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  1. Calls SL a "game" + is disappointed in SL = typical. It's just like people who complain about crazy lag and textures never loading being on DSL/Wireless. Sure, correlation is not causation, but 99.9999% of the time I've assisted someone over lag and loading issues, they were on DSL and/or wireless. Not to say there aren't dozens of other people with no DSL issues. I've used DSL and even hotel wireless to get on SL trouble free. () It also appears you still have no understanding of why or how rigging is used. You're putting too much energy in being offended over 'gamers' being some sor
  2. Rigging is what allows items to bend with the body. Legs and arms must be rigged so that shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees actually behave like shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. For un-rigged attachments to do the same, every body part would have to be a separate piece and have some form of "doll joint" at each pivot. I don't want doll joints unless I'm actually making my avatar into a doll. () For more stationary items such as bracelets and glasses. Sure, don't rig. There's nothing to bend on those anyway. Otherwise, rigging is a necessity for many visual effects. () Also, I'm conf
  3. If anything, it should be anyone on the Sansar Hype Train who should be offended. Much like many other MMOs, it sounds like he's targeting an effective "dumbing down" of the experience to attract a more casual market. () Second Life does genuinely have a steep learning curve that the Lab has long since failed to address. They've tried a mentorship program, introductory locations, supporting volunteer communities (to a limit), and pretty much fell flat on their faces every step of the way. Therefore placing the userbase of SL deeply in the realm of brainy-oddballs-who-can-actually-sort-this
  4. SL is very intolerant of network faults. If you're on wireless and/or DSL, there are likely issues with dropped and latent data throwing your connection with the server off. (._.) While inworld, press Ctrl+Shift+1 to bring up the statistics window. Check out the stats for Packet Loss and Ping Sim. An optimal connection should have 0% packet loss and roughly 50ms or less ping times. If packet loss exceeds 10% or Ping Sim goes beyond 200ms, you're bound to have issues. (>_<) One method for softening the blow is to dial down your maximum bandwidth. In Preferences >> Setup, ther
  5. Black Dragon is from a person modding his SL for better graphics. He just shares it with everyone else and does a fine job at it. ()y
  6. By all means, no. The client is open source and visual modifications are somewhat common in the Third Party Viewer community. Particularly the Black Dragon viewer. () That said, is what you're referring to an actual ENB from Boris V. or graphical enhancements which resemble his work? () As for "ENB" being an acronym for anything... Even Boris himself hasn't made any statements to clear up the topic. So, ENB is ENB without any given words attatched to the letters. ()y More information here: http://enbdev.com/
  7. In saying "animals with their junk" is that RL animal photos or drawings? Is the "junk" in question Casper's & Arby's content? I ask because it seems the Lab has not-so-recently drawn a hard line on four-legged-finagling. (._.) Mattress moralism strikes again and virtuality is being treated like reality in twised ways. Pretty much jot this down as a lesson in thought policing 101. (>_<)
  8. Just to quell some early morning boredom, I whipped up a script which will do the maths accordingly. Just set the description to the values separated by commas. So, 4x6 at 50% of the screen will have a description of "4,6,0.5". ()y default{ state_entry() { string descContent = llList2String(llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(),[OBJECT_DESC]),0); list eachItem = llParseString2List(descContent,[","],[]); integer itemQuan = llGetListLength(eachItem); if(itemQuan < 2) { llOwnerSay("Description Err"); return; }
  9. Uploads will always be powers of 2 and most clients will set the aspect ratio accordingly. So 512x512 will default to 1:1 and 256x512 will default to 1:2. Your mileage may vary depending on the viewer they're using. If you want to achieve any aspect ratio by 'force' you'll need to apply the texture to the face of a prim. A HUD attached cube can work well. () When scaling a HUD, the size in meters becomes a percentage of the vertical in-world window. So, say you're after a 4x6 portrait to fill half the screen. Set vertical to 0.5 and horizontal to 0.33 (Vertical and horizontal can be an
  10. ATI/AMD has had a long history of what I'll call "Microsofting" OpenGL implementations. That is, getting most of the open standard right and applying their own ideas which often break from said standard. Older issues such as the black-star-sky were a matter of LL following OpenGL as a set standard and ATI's drivers dictating skewed functionality. Mind you, that's becoming less of a problem lately. But, more thanks to the Lab and others scrutinizing configurations and following the skew accordingly. So, while all GPUs have their issues, AMD remains guilty of intentionally breaking conte
  11. Land is allocated using a grid of 4M squares on a 2D plane, 16M2 at a time. As such, a land allotment of 512 will require 32 4x4 squares. The 2D layout of these squares can be anything from a 4x8 rectangle to a 1x32 strip or anything in between. () You can view this arrangement both by opening World >> About Land, World >> Show >> Property Lines, and World >> Show >> Land Owners. All will provide a measurable representation of the land you have alloted to you. ()y
  12. I primarily stick with the default LL viewer and only resort to TPVs of the current update introduces any crashyness. Firestorm is popular because it's bloated with feature upon feature. But, given I rarely if not never use any of those additions, they're nothing more than extra fluff to me. (>_<) So, unless you genuinely NEED the lists upon lists of 'features' like tools to stalk people who have unfriended you or flashy particle selection beams, consider something lighter like the default LL or Alchemy client. () List of other alternative viewers here >> http://wiki.secondlife
  13. *Update: I just uploaded a 'jaw move' anim and found that the default avatar face doesn't follow. Rigged and attached items will move, but, the bone and the avatar's actual jaw aren't connected. (>_<) So, a rigged chin can move, the default avatar chin can move, but ne'er the two shall meet. (._.)
  14. Yes and no. (._.) From what I'm seeing so far, if the chin is moved by an uploaded animation, the jaw bone follows. But, if it's being moved by an in-client deformer (Open Mouth emote asset or voice chat) it appears not to. (._.)
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