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  1. Yee haw! Done in Photoshop (CS4). 1. Created a white canvas 1024 x 512 px 2. Show > Grid, then took a screengrab of it; saved and opened the resulting .jpg in Photoshop (had to add 2 more pixels to the canvas on the right to make it up to 1024px) 3. Uploaded the grid image to SL and added it as the texture for my 8mx4m wall to get measurements 4. Opened the image I wanted to use as a texture in Photoshop, placed the grid image in a layer above it 5. Created a new layer and drew the bright blue box (fill and outline) to correspond with the doorway (adding a bit extra
  2. Excellent value! Soft-linked, it's all 12 LI, but it's easy to unlink and use the parts individually: pelican 2 LI, large rocks (2) 1 LI each, beach grass in 2 clumps of 5 1 LI each, 'Beach' sign 1 LI, the 3 weights 2 LI, loose rope and the 3 posts 5 LI.
  3. If you like the blocky style of the Llewellyn bed that was on sale at Muniick recently, this weekend's sale at Consignment is worth a look - both the whale sculpture (2 LI) and the console table (2 LI) for 50L$.
  4. Yeah, I love that boat seating, but 21 LI ☹️
  5. I'm a proficient Photoshop user (though still using CS4) and haven't looked at GIMP in 18+ years (when I found its user interface maddening). I've just installed it now and its UI appears to have improved greatly (tooltips! intuitively-organized menus!) I'm still finding selecting a silhouette image (screengrabbed from the web rather than downloaded as a true vector image) with clean outlines trickier than in Photoshop, but with zooming in and experimenting with threshold levels for the selection, it's doable. For those who haven't used a graphics editor, this is how I replicated what I'd
  6. Something like Sylvia's mural doesn't need to be a vector, provided you don't need to resize the image much. For the "supergraphics", the real trick is ensuring that your *proportions* are correct - i.e. 1:1 (square) or 2:1 so you don't have to fiddle with horizontal/vertical offsets, etc. and to make the background and everything you don't want to see transparent in your graphics editor. Oops - dinner's being served. I can get back later with more info if you have questions! What graphics editor do you have?
  7. I've yet to master corners or window cutouts
  8. I'm still trying to find an image that works well in my Lauderdale's upstairs hallway - it does look *very* good in your alcove!
  9. I've done something similar, but created a transparent-background .png from vectors that I adapted and re-colored from black to blue. The one on the outside of the house is at 75% transparency and the one in the bathroom is over 80%. They are on 2 faces of a single object. (This is the Lauderdale, and the measurements to use for this wall are 9.8m x 4.9m x 0.2m - just make sure there's no image in the upper corners, and the top, sides and bottom faces are set to 100% transparent!)
  10. Also something I haven't seen before - when your mouse hovers over a region name, the region name (and number of avatars present there) appears in white letters on a black background well below the region name on the map instead of overwriting the label already there, so you can actually read it.
  11. Additionally, if you go to their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SLZerkalo) today you can enter your name to win a 1000L$ gift card. (I should look at the email account I use for Frigga more often!)
  12. The hanging rack and bread bin definitely look good at LOD2, even from a distance!
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