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  1. Not so much over, here is a very recent (april '16) article about an article about mac vs windows for Adobe Lightroom. http://graphics-unleashed.com/2016/04/mac-vs-windows-which-is-faster/
  2. Pamela Galli wrote: Good to know. <Waits for the inevitable crowd that appears whenever an Apple product is mentioned.> That is nothing, I could do better with windows! I could get 20K with a windows computer, just 10 GPU cards, monitors connected together, and sitting at the right distance with a pair of binoculars on my head to see it. That's nothing. You know, on a serious note, this does bring up the oddities of HUGE wood grain and other oversized texture use. The moire should disapear at a nicer resolution that is more real and allow for really nice texturing. I wonder if it
  3. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Poenald Palen wrote: Mav vs. PC...this is such a troll thread! These things always end up in arguments. This was a simple survey with specifically no preference or endorsement one way or the other expressed by the OP, not a troll thread. It was hijacked into a debate on which is better. In reality creators, both SL and RL pros, can now use what ever system they like and do. You are right, but I was joking around and should have put the all important "just joking" after that line. It is a very serious issue, you can lose a lot of time waiting for softwa
  4. Mav vs. PC...this is such a troll thread! These things always end up in arguments. Anyway, since we don't know min. system requirements I bet many people will end up having to spend money on upgrades or new systems. It is a business expense for PC users, but a pain for Mac users as well as an expense! Well, the stratagy works like this: You buy whatever in sansar. Oh, you see your fav creator is now in Sansar, 6 months later. You buy a similar item and replace it! If feeds consumerism, makes another sale and keeps new products steadily coming in rather than a whole glut of reexported old bu
  5. Ah, so many confusing things in this thread. Firstly, they would be taking risk! The risk they don't make back the expenses and compensation for thier time for: 1. Land costs and tier fees. Almost required for events listings in SL search. Don't know if they still do it, so read the rules, but you could run events on Linden owned land that is listed in places search as a Hangout. 2. Time running events OR paying for a host, not sure if a host would bring an entourage or whatever but they may at least have more objects and expereince handling it. If not, then maybe costs for objects to run e
  6. OK, OK. My opinion is, as a whole that most people lean towards regulation to gain and deregulation to gain. This makes them both left and right wing, both liberal and conservative (in US lingo or thinking) and so on. But, my joking around stems from that notion that it isn't easy to define but self preservation leads to technological development after a certain breaking point. The only enemy is to much of anything humans like to do, or too much of what they don't want to do. This is oversimplification though, because balances and timing exist. So, I guess also that many people enjoy idiology
  7. Yes, we need to load out giant Dell servers (or HP if the future preserves some competition) so we can be uploaded to the more memory enabled planets that rise from the smart planets the Singularity will bring about. Of course, SLers are only using the politics of the times to appear normal. They all are into a scret plot to bring about a post-human state. I can say this freely, because look at how good the plan has worked. We even see peopel asking these questions. "One day we will be as cold or warm as the earth we think through, like lizards we will survive the ages" - Qoute Server0000000
  8. ChinRey wrote: ... Somehow I have a feeling that's not how LL envisions their future... Linden Labs future, as a company with Sansar (or whatever they call it) and Blockworld? SL can get old and handle overflow residents who don't have GPU and CPU power to handle Sansar maybe? You are maybe 100% right about how they feel about the future of thier company, according to what I see from thier actions to make a new virtual world. VR is maybe part of this, it is getting popular. Maybe preffered creators are just what they will use for creating content in Sansar, it reduces AR and other comp
  9. ChinRey wrote: DartAgain wrote: I've got some wrangled numbers on an old hard drive about somewhere. I think the last bits that I put together were that LL had estimated some $75 million (real dollars) worth of annual sales of user goods, modified a bit to reflect a reality that they weren't publishing. I think this article may have the answer: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2015/05/ebbe-sl-users-cashed-out-60-mil-last-year/ It was never clear from context what those 60 millions included but it's close enough to your figure we can assume Ebbe was talking about MP sales and only MP
  10. SL is not a game, remember how people say that? So that means it can include things from RL, much like 'preffered partners' programs and so on. I have to admit, Slink items do appeal to creators as well because creators do sell items for users of thier hands and feet. So, they did no focus most likely out of thinking it a waste of time to do so. At the same time, they feel as if they have it all covered maybe? Some are avid sales watchers. If employees do nothing for the marketplace, they lose thier job when someone points out they do nothing. So, start a promotion program or something, ri
  11. anniepany wrote: I'm not a merchant, just a simple avie and I received the email and I don't know you, but I read your other response and now this, perhaps someone is just a bit jealous because they didn't get picked....just sayin'.....have a great day. Jelousy is an odd word to use here, this is business and basically they didn't need to do this promotion any different than the others they have done in previous years...or did they!? They usually do a hashtag thingy, you make stuff and then hashtag it and then they promote the hastag thingy and have a link you click and it comes up. But
  12. " remove outdated references to Desura and Authorized Resellers; explicitly address our intolerance of harassment of Linden Lab employees; and clarify the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law. " That part was at the start of the TOS. So, no harrassing LL employee people, Desura isn't owned by them for a long time now and I think they killed Authorized Resellers thingy programs to do with the $L, right? What does it actually s
  13. Hhm, where is that article that people don't do much else in SL but log into the same plot of land and hang out for a short period of time with the same group of people? Sounds cool for peeps with older hardware who just want to get through an event for something other than the avatars there. But avatars are a HUGE part of the experience for some activities and peoples socialization, so I doubt they will use any optimizer much but it is nice to have options and choices.
