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  1. Can these be applied to my real life neighbors as well? 😏
  2. Can’t manage to load this page properly. Has there been a release today?
  3. The house in Edgar I got was actually for my alt. (I'm still happily occupying a place in Oldridge.) Having seen it, I'm about to release it - it's the one 3 to the right of the one RaeLeeH released earlier.
  4. Thanks, Juliet - I've just seen your comment! I'm happy with the location (and with being the only Alderley in the neighborhood ). My only regret is that my house doesn't have any of those lovely purple rhododendron bushes immediately out front as some local ones do. If only LL would sell them - they're nicer than anything similar I've found! Are you in Oldridge/Fangor?
  5. Success! Thank you! I re-rezzed and the house came back (initially a different color but then quickly returned to my previous settings). All stuff appears to be in the same location, and I can now operate the windows in that back room. My access list appears unchanged. (Will need to double-check access with my Alt.) The *only* difference was the return to default 'keep doors open' setting, so I've changed that back to auto-close.
  6. Guess I'd better bite the bullet and give it a try. Wish me luck...
  7. Hi, Seba- Is that actually a 'thing'? Different from a support ticket?
  8. It's actually two walls, but the fact that another avatar has no problem with opening/closing the windows and shades tells me that it's not an issue with something blocking the 'button'. I'd thought about re-rezzing, but that leads to my next question - what happens to myfurniture, etc.? Will it all remain in situ? Thanks.
  9. Hi all - I've searched in the Knowledge Base and haven't found anything relevant - hoping someone here may be able to shed some light before I create a support ticket. Starting yesterday, I have been unable to operate the windows and window shades in the back room of my Alderley house. No problem with any of the other windows or the doors. (It *is* possible for me to control all windows simultaneously via the Access panel.) I had previously created a whitelist of friends and an alt to give them full access to doors and windows, and had my alt test this. No problem with the back room's windows. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  10. Just checking in to wish everyone still househunting good luck today! (If today’s a release day.) Flex those fingers!
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