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  1. Update: I had some things happen irl and havent been on in a while due to things. I lost my current town home in the process. I will be getting a new one once i get paid irl on the 10th. Sorry about that!
  2. I would love to be a sister! Age: 20. Do we HAVE to change our avatars though? e.e
  3. I am a MARRIED 20 year old looking for 2 roommates. (Putting this here so I don't have strange people IM'ing me for sexual things ^^;) I am currently renting a 3 bedroom town home in a neighborhood. I have a week left on my lease then I will be moving to another town home in a different neighborhood for L$1600 a week. I am looking for 2 roommates! I expect rent to be divided equally so we each pay L$533 a week. I will also be hiring an interior designer to furnish and decorate the town home. Let me know if you're interested! IM me in world, that's the best way to get a hold of me! (L$533 will be required on each person upon move in)
  4. I have submitted an application! Thank you!
  5. Looking for work in the following fields: Roleplay Bartender Receptionist Host I do not have any prior SL Job experience, I am a night owl so I am online around 5pm-5am MT (Mountain Time). I am a very friendly and out going person, I will come to work with my a smile on my face and hard work! Please contact me with job description and pay. Thank you!
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