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So I didn't buy this as it was a blogger sample but I thought it was extra cute so posting here. ALSO, it is the first from the maker that let's one person make the coffee and then GIVE it to another person. So good for roleplay.   Three colors - green - white and black. 

It really seems to have a personality -- or maybe I am just missing reach out and touch companionship :D.  Whatever!


At Equal 10. Somehow their cam sim just doesn't work for me. Looks like they added a second one so maybe that helps.  I can "buy" demos but they never arrive.  So beware of that.   



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24 minutes ago, Frigga Freidman said:

This 3 LI dresser, with either brass or silver handles and multiple wood/finish options for each, is a Fifty Linden Friday offering at Balaclava


I second this one - bought it myself.  It has a decently low triangle count with really good LOD - it holds up for a good distance without using tons of triangles to do it.   Textures are maybe a bit high, but overall it is a nice dresser.

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40 minutes ago, usagihara said:

In addition to their FLF sofa and chair set (which I'm tempted by in spite of owning a similar one by Muniick, but haven't checked the LI yet), floorplan have a 50%-off sale until the 15th.

I've just been there, so here's more info for folks. The FLF sale items are these pink leather with metallic pillows sofa and chair (50L$ each). Sofa is 8 LI and chair is 7 LI. Also, these metallic frame sets (not including shelf) are 75L$ each, and the hanging frame sets are 3 LI on the left and 4 LI on the right (50L$ each set). And more info on the storewide sale. 





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Taking pictures today.  You know -- its funny for me, but when I take pictures of a room I sometimes see spots that are "missing something" or other things that need to be changed a little. So a good exercise even if you aren't going to post anywhere. 

ANYWAY.  I thought you might like to see what was behind that vanity I made for the bedroom.


This is a very good point that there really is nothing wrong with prims.  Mesh might be slightly more efficient in this case but you would only save one land impact point for all the work :D.  


The FLF and other Friday sales weren't calling to me this week but hopefully more will be happening tomorrow!  



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26 minutes ago, Frigga Freidman said:

On sale now at Muniick - the TV is 50L$ and 3 LI, and the texture-change sliding doors are 50L$ and 5 LI. 


This is another one where we will want to make sure it's not already in inventory. I think he had a Christmas set that included this TV (along with a Christmas version of it).

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1 hour ago, Frigga Freidman said:

If you've got 15 LI to spare, Kazza's Happy Weekend item (60L$) is a windmill!




It's worth noting that the blades (which need to be separate to function) are another 9 LI.  I plan to come by and grab this over the weekend; I remember lots of windmills associated with the Chalets and this might come in handy when they drop!

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For the HBs and Stilts lovers: an Energy weekend group gift. Just a couple of things:

- You may want to grab a couple of them, since it is no copy.

- It is 7LI; once you remove the shadow and the pillow/blanket included, as seen in the picture, it is 4 LI.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantis City 2/225/75/21



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Sooooo ---   I will be sure and check out Happy Weekend tomorrow :D. BUT I came here to post a photo. Been working on something informational. This is the simplistic version.  


These baskets do look slightly different. But does one look oh so much better than the other?  That's a question we need to ask ourselves a lot these days. 


Here is the punchline. The basket on the left is 69,680 triangles and the basket on the right is 4,410 triangles.   That is over FIFTEEN TIMES the difference.  


They BOTH are one land impact.  So while land impact is certainly important, it is only part of the story.   People have been writing me because they are not getting it and want to. I am HAPPY they want to and writing some stuff up that will hopefully make things easier to under stand.  Bottom line: less triangles is better for the grid and your computer.  LI is not the only thing to consider. 


EDIT:  They were both upoaded with the same physics model and the same number of triangles for the lower LODs.   

Here is the difference in my 3D editor:



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adding info
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It's kind of slow out there on the sales this weekend -- both VERY early this morning and later, in the day,  but there is certainly plenty to buy.  I have new overalls (you can never have too many overalls -- and I have a RL friend to prove that) :D.  


But while I was taking photos of said overalls, I found this not new dust bunny . harvest . cozy wheelbarrow . pg  which is quite impressive in many ways. I had seen it before but was interested enough today  to check the triangle count == and it is good. The LODs are good too with just a bit of breakup on the fabric but nothing jarring.   


What was most interesting to me was the creation date of this item -- which was 2017.   Which illustrates something I noticed years ago when some of my favorite creators moved over to what I think of as "the dark side" LOL with much heavier mesh and textures than they had previously used.  No need to point out this trend really. Most H and G bloggers noticed (well hopefully).   It really saddened me.   But the good news is that NEW doesn't necessarily translate into BETTER.    Some of my favorite pieces -- as well as best-selling items are really old.   



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On 2/4/2021 at 9:22 AM, Fay Starlight said:


I found a deal from Loft-Aria on the MP. Decided to get it and use it in a trad I have—nice retro vibe.


For 300 Linden, you get an entire living room including hanging lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, couch with texture change pillows, couch without pillows, chair with both upholstery and pillow change options, credenza, framed art, wall frames, rug, candlesticks, two styles of side table, coffee table, wall shelf, knick knacks, and a potted plant! All is copy mod—it’s not terrible on prims, its a little bit older stuff, but there is more than enough things in the set of value—just the rug, chair, couches and lamps alone are worth it. I like how its sorta 50/ 60s retro. I went and bought 2 more rugs and two more couches in different upholstery colors—they are sold separately too. A couch alone is 200Linden. Rugs were about 100. The set comes with a mustard tone rug and a greige couches Lots of pillows choices. The plants and couches are on MP, the plants are only 10L. The rugs I had to go to the store for, and one of the side tables is also for sale at the store in more colors. The side table comes in a shiny white porcelain in the set.

The only thing I truly was not a fan of was the coffee table, but it was not bad—just my least fav thing is all. 
It’s a great deal if you were in the mood to go a little retro!



Adding a few photos of how I made a retro trad with this set in part.






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