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  1. the tricky thing is some Vics stay way to long in maintenance
  2. since im still hopping with my alt ,i like an invitation too please 😄
  3. i can always pretend to be foreign ,hey wait ! i am .lol
  4. i saw it on the map Semen up ? 12 avatars ? ,i must go and look
  5. as i was going for the Vic at the Grote dijk .i just clicked on my phone in the middle of my night ,still half sleeping ,i got a Vic in Neville ,thinking it would be another inlandish house i went back to sleep ..........wel in the morning when i looked my heart almost stopped beating ,it seems my hopping days are over ,this is what i was looking for ,what a gorgeous morning surprise .
  6. at the risk of being boring ,anyone have an idea of possible releases this week ?
  7. i wish i could afford giving up my sleep ,but my day starts way to early ☹️
  8. i woke up and saw it was released ,bummer i had been camping there long time
  9. why doesnt it seem popular ? i saw some pretty cool houses there
  10. i had my eyes on Ebbe tide ,but i missed the release ,was in my night
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