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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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Just to clear this up:   Last week, I said "Not this week, or next week".   That now refers to the week of 22 March through 28 March.  I also said "thousands" as in over 4000. I don't know, may

I've died and gone to Bellessaria Heaven. My new place is better than I could have imagined. Roads on 3 sides, with an edge of protected land so it gives the illusion my yard is huge. A river mou

I got a home ! 

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When I abandon it I can let you know but that rarely works. I have tried for houses people have said they were giving up and sat for up to two hours clicking, only to find the house still wasn't released, although it was abandoned. Its very unpredictable when homes are released after they are abandoned. If I were you I would be clicking away now because often people release homes for ages after a release x


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30 minutes ago, Elyeah said:

Grabbed a traditional in Permaglow with my alt. Not sure if I will keep it, but Permaglow is lovely. Lots of trees. Mines the one dead centre in the photo.




52 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

There were an incredible number of errors, but my guy alt managed to get one in Permaglow, after multiple relogs.  

It is near to the falls ... not the house next to them, but just across the water ... and, you know .... hmmm.

There's something a little disconcerting about this property. 

I'll have to get back to you.



where did you get i can't tell from the photos?

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2 minutes ago, roseelvira said:

congrats !!!

Thanks. I like to be close enough to the water to see it when I stand in my garden and this one is slightly raised and back a little, so I can't really do that but I still like it as all of Permaglow is so lovely. Lots of trees and its  just so pretty in spite of the toxic water  😂. This house has a little patch of trees to one side of it. I don't like box hedges though and it has box hedges around it but I can derender those :) Its my gypsy alt though, permanent premium but likes to keep moving around. 😉

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Thanks! Mine is going back though as we are looking for the edge not inland. It's very pretty landscaping and just across from the pond. Will put back on the hour in 5 mins approx ...


Also as an edit - there were no error messages for me on this one it went through first time smoothly like the Goodbury release. Hope this house has made someone's weekend!


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1 hour ago, ClyviaEpiphany said:

how do i get these new houses or the houseboats or even the trailers ?? Some of them??


Clyvia, take a look at this thread.  And good luck!  It really is getting easier :)



Edited by Nika Talaj
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4 hours ago, Seicher Rae said:

Can someone remind me what the red lines around a sim means versus the yellow lines? There are some new, named sims this weekend.

Usually, a region has red status lines above it before release.  I've only seen a region released with yellow status once, Nicholasville.

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Picked up a boat just a short bit ago, but didn't like the location better than my other one.  Abandoned and hit refresh and got a Trailer spot that I do like better than my current one, so keeping that one and will abandon my older trailer spot later tonight.


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