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  1. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Thank you for offering an opportunity to take questions. What about charging residents for each extra avatar created (a modest sum, perhaps USD10)? It's been raised in the past as one way to discourage griefing and other nuisance activities.
  2. Great Inventory Cleanout! Join me?

    The only items I've ever boxed are textures and photos. Since 2013, I have also given each item purchased (at the folder level) a MMM YYYY tagged at the end. Every six months or so I will sort through inventory and look at those things that are oldest and determine if I want to save or purge. If I haven't used or worn it in 'awhile', it is ripe for purging. My avie will soon be 11 years in SL and I have under 40K in inventory. Happy sorting!
  3. 2nd life gone down

    Check the Grid Status page on your Dashboard first to see if it's a problem that's being addressed. Many times it's just a temporary hiccup on your side.
  4. What Would It Take To DJ in Second Life?

    I realize that talking over tracks isn't everyone's cuppa tea which is why it's so awesome that SL has such a variety of clubs. There is literally something for everyone. If I go to a club and dislike what I hear, I leave. If I like it, I may remain awhile. There is no right way of doing things. Yes, the club is Ambrosia and it has been in SL since 2006. That is a record few clubs have. I wish all the DJ-aspirants good luck!
  5. What's your favorite season IRL

    Autumn because of the colors, cooler weather, and my birthday
  6. Moderate sim ratings.....I JUST DON"T GET IT!!!

    Your avie name, Pennytrated, is an interesting one. Just sayin'
  7. When was your lowest time in SL?

    Oh he's not gone from the world, just a bit absent from here. He was always a gentleman when I interacted with him. I miss his presence here.
  8. When was your lowest time in SL?

    My first friend in SL passed away 5 years after we met. A mutual SL friend and RL friend of his notified me while I was DJ'ing. Shocked doesn't describe how I felt. He was a wonderful, happy man. I know two others from my 'list' who have passed away. It's always a shock as it would be in RL. P.S. I, for one, miss Pep.
  9. Take your mistress at her word and move on.
  10. All my outfit folders are empty!

    I suppose you could look at this as an opportunity to clean your inventory.
  11. I have ALM on when I'm shooting images or to enjoy a pretty scene.
  12. SL voice

    If you've tried Firestorm Support group inworld and their help hasn't worked, then I have nothing to add. I'm sure someone linked their page of step-by-step instructions: Anyway, I remember when voice was rolled out in 2007. It was a sim-by--sim thing and the first places to go 'live' were the info hubs. A huge group gathered there to listen and speak. I sat with my friend waiting to hear the voice of our boss at the time who we knew to be a brash, direct person by her texts. Her voice did not disappoint. Sure, there were people who did not want SL to 'go voice' EVER but, over time, it's become a choice (as with so much in this world). So those who wish to voice, do. Those who do not, don't.
  13. erogenous zone

    Guess again.
  14. erogenous zone

    Sure, I'll bite. There's a curve. A soft, supple curve that's easy to reach. Doesn't require fancy yoga moves or gymnastics to access. And, it's a spot that some can miss unless very, very responsive to me. I can help guide: "lower, yes lower...just a little to the left. There!" It can come as a surprise, really. The skin rises up from both sides forming a soft mound. Right there, there in the center is where I'm most sensitive. So...very...sensitive. Reach that spot and I'll do just about anything legal, or nearly. Care to guess?
  15. What is happening to right hands?

    Since I tend to get my left and right reversed, I might whack them both for good measure.