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  1. not to mension all those angry people living in the community at some time ,i'm sure they will find something else to complain over ,its a shame to see adults behaving like spoiled kids not getting their toy RIGHT now .
  2. thats sounds simple enough for me !
  3. a stupid quistion maybe ,but i see these great pictures from you all showing your homes ( it always makes me greedy in starting furnishing all over again ) but i love to show my finsished ( finally ) home too ,so how you guys get these photo's in ? do i just save my pics on PC and add them in my topic ? ,all tips are welcome 😊
  4. omg these shades are awesome ,where you got them from ?
  5. wrong topic
  6. its weird ,i have seen several houses and boats today ,with auto refreshing ,and all times it came right on my screen ,i do have the name filled in and use Ghrome
  7. you just have to be real stubborn and click manually for periods through the day ,it may be boring as hell ,but when your focused on your screen you have best chances ,i abandoned my home when the last batch was released with houseboats ,and i totally missed out ,its was wtf ? they were gone in a flash ,so i spend a week or three clicking and refreshing ,first on auto ,that made me miss out on a few homes cuz i was to slow ,after i went going manual refreshing i had a home in hours ,i looked for minutes at the screen just couldn't believe it .and i am from Europe timezone
  8. i found the best chance you have for a new home is to manually refresh the page ,several times a day for sometime ,its all a matter of quik reacting in seconds ,so you need to keep your eye at the screen ,there are houses and boats being abandoned each day so it kind of playing roulette ,but it is possible to have a home in day 's
  9. i had that too couple of times ,i used the auto refresh ,but even timer on 2 sec is too late ,if you go to manual and watch your screen you have far more better chances in grabbing one ,cuz you need to be real fast ,yesterday i missed lots of chances with auto refreshing ,when i turned to manual refreshing i had one come up in no time !
  10. refreshing and refreshing helps .i just got my self a new home ,only determination gives you what you want .☺️
  11. some only want to believe there own truth ,its like talking to a brick wall
  12. Atina0


    is it just me ? but i'm getting a lil nervous .just hoping i'll be on time when the new batch is released
  13. i may be interested for like 8000
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