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  1. Oh, the blue Doyle in the first post reminds me of the one I had in Thatch Lea last summer. That wouldn't have passed muster with anyone looking for the perfect location either, but it was facing the water and that was good enough for me. I'm not sorry I gave it up because I did want to try out the newer themes, but I've never felt as settled since.
  2. I tried this about a month ago and ended up with two chalets next door to each other, whereupon I decided to make the best of it and use all the prims to furnish the first house I'd claimed. That was quite fun, but then I decided I wanted something beachy for summer and the alt ended up accidentally landing a houseboat, from which she refuses to budge until she collects her 45-day signup bonus and I kick her off premium. (The main has now picked up a stilt which will do quite nicely for now, once I've derendered the full-bright trees and weird homemade prim fencing next door.)
  3. Quick forum tip: don't run round calling out other posters as alts when you have a flashing neon sign above your head saying 'I AM AN ALT'. You're welcome.
  4. QFT. It's really obvious but it seems to be beyond a lot of people.
  5. I'd argue that they probably should not spend their time and money because there are far better uses for both things than acquiring ALL THE HOUSES, but I realise this is a minority opinion on these forums.
  6. then you just get everyone whining that there are homes available but we're not able to claim them and it's not fair etc. That said, I am kind of jaded right now after catching the same place three times, so I would very much welcome some kind of mechanism which reduced the chance of your getting a home you'd already abandoned within a 24-hour period.
  7. If people ban someone from buying their products just because they don't like them , I assume they're just roleplaying as a business owner rather than, you know, actually trying to make money, and modify my customer service expectations accordingly.
  8. Immersion, I guess? If you want to live in a realistic setting with realistic forms of transport, invisible jetpacks ain't one of them.
  9. Tempted by Chrysanthe Mum... but not £35-worth of tempted. Someone else can have her, and I can have a Primark spree instead.
  10. Not necessarily, no. If you're only paying for Premium to get another Linden Home, your alt will be just fine in its noob guise, since the only time you'll ever need to log it in is to abandon houses and set new ones to group. Most of the stipends are probably getting saved up, cashed out on the main and put towards... new alts! (Of course, the people who have to swank about having enough money to afford ALL THE HOUSES will generally also be compelled to meshify and custom-name ALL THE ALTS, just to prove to everyone that they can. But it's much more efficient to keep all your decor items
  11. Alt armies are sufficiently lucrative for LL that no thread criticising them is ever going to survive for long, lol. They know which side their bread is buttered.
  12. If it stops everyone using the same Onsu prefabs I'm down for that.
  13. If LL went down this route it would make private landlords deeply deeply unhappy. There are people who love landscaping and are dependent on rental income to help fund their passion; if I had extra money to spend on the perfect home that's where I'd be looking to spend it.
  14. Oh, I was here for the Vics. Had to mute a whole bunch of people over it. I don't think the stilts caused quite as much fuss as they did.
  15. If you have fifty accounts, losing one is neither here nor there, really. And if you have fifty premiums you're not landlording for the money (you don't need the money) but... I don't know, to be honest, maybe the power, maybe a pathological compulsion to own ALL THE HOUSES, maybe to show off that you can afford ALL THE HOUSES, maybe just to annoy the peasants who can only afford ten, or five, or one. I'm kind of surprised this blew up over the chalets rather than the stilts but that is the only thing which surprises me about any of this.
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