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  1. ok summer is still going ,but Fall is luring around the corner for free this autum landscape about 20 prims in total ,i have no pic but it is really nice .you can place all items seperate . https://www.facebook.com/groups/secondlifegroup/permalink/4246754635390902/
  2. Go into land options and check build options ,that allows everyone to rez ,just make sure you dont keep it open all the time ,you dont want surprises in your home after coming back safest way is still to make a group ,so you can only allow your friends to rez though
  3. you can allow everyone to rez ,but thats not really a very safe option ,a way to do it is allow your friends when they need temporarely rez and then close it again before you log off
  4. Really its easy to get a good location with a great view ,even if you only have one account , all it takes is rolling the dice over and over again and i promise you withing days you have the perfect place for your liking ,its how i do it ,all my homes are random abandons that surprised me soon as i landed ,i have three ,and i feel no shame at all ,i pay for them 😜
  5. i just put them back in the pot ,so everyone has a good chance
  6. i feel new drama coming up ,wonders how long before this thread gets closed 🙄
  7. i found that i just can't enjoy more then two homes at a time ,i have two active accounts and they both use their lindenhome frequently , i really try to maintain a third one ,but i always end up letting go one home ,i just dont have time for more ,and i dont want to collect homes i never use anyway .
  8. i will keep it for a bit ,i'm in no hurry ,lets see if she 's awake
  9. if she doesnt make it on time i have another option for her ,letting go of Fraid Knot today .lovely green location near the water https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fraid Knot/124/92/0
  10. happy with my entrance so far ,it struck me this morning that singularity is showing we colors firestorm never did
  11. it still a work in progress but i'm having so much fun with this house Fraid Knot .i want to live in a home like this in RL
  12. couldnt find it ,bought it anyway ,i like piano's
  13. for people who love their gardens i found Kathy's garden at marketplace ,she sells lovely tree and walkways with deco ,its a bit high in prims ,but i found it rezzing fast with good lods ,its worth taking a look at it ,and she sells most for 50 lindens only just an excample
  14. it almost makes me want a Stilt home again and i dont even like these .
  15. you're making me jealouse ,stop doing that ,lol ,awesome work ,makes me think i saw some lovely pieces in your pics , would'nt it be an idea of adding a list of furniture you used ,or isnt that permitted ,just asking myself .
  16. must be you're skills of making pic's but the pic looks sooo gorgeous
  17. could be ,it was an empty spot since i got there ,and it somehow fits perfectly
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