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  1. Really its easy to get a good location with a great view ,even if you only have one account , all it takes is rolling the dice over and over again and i promise you withing days you have the perfect place for your liking ,its how i do it ,all my homes are random abandons that surprised me soon as i landed ,i have three ,and i feel no shame at all ,i pay for them 😜
  2. i just put them back in the pot ,so everyone has a good chance
  3. i feel new drama coming up ,wonders how long before this thread gets closed 🙄
  4. i found that i just can't enjoy more then two homes at a time ,i have two active accounts and they both use their lindenhome frequently , i really try to maintain a third one ,but i always end up letting go one home ,i just dont have time for more ,and i dont want to collect homes i never use anyway .
  5. i will keep it for a bit ,i'm in no hurry ,lets see if she 's awake
  6. if she doesnt make it on time i have another option for her ,letting go of Fraid Knot today .lovely green location near the water https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fraid Knot/124/92/0
  7. happy with my entrance so far ,it struck me this morning that singularity is showing we colors firestorm never did
  8. it still a work in progress but i'm having so much fun with this house Fraid Knot .i want to live in a home like this in RL
  9. couldnt find it ,bought it anyway ,i like piano's
  10. for people who love their gardens i found Kathy's garden at marketplace ,she sells lovely tree and walkways with deco ,its a bit high in prims ,but i found it rezzing fast with good lods ,its worth taking a look at it ,and she sells most for 50 lindens only just an excample
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