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  1. 2 Spots have been claimed, 2 are left! Please remember to also IM me in world in case I'm on the mobile app and don't get the notecard! ❤️
  2. Just because you see it as typical does not mean to need to stoop to their level and participate in it
  3. So far you're the only commenter that has been reasonable and respectful. That you for sharing your opinion but being respectful in the progress ❤️
  4. If you're not interested then please don't comment. You're all acting very disrespectful and ridiculous.
  5. Okay, then rent there. You're getting more than a room/ home. You are getting a great RP experience.
  6. I have a BEAUTIFL home in the Giano Roleplay Community Neighborhood. it is a 3 bed 1 bath. Great big living area, kitchen, dining room, and yard! The main living area is fully decorated in a beautiful Modern/ farm house style. I am not looking into getting the main living area changed at all. I am renting the bedrooms as a shared room, 2 people per room. You can do what ever you would like to your side of the room. Rent is 550L$ a week. I will give a prim amount per person as soon as that whole house is fully furnished and I know what is left. I will also add picks in this post as I
  7. If you are looking for a place still I have a shared bedroom in the Giano Roleplay community neighborhood in a BEAUTIFUL Fully decorated Home for 550L$ a week. We are working on making it into a party home ❤️ You can do what ever you want on your side of the bedroom ❤️
  8. If you end up not keeping it, can you IM me in world so I can try snatching it? ♥
  9. Did they already do all of the releases today? And if not will there be any traditional homes?
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