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  1. If it's intended as a clue rather than simply an expression of excitement, the film is Burn After Reading, a comedy involving spies, a sexchair and the Hardbodies Fitness Center
  2. Will try again later, thanks! (Was only able to see shapes when I was there earlier.)
  3. I don't want to bug @RaeLeeH here, so I'll just ask a general question - is there info somewhere for each of the model homes that tells us where items can be bought? Sorry if I've missed an earlier post - have just been looking around her Adams, and can't see where I might find info as I'm still in 'gray mode'. Thanks!
  4. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! I now have the Innside house I've wanted all along!!!!! The person who got it actually got 2 of the 3 houses I liked most, had seen me casting longing looks at this one, and contacted me to say she would release it. She yelled GO! I refreshed like mad... AND IT WORKED! Now I can finally go into the kitchen to get something to eat after 6 hours of being glued to my laptop!
  5. Have been trying to make it work, but there are some very awkward steps out front that I just don't like. I've got one more shot today, so maybe I will send it back and try one more time...
  6. Sigh. I managed to get 4 different parcels in Innside, but all of them in the top half of the region. I've got one more week on this account, so don't think this will be enough to keep it premium... unless the new Vics start being released. I do love the flowers out front, though
  7. Vic on the LP 9:17am Gone. Thought for a moment they might be releasing one of the new regions out of sequence.
  8. This is what the map looks like to me - was working fine before the update.
  9. Innside (where I am) is the only region in that area showing any info for me. Mousing over other regions shows no info at all. (I'd updated to the latest version of the LL viewer just before their system started to have problems.)
  10. There's still an issue with the World Map - all the region names for the center section of Bellisseria are missing, as are any green dots outside whatever region you might be in, so using the map to see what if any regions are offline isn't reliable for now. (I suppose there's still a chance of another region release in the next couple of hours.)
  11. Now seeing a page about unscheduled billing maintenance instead of the Linden Homes sold out page. Also a list of web pages with "degraded performance". Has SL ever been hacked? Added screengrab from Belli Citizens
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