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  1. If baking's your thing, Muniick has this set available for 25L$ - all the items except the scale are soft-linked for 4 LI (scale is 1 LI), but individual items included.
  2. 7:46am HB trad Camper Chalet Log Home - gonna be one of those days, I think, when lots of stuff floats around. Good luck! 7:45am HB gone but Trad and others mentioned available. NOW (7:44am SLT): HB, Camper, Stilt on Land, Chalet and Log Home! 4:35am SLT Camper, Vic, Chalet, Stilt on Land At 4am SLT: Only camper and chalet available (Link to check with using a non-Linden-homeowning account: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US//lindenhomes/land-selection.php) Currently available (2:35am SLT)
  3. Well, they just lost my business - clicked on the link and I can't go into the store called Kustom9, even after joining their group. Receive the unhelpful message: " Second Life: Only members of a certain group can visit this area." I see a Vagrant shop (paired with Zerkalo at the Zerkalo location) but that sells only clothing. @Chic Aeon- what's the mystery group one has to join to be allowed into the store? (This is the first time I've ever encountered a vendor who prevented access like this.) Ah, I see it's an event, and it closes today - you'd think that wouldn't mean closing *r
  4. Along with some other items that Zerkalo has had on sale in the last few months, their Happy Weekend offering is this 9 LI grand piano. Lots of PG sit animations, but you'll have to provide your own piano stool. Also in the sale area is this striking 9 LI Calcutta sofa - but there's no price tag or info about it currently available
  5. On the topic of Apple Fall - I've just gone back there and noticed a new showroom area - just walk through the door at the landing point. The new area is atmospherically shrouded in fog, but I managed to find a few free gifts. The rusted planter is 1 LI, the anchor is 4 LI, and the flagstones are in a 3 LI and a 4 LI group. In the main store, I don't know if I've previously mentioned that the macaroons, wine glasses, bottles of wine and whisky decanter are also free gifts.
  6. No extra prims, but I think I only have 4 left! [Correction - still have 8 left!]
  7. I haven't seen anything new added to the Outlet in the last couple of months. Start here to see the photos and info that I and a couple other folks posted about all the AF freebies a while back: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/461691-the-all-in-one-home-furnishings-topic/?do=findComment&comment=2202144
  8. Muniick has the Llewellyn bed (PG or A, 12 LI) on offer for 60L$. And also this garden shed (9 LI... with separate shovel, rake, cinderblocks and pitchfork, 1 or 2 LI each) for 60L$. Last weekend's Llewellyn dining set is also still available for 75L$, though that offer is likely to disappear quickly!
  9. If you're wanting to fill some wall space in your kitchen or dining room, Pitaya is selling this shallow plate display unit (3 LI, white plates or black & white or blue & white designs - 75L$ each) in the Saturday Sale. The unit itself is texture-change: wood, white or black.
  10. A list would be *very* long, but just ask about any items in particular that you'd like to track down by name/maker. Some of the larger items: the kitchen cabinets and stove are from Hive, the fridge is from KraftWork. The dining table, chair with yellow striped cushion, hall stand are from Apple Fall, dining chairs are from Trompe. Sofa is from Trompe, coffee table from Tuesdays, chair from Chez Moi. The green 'Chinese credenza' is a freebie from Apple Fall. The bed and closet, dresser and bedside tables are from Apple Fall (the cream furniture is brand new - on display at the AF landing poin
  11. I have to say that there are 3 items in this house that give me an inordinate amount of joy whenever I see them That lawn chair takes me right back to my childhood. I love pottery and that vessel is just too wonderful (when it rezzes fully ). I can't explain why I love the dish towels, maybe because they just look so real.
  12. And this is the bedroom, study and bathroom in my Tortuga. (The drawing above the dresser is also by Alfredo Ramos Martinez.)
  13. After a few false starts, I finally decided that my second stilt would be a Tortuga - despite it being the one model I really disliked (because of the odd corners and the non-opening windows). I've actually had this house since the end of January, so it's been a *very* slow process. I wanted it to be quite different from my Lauderdale (artist's studio, nautical theme and color palette), so Bienvenido a La Casita Verde! (All of the paintings in the dining area are the work of a Mexican artist, Alfredo Ramos Martinez https://www.alfredoramosmartinez.com/paintings-and-drawings) The bedroom and ba
  14. Already out for this weekend's Happy Weekend sale - the Misha sofa at Black Sand. It's heavy on triangles - 215K, 11 LI, 60L$.
  15. An OP stilt in Shore Thing has just been released! Gone. (I saw a mention in the Belli Cit Group that it was going to be released.)
  16. In terms of checking out the landscaping and view from a location, it's a hit and miss thing to do in the absence of a working world map, but if you're just interested in seeing the internal space of various house styles, find a region where chalets haven't yet been released (look for ones at the end of the alphabet - I tried this out in Wolfskamm). You *can* TP directly into a house by standing right in front of the front door, calling up the mini map, and then clicking within the shaded area that represents that house. For stilts, have a look at this still-in-progress region http://maps.seco
  17. Much simpler route - if someone is logged in to the web site with a non-Linden home owning account, they simply need to use this url: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US//lindenhomes/land-selection.php
  18. Newish at The Outlet - all six colors of this 5 LI lounger, just 99L$.
  19. Many thanks for the tip on resizing the pot - my lesson for the day!
  20. This set from Bloom is LI-heavy for me, but I liked the flowers. There's no visual demo available, but for 25L$ I decided to take a punt, and after a bit of unlinking faffing about (the benches are separate, but everything else is linked to the table), I now have 2 slightly different buckets of flowers (2 LI each) and a lovely plate of avocado toast (1 LI)
  21. And this week's 25 Linden Tuesday offering at Muniick:
  22. Though the set as a whole might not suit Bellisserian homes (so far), bits and pieces of this gateway might be of interest as the whole set costs only 50L$ at Muniick. But as this is a leftover from the weekend, best get there soon if you want it for this price. (The stone planters are 3LI each.)
  23. [insert laughing emoji here] Oh my. Now that's a book I haven't thought of in... decades!
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