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  1. I got in multiple times yesterday, it was never completely full!
  2. No release today either (from Belli Citizens chat): [09:56] Patch Linden: Nope, see, it doesn't work - sorry no stilt homes today™ [10:26] Patch Linden: So really, here's the deal. [10:26] Patch Linden: They have shown up on the map, just like any other release we've done. [10:27] Patch Linden: It takes time to QA walk every one of those regions, in-person to find and correct any last minute things that need to be tidied up. [10:27] Patch Linden: How many days have they been there? [10:27] Patch Linden: We're on regions #15 [10:28] Patch Linden: 1 -5, fifteen [10:28] Patch L
  3. It's the Bellisseria Citizens group chat (search for Bellisseria groups and it's the one with ~5000 members). Lindens and Moles occasionally chat w/ all the residents.
  4. We can all relax for today at least, Patch just gave this update in Belli chat: [12:28] Patch Linden: No Stilt Homes release today™ [12:29] Patch Linden: I never said it would be today and I'm not saying it'll be tomorrow, it'll be when they are ready.
  5. Patch just gave another hint in Belli chat, which some have guessed in this thread already [12:19] Patch Linden: It is not an american-inspired theme... and there's your only clue for the day. Also: [12:36] Patch Linden: We will never do townhouses or apartments, so that can safely be crossed of the lists [12:36] Patch Linden: Yep, they are fun themes to entertain, but yeah very challenging to enforce for
  6. I love some of the region names, like Tuna Turner, Marlin Monroe, Nat Kingfish Cod, Swim Shady, Salmon and Gillfunkle, Sharkira 😄
  7. Looks like more houseboats interspersed among the stilts too!
  8. 11 themes in total now! Does this mean a double theme release before the end of the year (or even this month)?
  9. I remember Patch saying in the past that the next themes would be less traditional than the current ones ... steampunk might fit that!
  10. Patch just confirmed in Belli chat that his Flickr pic from a few days ago is a teaser (for the theme after the stilts)! Here's what he's said about it so far... [14:36] Patch Linden: I'm really surprised that not many, including the forums have even picked up on the next theme teaser I released.... [14:37] Patch Linden: It's the same amount of wall my other initial teasers have [14:39] Patch Linden: There's even an entry step thing in the teaser [14:42] Patch Linden: There are no decks
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