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  1. Mmmmm. Interesting. Though my (full, paid for) copy of Malwarebytes is installed on both my laptop and pc. Will report back the next time if there's an issue.
  2. I was the OP; the problem didn't occur with an update between the two that I reported here. If it happens with the next update, I'll report it here and then consider whether it's worth pursuing with LL via a ticket. (Note: it's only been an issue with my Win 8.1 laptop, not my Win10 desktop.)
  3. Nope. I've already got a trad, Vic and log home to keep me happy! The Conestoga is still unclaimed.
  4. WILL RELEASE AT 1:47pm SL TIME! For my very last abandon (alt being downgraded to Basic tonight) I give you a waterside in Conestoga, water to the west. I will release it at 1:39pm SL time. Oops, region is logging out so will delay until 1:43pm. EDIT: Damn, forced reinstall/update of SL Viewer and Firestorm threw me out. Stay tuned if you're interested...
  5. I'll be releasing a waterside parcel in Travelers Way at 5:08pm SL time. (Water on 2 sides, but really only visible from the back porch of the Overlook and its upper window.) Still unclaimed 2 minutes later. Update: now gone. At 5:15 - abandoned again, if anyone's interested.
  6. Before seeing this I created a new folder in Program Files and installed the viewer there successfully. With SL open, I looked in the Task Manager and saw 2 instances of dullahan were running. But when I closed down the viewer, both disappeared from the listing. Curiouser and curiouser.
  7. Now having the same problem as I originally stated with today's forced download of SL Viewer - 3 attempted installs. Norton AV and Malwarebytes say that the file is clean, so I guess I'll try disabling the AV for the actual install. Fingers crossed. EDIT: Nope, dullahan still refuses to install after disabling my AV software. Looks like it's back to Firestorm.
  8. I'm downgrading an alt to Basic so will be releasing this very pleasant west-facing waterside (small pond) parcel in Manywoods. Lovely view from the Grandview. Will abandon it at precisely 3:38pm SL time.
  9. Thanks, Sandi, I knew that, but have never seen this message before. The implication is that there are different fees for different levels of membership, with no indication of what the fees are or what categories of photos they apply to. I was wondering if this yet another bit of current SL weirdness (along with some of the glitches with houses in Bellisseria, or disappearing controls within the SL viewer). Or maybe there are new hires poached from Facebook, where they like to 'move fast and break things'
  10. I was just going to take a few pics (using the LL SL viewer) and noticed this for the first time. Anyone know what this is about? I did take one pic and save it to my pc and didn't see a change in my balance.
  11. Purslaine appears to be newly released, although it does look like at least one house was claimed a while ago. EDIT: I see that it was actually released some time ago - but there are 2 unowned waterside parcels next to the near-waterside one that my alt returned!
  12. It didn't show up in About Land> Objects and didn't fully rez. Knew I would abandon the parcel immediately, so didn't go inside to check for any other 'ghosts'.
  13. There may be an issue with the region - at least 2 of the Scranton Woods riverside houses have disappeared from their lots. (My alt just got the same place in Beaverdam (?) 3 times (!) and yet another Jerife Blando riverside parcel - this one with a piece of furniture still inside! - before being knocked out. Internet here has been slower than molasses for the last 2 days, which just adds to the frustration.) 'Night all.
  14. I have another Jerife Blando riverside plot to release - this one directly opposite the river from the one I posted last night. Backs onto the river looking north, though water is only visible from the upper floor, or back yard. Will let it go at 1:30pm SL time.
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