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  1. Great Banks is offline - two regions below North Wall - is that a new region? Never mind and apologies - I see it was released a while ago.
  2. Just saw this, for anyone interested in DRD's "rustic" furnishings: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/06/26/50-off-at-drd/
  3. It may be a bit early, but if you're starting to collect furniture for the stilt houses, it's worth visiting Trompe L'Oeil for their current Stay At Home Club gift (free). Note that the Trompe gifts change so these may not be available in a couple of weeks. As ever with their chairs, many different patterns and colors are included; both styles include fabric and leather options, with lots of PG animations.
  4. This ENTIRE ROOM SET is on sale for 50 Linden Friday today at Lisp. The whole thing for only 50L - go!!!! Edit: This is still available for 50L at 5:30am SL time, Saturday.
  5. These SL17B freebies from Laminak might suit a log home or a camper. The cushions have several color options and animations. Each piece is 2LI. (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jubilant/60/100/53)
  6. HHVET Victoriana has some additional gifts at SL17B, including this table with vase, books, etc. (5LI) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B Pizzazz/164/181/23 (There's also a patchwork rug with the same patterns as the cloth seen in the photo I'd posted earlier of the table with candle.)
  7. Thanks! The space is definitely much larger than my trad, and more difficult to fill. (Hence all the pattern on the walls.) A few more 1 and 2LI bits to be added when I find the right ones. (Still on the the lookout for a broom/mop/bucket for the kitchen corner - any recommendations?)
  8. I think I've done as much with my Overlook as I can for the time being - only 25LI left, so the back room is sparsely decorated, but I've currently got the Content Pack's firepit and picnic benches out back, which eat up 17LI, so they may be sacrificed. I just happened to check the MP yesterday to see if there was a paint shell for the Overlook and there was! A bit fiddly, and I'm still working on getting rid of the flicker on the two narrow strips of wall at 90 degrees to the front door. I only wish the shell allowed a different texture to be used for the upper half of the main room.
  9. I haven't been checking that thread much very recently - are there still some ready-to-go Victorians?
  10. At the moment, the only thing any of us can say is 'be patient'. More homes will be released, but there may be some periods of drought as you've missed a major release of thousands of log homes in April/May. There are abandoned homes that pop up, but unless you see one mentioned in the forums, you'll have no warning. This is the thread to check - maybe consider 'following' it and having updates sent to your email address - but be sure to check the last page of posts!
  11. Some newly-added gifts at the Stay at Home Club which may not be around for a long time (on the "Rotating Gifts" page) from HHVET Victoriana (the last gift is the Cozy Country *Table*, not planter. which includes the candlestick and the patchwork):
  12. Wowza. Upset? No. Mildly irritated by the complaining tone of several posts? Yes. But it's not me who's been getting worked up into a lather about this. "Get over yourself" is a pretty hostile response to someone in my book, and certainly uncalled for here.
  13. People are being honest about their reactions to the existence of cloned regions within Bellisseria, so I'm going to be honest as well. I find myself becoming increasingly peeved by this part of the thread. Repeating patterns existed in nature before town planners or moles made use of them. Why? Because they're efficient. Individual parcels are blank canvases to make your own; a neighborhood of such parcels will never be exactly duplicated, even if its topography is. If a world map were unavailable to us, how many of you would even know that regions have been cloned? Have you walked/cycled/driven *so* many miles of SL roads that you've noted every rock, every tree, every lake or pond? Why does it bother you that someone else, or even several someone elses, have the same lovely view that you do? For my part, the existence of cloned regions meant that I had several opportunities to settle in one of the log home plots I'd identified as "my perfect spot". And I'm glad that 7 other people were equally fortunate.
  14. I think you're thinking of the Delaney Camp Couch and Chair - which were on offer just as the log homes were being released. They have 9 plaid fabrics (some of which may be the same), but also many retro and striped fabrics. The legs and arms are darker and more angular. The Delaney also has a solid white option that can be tinted to suit your decor very easily. (Some of the patterns also look good with a slight tint applied.)
  15. Trompe L'Oeil's latest freebie for the Stay At Home Club is the 5LI Pomeroy Glen Chair with a 1LI Ottoman. There are 24 different plaid fabrics to choose from! (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyde Park/208/167/22)
  16. Mmmmm. Interesting. Though my (full, paid for) copy of Malwarebytes is installed on both my laptop and pc. Will report back the next time if there's an issue.
  17. I was the OP; the problem didn't occur with an update between the two that I reported here. If it happens with the next update, I'll report it here and then consider whether it's worth pursuing with LL via a ticket. (Note: it's only been an issue with my Win 8.1 laptop, not my Win10 desktop.)
  18. Nope. I've already got a trad, Vic and log home to keep me happy! The Conestoga is still unclaimed.
  19. WILL RELEASE AT 1:47pm SL TIME! For my very last abandon (alt being downgraded to Basic tonight) I give you a waterside in Conestoga, water to the west. I will release it at 1:39pm SL time. Oops, region is logging out so will delay until 1:43pm. EDIT: Damn, forced reinstall/update of SL Viewer and Firestorm threw me out. Stay tuned if you're interested...
  20. I'll be releasing a waterside parcel in Travelers Way at 5:08pm SL time. (Water on 2 sides, but really only visible from the back porch of the Overlook and its upper window.) Still unclaimed 2 minutes later. Update: now gone. At 5:15 - abandoned again, if anyone's interested.
  21. Before seeing this I created a new folder in Program Files and installed the viewer there successfully. With SL open, I looked in the Task Manager and saw 2 instances of dullahan were running. But when I closed down the viewer, both disappeared from the listing. Curiouser and curiouser.
  22. Now having the same problem as I originally stated with today's forced download of SL Viewer - 3 attempted installs. Norton AV and Malwarebytes say that the file is clean, so I guess I'll try disabling the AV for the actual install. Fingers crossed. EDIT: Nope, dullahan still refuses to install after disabling my AV software. Looks like it's back to Firestorm.
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