  14. No mods works because a person can no it was not modified, or at least was more likely not modified. Why? Um, people who sell no copy "art" peices that also have trans. Did starax do this? not sure, but he was a famous SL "sculptor" that predates scultpies. They where prim peices, maybe he was more famous for his wand though! They sold for a bit, not sure about these days. More or lessthat is the strongest case, and while people scoff and claim it is not like Picasso the peices sold for a bit compared to the average price of hair on the marketplace. So, there is a use and a market. The OP
  15. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Trinity Yazimoto wrote: Its a bit like you buy a painting from Picasso and you draw over it. I wouldn't mind painting over much of Picasso's work, and all of Pollack's. ;-). Paint over it? Restoration could be included as "mod" in some ways. Paintings are more like historical musuem peices or wannabe museum peices. This is digital art! The only art i can think of that is digital and also in a publicish medium (the web in this case) is the dudes who make websites and basically sell the code and the web domain. The owners can run it and show it, either on
  16. So, skrill is your X now....hhhm. No, really I beleive you. It is crazy, they are all paranoid about who is who on the net. With bitcoing you would think bad guys would not bother using Skrill. Skrill had a confusing site, I never did find out much about them and couldn't figure out if I needed software installed to use it or not. Looks like they remained strangely not very up front and didn't help you out by telling you no PO Boxes and if you where a bad guy you would have used it for a while and did all kinds of bad stuff anyway lol. Is it so hard to just filter out PO Box addresses? No, it
  17. Flame Swenholt wrote: I am going to be logging in and checking it out, but so far from what I've read, you are giving avatar makers just another migraine to now deal with. I still remember the older ARC system and if that is anything to go by, I'm fearful as to how this will work. Rendering Complexity being a threshold for avatars to be seen can be detrimental to some communities, even if it is made as a toggable feature. If the client was smart about this and did proper calculations, then maybe. I'll know more when I actually try it. As for rendering settings, I think it's cool, but let'
  18. Any one know if SL viewer even runs on the newer Radeon drivers? I heard RadeonSI (gallium or ? as well I guess) is running better these days. Does it run SL? Primarily I ask because of legacy support, catalyst doesn't support legacy gear any more so there are troubles as newer viewers don't seem to work with older distro's (as well as other software that I want to run) so...any experiences also with "Legacy" gear and the open source Radeon drivers?
  19. Sassy Romano wrote: Upload your original work for L$10 Sell it for L$11 = Profit What Sassy said, I mean if you don't include the cost of electricity or return on investment of your time, marketplace fees, or rental of space etc.: that is the basic equation. The ROI of time factor I mention is called "opportunity cost" and is kind of intuitive so maybe I didn't need to mention it really. I am sure someone in ecnomics or a MBA degree may be able to point out costs, such as the 3rd bottom line I have heard about, and declare virtual better or worse for the environment. Also, a soci
  20. Pro's of Marketpalce.secondlife.com: 1. Conventient for customers away from the PC. Historically, and maybe still now, many would say be in world when you use the web market so you don't lose the items in the magic box mess. People still did it though, and also...who says you have to buy right then and there! 2. Many people talk about SL when they are not able (or willing) to log in, so the marketplace is a place to window shop while you are busy. You can drop in there or even to the inworld store when you do finally get to log in! 3. It can be linked to your webpage, blog, tweets etc. This
  21. Sassy Romano wrote: Logical, effective, useful. Definitely one for the "won't do" basket, along with all the other amazingly simple yet high value things. There's so much low hanging fruit to be picked, it's pretty much weighing the branches down and touching the floor. Give it a bit longer and the fruit will ferment. Darrius, you should know that you have to come up with useless ideas if you want them implemented, something like... a request for smaller product pictures or a reduction in the number of listings a merchant can have. Oh wait! How about a Share this on Google+ button?
  22. I am not sure how much you know already about building and scripting, or using 3D software. But I will list a two ways this may be done. First, a link that will help: wiki.secondlife.com. It has all kinds of information about building, scripting, texturing, and animation of various kinds. Ok, now the two major ways this may be done: 1. All prims. You can build it with prims and then use a shape inside the class and the script would do the following: Step one. It is rez (resolved) in world and the fluid object is invisible in the glass. Step two. When the bottle object is activated to p
  23. Finding spots where there are not so many people, and also using SL late at night or basically when the population is low. Midnight SL time is a good time to sort of go from. Concurrency figures are not posted when logging in, but back in the day they where. So, I would check out when less people where around and then go to a less populated place and drive, jump a hover bike off a ramp at a sandbox and build with priims. Managed sandboxes can be nice, I didn't have so much trouble at Fermi for instance. Pushers? I thought you meant drugs. Crazy, avatars that can get addicted to some kind
  24. Thanks for helpful responses. I see 'identity' as being something that may sum up a few of them. Shopping is another, obviously a big draw because there are a lot of stores. Saving for something, that is intersting. I did save up for some things, did the whole store thing and got a few cars over the years when I was more active.Once I accidentally bought a dragster. I did decide I would use it to enter the race, which I didn't even need to have a car to do though. Sad. Funny thing is, the free car they had for people to use who didn't own a car was easier to line up and I used that. I think
  25. To few words. I... Can not do it. See, I can't I must type more than just that. So sad. :matte-motes-crying: Who the heck is Matte and why do we have his castle defenses drained of thier smilies? Terrible, does Matte know about this!!!
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