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  1. It'll be summer someday, so this 2 LI table fan from Muniick might come in handy! 25L$.
  2. There's another low table, and seating, on sale at Artisan Fantasy - table is 3 LI (wheatgrass planter is 1 LI), and seating crates 1 LI each. The table (with planter, presumably) and crates can be bought separately for 25L$ each, or as a set for 50L$.
  3. 25 Linden Tuesday: I'm not sure where I might use this, but for only 25L$ and 1 LI, I picked up this low table from Shiprock:
  4. The Black Sand Triumph sofa that I like so much is back on sale for Happy Weekend - 11 LI, 60L$ (the gray texture is the one I used, with an added tint). This time, I checked the triangle count, which is staggering, but I have to say that apart from a slight problem with the pom-poms turning from white to black when my camera is pulled back, it's always rezzed quickly for me.
  5. Oops. Shouldn't post when I'm tired. Ignore backwards photo if it still appears!
  6. Lots of stuff on sale at Muniick this weekend. The Essen bedroom set (PG or A) is 60L$. Bed 8 LI, nightstand 1 LI, lamp 2 LI, dresser 2 LI, mirror 1 LI. Lots of texture change options. The "Partition Mess" costs 50L$. The RV Awning set contains several pieces, but note that the lawn chairs are 4 LI compared with the 1LI for the ones currently on offer from What Next.
  7. These chairs from What Next for FLF take me right back to the endless summers of my suburban childhood! 50L$, 1 LI, multiple color options. (Even better: a *wearable* version is included!)
  8. A few coastal areas on the West Coast of Scotland. (Warmer microclimate due to the Gulf Stream.)
  9. Muniick's weekend sales: your own outdoor bar (PG or A 60L$) - bar 5 LI (despite the sign saying 4 LI), beer bucket 3 LI, bar stool 2 LI, bottle/can 1 LI each. Also, the firepit set (50L$, on sale previously so check your inventory first) - chair 2 LI , table 1 LI, firepit 4 LI.
  10. Some new freebies at Apple Fall - Baby Fiddle Leaf plant and the Bette Heart frames - 1 LI each, at the landing point.
  11. Except for the odd inclusion of a life preserver - I think it started life as a lighthouse!
  12. Also at Muniick - kitchen decor for Happy Weekend - 60L$
  13. On sale now at Muniick - the TV is 50L$ and 3 LI, and the texture-change sliding doors are 50L$ and 5 LI.
  14. If you've got 15 LI to spare, Kazza's Happy Weekend item (60L$) is a windmill!
  15. I've just been there, so here's more info for folks. The FLF sale items are these pink leather with metallic pillows sofa and chair (50L$ each). Sofa is 8 LI and chair is 7 LI. Also, these metallic frame sets (not including shelf) are 75L$ each, and the hanging frame sets are 3 LI on the left and 4 LI on the right (50L$ each set). And more info on the storewide sale.
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