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  1. So maybe don't go afk while lying on your sexbed? Or disable your RLV so they can't force you to sit? I mean, nobody's going to be convinced by a picture of you just standing there staring into space while a random waves his freenis in your vicinity. In any case, nobody has fast enough reflexes to sit on your bed, select a pose, adjust the pose, derender your clothes, adjust the camera and take the screenshot in 15 seconds. Also, if you're that paranoid you' must already be wearing BOM underwear at all times, so nobody can 'derender you naked'. If they're this determined to cause trouble it'd be easier just taking a snapshot of you while you're out and about and photoshopping your head on to someone else's body. How do you propose to stop them doing that? If the actual problem is that you think they're going to catch you having sex with someone (which is the only reason I can think of for being afk on your sexbed, tbh 😉) you probably need a skybox on an island, not a Linden Home.
  2. I am still at a complete loss as to what stupid nasty things people are going to do within 15 seconds when you're not even there. (Unless of course you have build enabled, in which case you should probably turn it off).
  3. You know you can ban specific avatars from Bellisseria parcels, right? And obviously if you do come across one of these warp-speed griefers, 5 seconds is also long enough to take note of their name and report them; which you wouldn't be able to do if they hadn't been able to enter your land in the first place. That's a rather more effective way of getting rid of them than expecting everyone in SL to set up banlines.
  4. Wow, if people were that dedicated to targeting me I think I'd have to switch to another account. Most random griefers are just not that level of efficient.
  5. If campers are not to your taste you could always toss up a skybox to cover the whole 512. That does eat up some of your prims, which isn't ideal, but you'd have to do the same thing on mainland as well as paying for the parcel.
  6. I currently have an OL stilt which backs directly on to water, and I like it better than the piers and OW because I get my own beach. So it's worth clicking when an OL comes up even if you do want to be waterside.
  7. I feel like the best way to do this would be to program a name generator mashing together fantasy-ish words and placename elements and then combing through it for repeats and copyright violations: Cloud Dell Faemount Mistville Penpixie Mystic Green Bilboton etc. etc.
  8. The trouble is that Bellisseria is now HUGE, and therefore the amount of covenant violations is going to increase accordingly. Not to mention stuff which may not technically be against covenant but is nonetheless annoying eg. full-bright picket fences, media-on-a-prim which can be heard all over the region, animesh strippers on the front lawn etc. I certainly do a lot more derendering than I used to.
  9. One of my alts won a Kups in a giveaway and it's just not her. I chose it over the Kupra because she's always been skinny and flatchested, but even with the sliders turned down it's too curvy on the bottom, and of course none of her clothes fit. It reminded me of when I demoed the Kemono and rejected it for much the same reason. So there may be some experimenting with deformers in her future, but for now she's sticking with the Lucybody.
  10. Other reasons for hanging on to an old Linden home: you only have 512 tier to spare and would rather not live in a camper; you hate gardens; you're addicted to banlines; all your furniture is pre-mesh poseball stuff and you don't want to be mocked by the neighbours... I'd probably go ahead with evicting people theme-by-theme (Tahoe, Elderglen, Shareta Osumai, leaving Meadowbrook for last as it's the biggest) and allowing them a couple of months to claim a replacement on the consolidation continent, before removing the theme from the land page and deleting any unoccupied regions. If you wanted an unclaimed or abandoned home after that point you could file a support ticket requesting it. There might even be a resurgence of community feeling from having consciously chosen to inhabit a heritage space and preserve that part of SL history.
  11. They could get rid of the game and put housing there instead, lol. I tried the game a couple of years back and found all the levels too easy, except for the last one which I gave up on. I didn't see anyone else playing while I was there.
  12. You don't have to fly up to check for skyboxes because the 'Objects' tab in 'About Land' will tell you whether anything has been rezzed on the parcel (in Firestorm, anyway; no idea about the official viewer). So yes, many homes on Bellisseria are unused, just as many of the old Linden homes were unused. I think in some cases people just stop playing SL or switch to an alt and forget they even had premium on that account, let alone where their house was. Or they lose the landmark and can't figure out how to get a new one. Or they have multiple houses and don't have time to decorate them all. People are weird.
  13. Maybe they're dead (like Premium Plus).
  14. Most of my trads and Vics have had homemade paths or driveways extending slightly beyond the boundary line and I would have been extremely surprised if they were ever returned (we have sidewalk textures in the content packs for a reason!). But I also accept that if I encroach on Linden land I do so at my own risk. In short, I use my common sense and trust the Lindens to do likewise. SL has been around for eighteen years; they should be familiar enough by now with frivolous abuse reports motivated by personal grudges to disregard them when they see them.
  15. Roadside parcels should be subject to the same rules as Bellisseria; no banlines and approved orbs only. If you need privacy and don't want to rent, you can move into one of the empty inland regions (it'll be cheaper) or up in the sky, or both. I don't even know why you'd be living on a road if you didn't want randoms dropping in.
  16. Ask the father what he wants you to do. Then, ask him for the money to pay for it.
  17. I used to live round the corner from Swordfish and I don't think I'd have liked it nearly as much if it had been a party zone. Handy for unpacking stuff though.
  18. Since they seem to be waiting until the railways are complete, perhaps a splendid station with vaulted ceilings: I'm not sure there's enough usage of the existing community areas to justify building another one, however. They've always been empty when I visit and the only events I ever see advertised are in the Fairgrounds.
  19. I think this is one of those themes I'll be getting for the content pack, decorating, and abandoning within the month. I fully intend to break out my entire fairy light collection for the limited time I'm there, however.
  20. Your SLURLs don't lead to a mainland location. Are you sure you meant to post in this subforum?
  21. 'Daddy' is a licence to print money. It'd be fiscally irresponsible of them not to offer it.
  22. Oh, the blue Doyle in the first post reminds me of the one I had in Thatch Lea last summer. That wouldn't have passed muster with anyone looking for the perfect location either, but it was facing the water and that was good enough for me. I'm not sorry I gave it up because I did want to try out the newer themes, but I've never felt as settled since.
  23. I tried this about a month ago and ended up with two chalets next door to each other, whereupon I decided to make the best of it and use all the prims to furnish the first house I'd claimed. That was quite fun, but then I decided I wanted something beachy for summer and the alt ended up accidentally landing a houseboat, from which she refuses to budge until she collects her 45-day signup bonus and I kick her off premium. (The main has now picked up a stilt which will do quite nicely for now, once I've derendered the full-bright trees and weird homemade prim fencing next door.)
  24. Quick forum tip: don't run round calling out other posters as alts when you have a flashing neon sign above your head saying 'I AM AN ALT'. You're welcome.
  25. QFT. It's really obvious but it seems to be beyond a lot of people.
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