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  1. What I only discovered tonight is that Zerkalo has quite a few group (free to join) gifts. The beach blankets ('Around the World'- NO ANIMATIONS or POSES, but you can substitute one of your own textures) are 2LI each, as is the pile of pillows. The 'Infamous couch' (Adult and PG included, in a few colors) is 5LI and its accompanying chair is 3LI. The basket is 2LI. The leather sofa/daybed is 2LI, and the leather beanbag is also 2LI. There are also a couple of small candles. (No hunting around required - they're all just to the right of the fridge.) I have to admit that the basket is the only i
  2. Zerkalo has 3 items on sale for Happy Weekend and the Saturday Sale, but only two were actually available to inspect. If you picked up Zerkalo's stained and broken sofa and/or the shabby chaise last week, this week's 'apocalyptic fridge' may interest you - 6LI and 75L$. If you're into lots and lots of white lace, check out the bed, though it's a wince-inducing 24LI, 60L$.
  3. Also at the Outlet from Tarte - these screens with twinkling lights - 6LI each, buy individually for 80L$ or all 3 for 163L$... then again, just buy the white one and tint the frame
  4. At Consignment for the Saturday Sale are three glass-topped peacock side tables (silver, gold, black), 2LI, 50L$ each.
  5. At KraftWork for the Saturday Sale, the Carolean Round Table - 75L$, 4LI.
  6. Happy Weekend Sale offering at Muniick: coffee table 2LI, tray 4LI, teacup 1LI, clock 3LI, round table 1LI, and lamp 4LI - sofa/chair/ottoman not on sale
  7. At Black.Sand for the Happy Weekend Sale now: sofa is 7LI and chair is 3LI
  8. Some more odds and ends from Apple Fall's main store: The red and green colanders, 1LI each; the white enamel coffee pot is a freebie, but you'll need to get it at the main entrance display. (The stacked copper pans have no price tag and aren't freebies... but I think the intention might be to make them free. Something to check out at a later visit.) The hanging ghost. The white frame, which you can customize with your own illustration/photo. The decorative Santas. 1LI each. The star wall light and the globes.
  9. 8LI is a bit too much for me, but they're nicely done!
  10. I hadn't seen those, and went back for another look-see. And found more stuff as well. These are the chairs Elena's mentioned.
  11. The boxes with hearts are generally gifts for group members - there are a few others elsewhere in the store.
  12. If you don't quote the specific comment you're responding to, we're not quite sure what you're asking. As Matthieu said, campers were available at the time you first posted; Chloe's post told you the regions where those campers were located (because she either released them herself or saw them mentioned by someone else); KarynMaria explained you need to go the the Land Page and Milk gave you a link full of information on how to acquire a home in Bellisseria. Good luck!
  13. I really, really like this sofa - this is the gray herringbone tinted. (I've also tinted the throw.)
  14. Ah, I'd forgotten to mention the hydrangea! It looks like anything that lacks a visible $ price tag is likely to be a freebie, but obviously worth clicking on the small stuff either way. (Must go back and check out stuff on the non-Outlet floor!)
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