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  1. Sometimes plans change. I'm not saying they have, but this reads like a political interview where the reporter is trying to catch the politician in a lie or an act of hypocrisy. Why does it matter what they originally said and when they said it? What matters is what they actually end up doing. If it ends up being different from what they said they were going to do a year or two ago, well, sometimes plans change.
  2. It is nice to frequently see most themes available on the Land Page, but there are nowhere close to enough homes that both meet current demand and what is needed to transplant those still living in the old areas, assuming that is still the plan. There may be more Fantasy Homes and Chalets for the current demand, and Log Homes and some Stilt styles could end up in that state once all regions that are in progress are released, but others are still in short supply, with the possible exception of campers, which have the 512sqm factor that both increases and decreases their appeal. I don't know if the goal is to balance availability across all themes, but if it is, it will be very challenging to execute. I think realistically, we will have to live with an imbalance, and some of the more popular themes will perpetually be in short supply, but at least there are homes available.
  3. Martinis are dry. My sense of humor is parched, Saharan even. I don't do smilies. It keeps people guessing, and often gets me into hot water, but such is the life of an inadvertent troublemaker.
  4. Technically this is true, but as discussed on many other threads, there are certainly ways to increase the odds. I don't think anyone wants to see this thread devolve into another discussion about it, so I'll leave it at that. That said, people who do stack the deck are already well aware of the nicer locations, as Chloe noted, so mentioning them isn't likely to have much impact other than some of the more casual GOHers may start staking out places of which they may not have been aware. I feel my playful tone isn't being conveyed, so I will abandon ship and let you lovely people get back to highlighting the places you want. Sorry if I ruined the party.
  5. My point is, I don't think anyone is sincerely upset by people posting homes they want, but I shouldn't speak for everyone, so let me just clarify that I'm not at all upset.
  6. This thread is bad idea jeans. If you limit it to parcels that are currently owned, then fine, but showing ones that haven't been released is only going to make them harder to get. I normally wouldn't care, but since you've posted one of my coveted parcels, this now impacts me directly...not that I would get it on initial release anyway.
  7. One other possibility is that you or your alt linked your furniture together or with other items, changing the root prims and the way the scripts behave. Linking can be a great way to save some LI when done carefully, but can have adverse effects, including adding lag and the experience you describe, when done excessively.
  8. It's obvious, to me at least, that vehicle transportation of any sort was not a primary concern when Bellisseria was envisioned, and the first regions were built and released. Anyone trying to get from Point A to Point B on the surface roads of those early regions can attest to this, as many roads lead to nowhere. The fact that one can actually get from Point A to Point Z with good area knowledge or use of the map is a testament to the evolving considerations that the moles have put into place as the project has developed. Railroads, sailable waters, airstrips, roads that connect, rez zones...these are all things that we take for granted now. I'm not going to judge the BR rail system until it is complete, but even if it never improves over what we have now, I am grateful that it is there, and I enjoy it frequently.
  9. I may not be interpreting your post correctly, but it reads as though you may be under the impression that you need to abandon and claim a new home in order to try out one of the other Fantasy Home models. If you are new to Bellisseria, each theme has multiple models which can be changed via the home controller (mailbox, light post, sign, life ring, depending on the theme). On the other hand, if you actually want to try a different theme, then you will have to abandon and claim a different one. Here is a list of the Bellisseria Linden Home themes that have been released so far. Traditional Houseboat Camper Victorian Log Home Stilt Home (there are three sub themes - on Land, on Water, on Pier) Chalet Fantasy Home If you already know all of this and I just completely misunderstood your post, well, never mind.
  10. Stab in the dark, is your neighbor actually home and playing music through voice?
  11. Also from Firestorm you can simply click the musical note icon in the upper right corner of your screen to toggle music streaming on and off.
  12. Thanks for posting your vehicles. That Moped is awesome. I'm going to have to get one of those. Enclosed vehicles make me feel claustrophobic, so I prefer ones that allow me to be out in the open. My current rail explorer is a handcar. Rail Handcar SLRR
  13. How often do you actually use media? Media, object sounds, and music streams are all different things and have their own settings. Just turn off media unless you want to watch your TV or something. I only have mine enabled when needed, which is very rare. It sounds like you may also have yours configured to automatically connect to media sources, which probably isn't helping matters.
