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  1. I'm not going to lie, I thought that was something other than a rabbit at first glance.
  2. Today I learned Farmville and a virtual reality simulation sandbox are the same thing.
  3. Sounds like it's apple users' loss on this, much like the poor Windows support, and for the same reasons. You can have good OpenGL support and work cross platform, or you can pick a platform and multiply dev costs and lock out potential users. Same thing happens with DirectX between the Microsoft world and everyone else.
  4. If it is true (re Apple and OpenGL 4), then I'd say Apple's trying to kill off the Macintosh.
  5. Polenth Yue wrote: In short, you have to stick to the maturity rating. You have to keep your stuff on your land, so be sure nothing sticks over and your particles/notecard givers/security orbs aren't spamming your neighbours. Use a bit of common sense with scripted objects, so you don't lag/crash the sim. I really hope more people are reporting security orbs and notecard givers that trigger on people in public land and either have ample time for people who may be lagging or on a slow connection to realize what's going on. There's a special place in digital hell for people who don't have consideration for people who are already having difficulty.
  6. ChinRey wrote: It is always possible to set the limit low enough to catch all the problems but did you ever consider the side effects? I'm sure I am not the only one who would prefer to see the avatars around me when I go to a crowded place. If some of them have to be derendered because they're too laggy, well I suppose that can be a necessary evil. One option would be to render an impostor instead, since that would have a render weight of 1. You'd at least see presence, then, even if not detail.
  7. ChinRey wrote: No, they aren't.. You can add as many and as high resolution normal and specular maps as you like to an object and they don't change the calculated render weight in any way. Holy crap! Too lazy to check the source code to confirm, but if true, that's a massively glaring omission in the calculation.
  8. Shinaria902 wrote: Or, OR LL could just not bring this feature out at all, because it's going to be hugely detramental to anyone using a mesh avatar. Only in cases where the mesh has an exceptional number of polygons. As with any rendering system, scenes with fewer polygons render faster. SL is no exception, there's just no guideline-enforced limit to how many polys may be used per object like there is on, say, Steam Workshop.
  9. Flame Swenholt wrote: As for rendering settings, I think it's cool, but let's be honest and address the elephant in the room: the client needs the rendering engine to be fixed. I'm pretty sure no matter how you cut it, a hairdo with larger textures and more polygons than all of Doom 3 and Unreal Tournament 4 combined isn't going to render quickly on the fly unless you happen to have a supercomputing cluster just laying around. Sadly, that's what a lot of avatar designers are trying to make happen rather than doing the most with less. There's a reason there's design guidelines for things like the Steam Workshop: Just because you can make things micrometer perfect doesn't mean that's what renders quickly when the camera's usually at least 5-20 meters away at best.
  10. Linden Lab wrote: Often the most resource-intensive part of rendering a scene in Second Life is the avatars around you. The Viewer has a measurement of how avatars are affecting your performance, and now we are putting the control over whether to render them in your hands! Finally! Seriously this is long overdue, given how many people can't golf-score a build they're wearing (or blame the recipient).
  11. DrakiAzul wrote: M0rdresh, i've noticed the same issue but I have no real souliton as to whats going on because like yourself when you ask a question like this people get up and arms and beat around the bush with hipster talk with stuff like "rah, rah, rah, its not a game~!" rhertoric. Which has nothing to do with the real technical question. Game or not its a 3D enviroment ran on hardware... and its laggy often when it shouldn't be.. I'm not sure you know what hipster means, since the word definitely doesn't work in the context you're using it. You have, however, rejected the explaination because you didn't understand it. DrakiAzul wrote: With that said i've been an alpha/beta tester and moder for a very long time and have visited various Gam.....umm... "3D enviroments" and to me it feels like a lack of optimization and coding of the 3D engine itself. The 3D engine itself is fine and handles well-designed content in extremely complex environments just fine, and there's plenty of places in SL (and especially OSgrid, which tends to attract a higher ratio of game developers on their free time). However, most people in Second Life aren't designing things like every byte and every vertex counts like game developers do. This is where you're seeing the performance difference. You've got people with more polygons in their hair than exist in entire regions of Borderlands 2 roaming around. It's also pretty common for game developers to keep the number of textures to a minimum and keep those textures as small as possible; it's pretty rare to see a game scene that has more than one or two dozen textures or textures larger than 20 or 30 kilobytes. In Second Life, it's often rare to find a place that isn't trying to load several dozen textures stretching into megabyte territory. You can't really code your way out of "your content is complex and hard to render".
  12. You really should post this as a new question rather than as an answer to another question, but, to answer your inappropriately located question: Not spam: You have a scripted object that that has a sign or something on it saying "Touch me for an invite to our group". Spam: Someone in the vicinity just gets sent an invite or an item for existing in that space.
  13. Most viewers can show or hide ban lines. I'd rather people use parcel access restrictions instead of "security orbs" that tend to be much more eggregiously antisocial.
  14. Sounds most likely either an AMD driver issue or your GPU or VRAM is overheating or about to die. When was the last time you opened up your system and cleaned the dirt out?
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