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  1. Why, yes. I totally agree that our SL avatars should be a wholly authentic representation of our RL selves. As you know, I am a transgenderfluid draconic from the star system you know as Eta Carinae and have been resident on your planet doing field research for the past two centuries. :D
  2. I turned off voice on my land because I use my place as a venue for my live streamed music shows that go out on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch. I got fed up with random griefers using voice to spam my place with noise during a show. Same with avatar sounds as well as making it safe / no-damage. Similarly I made it so all the avatars in the live band are locked in place as a way of putting an end to idiots who found it funny to push musicians' avatars off stage.
  3. I'm not sure if it's related to the Cloud migration, but lately I've noticed that textures [including the bump and shiny textures] tend to load and then unload. You can watch as the lower-rez versions [64 X 64 or 128 X 128] take over while the full-sized ones [512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024] go awol. It's weird and a bit disconcerting to watch.
  4. Interesting to see that Vanity Bonetto is taking a positive look on this change of ownership of Second Life. At 220 regions she does have a sizable investment in Second Life. I wonder what Anshe Chung's take on this is... she is the largest landowner is Second Life that I know of and has a massive stake in SL's future.
  5. Yikes!!! Did you sell the ownership of the pieces in question to the publishing company or license them to publish your work? If you made the mistake of selling them ownership of your work, then they have every right to sue you. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's how it works. If you simply licensed your works to the publishing company, they were just being opportunistic. If you are based in the UK, I strongly recommend that you contact the Musicians' Union and the PRS
  6. As an example of the legal position of performers [DJ's musicians, etc...] requiring licences to perform copyright works, I can offer my story: I've been performing my own compositions for over 12 years in SL. About 3 years ago, I decided to start live streaming my shows onto YouTube and then Facebook. Shortly afterwards, I added a few cover versions to my live set to spice things up a bit. Then along came GDPR and Article 13. Suddenly I found myself slapped with an endless stream of copyright claims against my live stream videos that had been applied retroactively against me for unlicens
  7. Aha, it's my own venue which isn't going anywhere 😉 And, yeah, once you make the event listing you can edit it later.
  8. Whew! I managed to get my gig listings for my SL shows posted up to 1 year ahead before the fees came onstream. Yeah, it's a bit disappointing to have to pay L$10 per event listing that free was before but SL is Linden Lab's baby and they can do whatever they want with it even if we don't agree with their decisions. At least it's only a L$ transaction and not a mandatory quest & level-up before being allowed to post an events listing.
  9. I'd certainly agree with Mark Hill's conclusion that SL is a digital environment. Now that we're way past the old hype phases, SL has now become part of the 'digital furniture' of the internet and looks set to stay around for the long haul. It has sufficient turnover and userbase to keep the lights on for a very long time. which would suggest that LL change its focus from 'overnight sensation' to 'community utility service'. My most memorable day of the Hype era was the grey-out of 2007 [IIRC] that broke the illusion. There had been some massive news coverage about SL in the USA and the n
  10. What, the old place at Baku? I was seriously underwhelmed by what looked like a trainwreck of poorly built memes populated by a closed clique who were so far up their assholes their were looking out at the world through their teeth. Yeah, they all thought they were oh-so-clever and avante-garde because they could write a sim-crasher script. I managed to get myself banned from Baku in and amongst some of my early-day shenanigans.
  11. OK, the out-and-out cynic in me has come up with 'The Ultimate Man Magnet Noob Account Creation Plan'. Here goes: Open up a chain of cyber brothels staffed with scripted animesh NPC hookerbots offering free sexxies to male avatars under 30 days old. Bump them up the destinations listings until one or more get on the rotating list of adult destinations offered at the new account welcome areas. I doubt it would do much for account retention, but it might ramp up the creation of new accounts.
  12. IIRC, I paid US$10 to open my basic account when I joined in 2005. Went premium a week later and never looked back.
  13. According to Scylla's timeline, I'm an SLoldbie. I'm good with that FWIW, I only found out about 4Chan and SA long after I'd joined SL.
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