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  1. i just send back a lovely water parcel loghome in Hardly There
  2. its in options i think
  3. you can do that in about land ,to prevend everyone to use these rights ,its best to use a security system or create a group ,so that only you and the people in your group can acces their stuff .
  4. It doesn't have a lot of water ,just a small pond at the back ,but these hills are to die for
  5. how funny is this ,in two days time i grab two log homes with two alts ,one in Snooker and the other in Iron horse and its an identical clone ... i was like huhhhh ? good river locations though so i will let one go in iron Horse
  6. you can always check in your teleport history ,i always put a new home in my pics so i can see if its taken or not as i type this ,another or same Vic on the lp
  7. silly quistion maybe ..but are you sure your on your own lindenhome ?
  8. waits patiently until i get out of my lockdown 🥺
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