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  1. I think a lot has to do with SL being far too expensive for most, yes I know it's loaded with freebies and hunts but that's not attractive to most. The majority of people are going to look into owning land, see the cost and say ARE YOU BLEEPING CRAZY and log off with shaking their head. If they could bring land/sim cost down CONSIDERABLY I think SL would do leaps better.
  2. I understand your issue and all, but I feel you're over dramatizing this. At first I thought maybe you didn't want others to spy on your intimate life, which is 100% understandable, but you seem to not want anyone to even see your posessions? Your only option is to turn on land privacy and live in a skybox on a less crowded sim. This STILL leaves you open to the off chance of people seeing your kitchen table and wall hanging /gasp but it's really the best SL has to offer. Think about how SL would look if you could hide everything on a parcel. P.S I take that back, you could always ren
  3. I never can quite understand the people that act disgusted that yes, you have to pay REAL money for certain items. Isn't that the case with everything? SL for most people is entertainment so be prepared to fork out for it. Do you moan and whine at the bar tender about money when you order a drink that you piss out an hour later? It's the same idea, except SL has a longer lifespan. You can allow yourself 20$ a month and have quite a decent amount of lindens if you arn't wasteful. Millions of people shell out a similar amount to play MMOs like WoW etc. So do us all a favor and stop acting like
  4. Welcome to Second Life. One thing you'll quickly discover is that most merchants will not stand behind hardly anything they sell. When I say "most" I do mean most. You'll find some wonderful sellers that go above and beyond what is expected but it is a rarity. Hold your lindens with more value than your real money because the greed runs deep in SL and you can quickly find yourself screwed.
  5. I agree that LL should go good on this deal, as even the support were able to see you only went 2 min over into the new cycle. I also see it as a foolish thing to do on your part, if the money ment that much to you, why on earth would you let the clock get so close? Let this be a life lesson to you, luckly it was only 20 bucks.
  6. I have to say, my mind is blown away by this thread... Do you honestly think a computer tech (who probably services multiple computers a day) is going to care about your second life username? I can assure you that they see FAR worse and FAR more interesting things on peoples computers than giving a damn what your username is. Even if they did care, what makes you think they would stalk or grief you? Contrary to your belief, most poeple really are decent and not out to "get you". I think the chances of this happening are about the same as me winning the lottery tomorrow, coming from someone wi
  7. So, in other words, they were normal people? You really don't think everyone models their avatar after themselves do you? This thread is about as useless as they come.
  8. GG, way to lable this guy a copybotter without any basis at all.
  9. I got a good chuckle from the ZOMG V2! So quick to point fingers when, in fact it is the outdated viewers causing the issue.
  10. Holy cow! I understand that it can be upsetting to have your password changed. LL has a phone number you can call which will speed up the process in cases like this. In the mean time, I can assure you that making a post every 10 min saying PLEASE HELP ME, will not get you any further ahead. Once someone has taken your account under their control, you have already lost it, if they want to take the lindens from the account, they are not going to wait days to do it, what's done is done. Just hang tight and let it be sorted out. Good grief -.- Common sense has flown out the window a long time
  11. Trust me, the realistic sized avatars get far more complaints than the SL giants. I don't care either way honestly. My avatar is around 5'2" prim height and I feel pretty comfortable.
  12. I think the reason that some people appear to lack sensitivity on these type of threads is because generally they are nothing more than an attempt for attention. Don't get me wrong, I understand the seriousness of the subject with some people, but (even in this case) said person will make multiple threads if their first one doesn't bring in the level of back-patting and comforting they sought out originally.
  13. While I agree Drlife skins are very well done, I think they are all too similar to each other. If you do decide to pull the trigger on one of those skins just realize that it will not be very unique.
  14. So, OP is saying that by RPing a slutty 19 year old, I'm breaking some kind of moral code? My avatar is around 5'10" - 5'-11" with A cup breasts and a very petite figure. I look TINY next to the horribly over-scaled 10 foot avatars in second life. I find this terribly insulting, you're basically calling me, and all other like minded girls in SL, pedos. I don't log onto second life to play a middle aged woman. I play my avatar for her youth, her LEGAL youth. I'm very sorry that this offends you, actually I'm not that sorry, considering the attitude you came to this forum with. I think the OP h
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