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  1. Is the white house still available? I went to the parcel but it looks like you've moved. I just bought a piece of mainland, and trying to find the right house for it 🙂
  2. I have 2 1024m double-prim Nautilus parcels to sell! Both have 3 1/2 sides protected, 703 prims (instead of the standard 351), are next to a big Linden park, and close to the canal! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Baal/109/73/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Baal/87/84/23 Asking L$55,000 for each, or best offer.
  3. That was one bear I *was* able to find yesterday, I liked doing the mini hunt 🙂 Thanks for checking though!
  4. Ooh would you mind sharing the notecard w/ me (if it's transferable)?
  5. My self care yesterday was something I've never really done before in SL -- seeking out as many Linden bears as I could find (thanks to a couple old blog posts)! I know the bears aren't really popular anymore ... but it was oddly therapeutic to visit some of the older parts of SL. I wish I'd been around when that pony was available though 🙂
  6. Whenever I see that page, it's because it logged me out for some reason -- if I sign back in, the normal land page shows up again.
  7. Log homes are now sparse on the land page, to join the other themes! Until, of course, more are released -- at the moment there's just a trad & camper.
  8. Just checked, Dry Well and Stockyard have been released -- which means only one cabin region is left (Whistling Weasel)!
  9. Yes -- anything you rez within your parcel boundaries counts against LI, no matter how high up it is.
  10. Prairie Pigeon released (~an hour ago)! Also Buckskin earlier this morning.
  11. The Linden Home campers are exclusive to Bellisseria and were created by Moles/Lindens -- they're not available for purchase anywhere. As Alwin said, I'm sure similar ones exist in SL -- you'll just need to search for them. A quick search for "camper" on the marketplace brings up a lot of options!
  12. My alt will be releasing this corner cabin in Comfy at 9:15 pm SLT! The Grand View faces the water w/ rotation, and it's right by a rezz zone: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Comfy/217/21/55 ---------------- The corner cabin across the river from it (facing the water) is also in maintenance!
  13. Belmere was also released earlier today! Just 12 cabin regions left now, after @Nika Talaj's updates to the list a few days ago: Kiura Betts Dowry Prairie Pigeon Danson Gitta Fort Dudley Whistling Weasel Dry Well Buckskin Stockyard Blini Azulejo
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