it. You're not entitled to it, so nobody is obliged to be honest with you about it. RL is a completely different kettle of fish, because it's real. If you want rl information about people, look in rl. If you want digital approximations where you, and everyone you meet, can pick and choose what they want to tell you, go right ahead. Just don't start claiming that you have the right to offline information in an online world purely to prevent yourself from hurt. If your experience is digital, you are not entitled to anything beyond that. No, not even if it pisses you off on a personal level. There are indeed predatory people on the internet. Generally, they will try to get your rl information. If we stick to the correct attitude - that nobody is entitled to your information just because they are attached to you - then we're all much safer than if we go around telling people they have a moral obligation to pass information to people who claim to want it because they're in lurve. Edited to correct a word.
  11. JamesAir wrote: Ok actual hypothetical example for you. Oh boy. Challenge me. JamesAir wrote: A person, JOE, is straight in real life and like many people, they play their real life sex in second life. They also project their real life sexual orientation in second life. Once again. JOE has chosen, for whatever reason, not to seek out women in real life. Instead he chooses to pursue a digital approximation of sex with animated women. Furthermore, he signs up to TOS accepting he has no right to any of the rl information about the real people with whom he cybers. He seeks a digital experience with digital women, and that's what he gets. He is entitled to no more. The fact that he likes to think of this as "real" is entirely irrelevant, because he knows it isn't, and that's probably why he's doing it. When his rl wife catches him (he probably has one), he will likely pull the "but it's not real" justification to try to excuse what he does. You have no right to override the TOS and demand other people's rl information just because it gratifies you emotionally. It's no different to the idiots who sign up to the TOS and then think they can void them by posting a disclaimer in their profiles. You have no right to anyone's rl information, and they therefore are under no obligation to provide you with it, and have every right to be untruthful about it if they wish. JOE has not been "manipulated" into "doing something he wouldn't ordinarily do". Ordinarily, he'd have cyber sex with pixel women, and that's what he's got. It's all he's entitled to. Nobody is tricking him into having rl sex with an rl man. And in my experience, men and women don't generally do very well acting as something they're not for a long period of time. If you really do fall madly in love with someone who turns out to be an rl man, you might like to reconsider just how hetero you think you are. What I genuinely can't understand is why you lot seem to think the people prying and demanding rl information on the internet are necessarily the vulnerable ones. I've had many people try to get my rl information, using all these same intellectually dishonest arguments that always boil down to "because I want it for my own personal gratification". These people were predatory, intrusive and highly unreliable. You want to stay safe on the internet? Keep your information to yourself. The person who gives out rl information to spare the feelings of others who have no right to it is far more vulnerable than the person who risks cybering with someone they wouldn't want to have rl sex with. I'm getting very bored of saying the same thing over and over again. In point form: 1) When you enter sl, you agree to TOS in which you accept you have no right to anyone's rl information, nor they to yours. 2) When you enter sl, you are seeking a digital experience and you have no right to anything further. 3) As you are not entitled to anyone's rl information, they are under no obligation to provide it to you. 4) The vulnerable people are more likely to be those giving out their rl information than those selfish idiots who think they have a right to it. Now, James. I'm feeling rather emotionally attached to you after this. I want to know how often you bring your rl partner to orgasm in reality. This is very important information and you have no right to continue this debate if you don't answer. My emotional wellbeing depends on this. Tell me.
  12. Well, in fairness. I understand sl immersiveness and creativity and emotional attachments and so on, but even I choked on my cornflakes when I read about this.
  13. Finrod Ghennyn wrote: Hehehehe, dont get me started about my first home i ever placed down on a 512m² lot. I got about 3 skydive chairs. Hrrrrrrrr And the Surprising Toilet. That's another classic.
  14. A friend once gave me something called Designer Handbag. I attached it and of course it was a device that immediately sent my av flying into the stratosphere. Of course, I went around giving it to everyone else after that. I should really have smelled a rat when something called Designer Handbag is all perms. I've had some more genuinely beautiful and generous gifts (generally clothes and rp tools), but this was definitely the funniest.
  15. Nacy Nightfire wrote: "Nacy? Time to stop feeding the trolls. *smiles politely*" Agreed and I'm smiling back with equal respect and politeness. Conversation done from my point of view. It's ok, trolls and good debaters alike know a copout when they see one.
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