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  1. OK *blocks forum*
  2. Is this a joke?
  3. You've been a resident for a fair number of years. This sort of thing happens and I'd expect someone with over 8 years inworld (unless, you took a long break, which happens) to have learned to manage unwelcome chat. I'd say once it goes down a road you don't care to go, excuse yourself from the interaction and go elsewhere. If they're persistent, block em. I had a rather negative experience 7 years ago and blocking them and their alt did it for me. Good luck!
  4. There is no minimum wage in SL and payment runs the gamut from items (clothing, etc) to lindens. Why not go in with low expectations and you won't be disappointed. If you're interested in being a CSR, you might chat with some already doing the job to get an idea of the requirements.
  5. I got a headache reading the OP. Just sayin'.
  6. You need only to create a topic once. You now have three of the same.
  7. Elistios wrote: @Alwin Alcott Yeah i tought about this too but it does have the check box checked. I've seen another person that had a similar problems but it was due to his "About me" description but it cannot be that since I never really filled any of my profile just yet (All is blank) Another Hypothesis is that i joined earn2life group yesterday and it added some advertisement on top of my Character name saying : Ask me to earn L$$$! I would love to remove that to test if this could be the reason why it block my profile on search as the other persone was block from the search because of the algorythm that filter something he wrote and decide to sensor him from the search for some reason. Can anyone help me on how I change what is written over my name ? Thanks! Elistios Remove yourself from the group or deactivate the group. The advert should disappear.
  8. Since you use FS, check Preferences > Chat > Typing and make sure the boxes at the bottom of the box are ticked. I just tested the shout and whisper and they work.
  9. Pussycat Catnap wrote: People talk... Anyone could walk up to your ex and say "hey I know her, she used to date my mate so-and-so". You don't have to tell your ex you've been playing around for them to find out. In RL I once saw a male friend's girlfriend coming out of a hookup club at 2 in the morning with a drunken white guy. I told my friend. Later a white guy I was <snips> Dayum those white guys!
  10. Nalytha wrote: Where do I find such jeans? I think that would be a perfect solution to my problems. I like to dress conservatively, but I see so many short dresses that I always wonder if I could wear with tights or jeans under them. Is it also possible to wear applier undershirts under low cut shirts? Yes. You can find some at Nylon Outfitters. There are some for sale at this month's Collabor88 event which runs until June 6.
  11. Are you 'adding' your clothes, not 'wearing' them? Sounds like you may be trying to wear and that would detach something else you have attached to the same spot.
  12. I agree with the above post. Detach everything or do a Character test and start fresh. Any demo mesh body will have a skin that may not be your skin of choice. You will need to get appliers for the body and any parts you have (feet, hands, head) from your preferred skin maker. Make sure your inventory reloads completely before you try switching things around. Go to a quiet place like Hatton and just wait until everything has loaded. THEN start again. Good luck!
  13. There is also an Answers forum (see leftmost tab above). You may find answers to most of your questions there. Welcome to SL!
  14. After nearly five years, I assume she's had her prim baby.