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  1. so true ,i was out of my clicks very fast and i have just one account to play with
  2. pitty i see lots of the OL homes reaching the water ,nice locations ,i have one myself its perfect
  3. weird ,i just saw my first pierhome of the whole day and all homes were still lindenhomes ,its just now filling up
  4. i get all that ,but the major fun is always to be in the release time ,trying to get your favorite spot ,thats no way to compare with picking up an abandon at our daytimes ,mind you i caught some great abandons over time ,but .......the thrill of being in the moment of the release ,its so much more fun . so friendly request to release on more different times like in the past
  5. i just let an OW stilt go at float alone ,on the LP now
  6. thats weird ,they never did that before right ?
  7. i put back at least to stilts today ,one on pier and one on water , this was hours ago and they still show as lindenhomes .why does it take so long before they show on the LP ?
  8. i went to check it out and decided not to click
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