  14. Binary and hex are fine, but if people start posting in Klingon, I'm out of here.
  15. 01110011 01101111 01101111 01101110
  16. I have it all scribbled down on a soggy cocktail napkin. Does that help anyone?
  17. Perhaps Rabid meant phallic airstrip and fairgrounds.
  18. I don't know if they are accepted terms, but I call them "finished" and "unfinished." I don't believe for a second that they intend to leave Bellisseria regions that are currently in an "edge of the world" condition in that state. The fact that some include rail makes me even more confident that they intend to complete them eventually. Unless a rail line has an obvious connecting partner somewhere along the same coastline or they intend to add more large areas of continent, I would expect the moles to simply add a turn around loop as seen on Bridle Path, or an end of the line station as seen on the currently unnamed region, SSPE1457. I would love to see them add some water regions in a few strategic places, as some of those turns along the SE Logland coast are dicey, but as you said, it is still usable, and I wouldn't hold my breath.
  19. I'd argue that house boats are sold out most frequently, but stilts, Victorians, and traditionals are all still in very high demand, and are frequently unavailable. The good news for stilts, as you noted, is that more are being released. We'll see what happens to the supply of the others when the fantasy homes are released (more are appearing lately as people free up accounts for the land rush), but for now, the only way to get a traditional, Victorian, or house boat is through an abandon. I expect we will see more large continent pieces added eventually, assuming demand continues to exceed supply.
  20. All Bellisseria home themes other than Chalets have been completely full at times within the past week. Demand for some may wane as new themes are released, but I would not make that assumption.
  21. The old Linden Homes regions didn't always allow for high FPS. Having fewer residents and less objects to cause lag, along with being on servers in the cloud that perform better, have certainly improved things. Of course, if the older regions are consolidated, performance may regress, but not likely to the level it was prior to Bellisseria's existence. There is no doubt that many residents who still live in the old regions do know about Bellisseria, and are choosing to live there for many of the reasons already given. To add to one of those reasons, residents can combine a Bellisseria home with a Mainland parcel, but that can currently only be done if one opts for a camper, which as mentioned, are in short supply. I think there needs to be at least one other 512 m² theme available in Bellisseria, as people like to have options. I also think that for some, there is the sense that they can get away with activities that they can't in Bellisseria (breeding/farming, etc). LL is already struggling to police Bellisseria, I can't imagine much, if any, time is being spent in the old regions, barring an AR for something particularly egregious. I also think that there are way more people living in the old regions who have no idea that Bellisseria exists than people think. Many simply don't pay attention to the community forums or official Linden announcements, and just spend all of their SL time in their areas of interest, which may not include even thinking about that old Linden Home that they got with their premium account all those years ago. Don't be fooled by the sparsity of green dots when viewing the old regions on a map. A surprising number of homes are currently owned. Ultimately, it is up to LL whether to keep any of the old regions open. As many reasons as have been given for keeping at least some of them open, there are likely just as many to close them, most having to do with saving money. One thing to remember is that a premium account includes a Linden Home, depending on availability. It does not guarantee a specific home, or that any particular theme will be available. While many of us might feel a little sad to see them go, I don't personally believe that closing the old regions at some point would upset a significant number of customers to the extent that we would see mass premium account cancellations or people leaving SL entirely. Thus, what is the downside to closing them from LL's perspective? We'll see what happens, but I don't think there is any immediate cause for concern. The closing of any of the old residential regions, if it actually happens, is likely at least a year or two away, probably longer.
  22. I'm not sure how long I will keep it, but it's not every day that you get an island just for yourself. I'll at least decorate it before deciding.
  23. I don't want to trivialize anyone feeling unsafe or having their privacy violated in any way, especially since this sort of thing tends to apply more to female than male avatars, but anyone who has spent any time in Bellisseria knows that it takes an honest 15 seconds for avatars to even partially rez unless you are using the lowest graphics settings. I'm sure a determined individual could sneak onto a parcel and grab a candid photo in that amount of time, but to add props and such to make it look like something inappropriate was happening seems farfetched to me. If you have ever gone to a crowded music venue or shopping event, people have already seen you naked, as your clothes tend to rez last. If you are that concerned about someone seeing your private pixels, wear alphas under your clothing or when you are going to be afk while naked. Planes may be able to get across a parcel in 5 seconds, but hot air balloons take a little longer. In short, I don't see anything wrong with the security settings as currently stipulated in the covenant, and speaking as someone who enjoys living in Bellisseria for the vehicle playground aspect, I would hate to see banlines become a thing there.
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