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  1. perhaps she touched the walls ,and that shows Quartz Mole as owner ,i find it weird after so long you can lose your home .when you didnt abandon and are still premium
  2. not everybody ,most people here are just happy to be able to afford one account .7 paid accounts is way more then i can put my time in ,besides i have way better ways of spending my money
  3. is there a release going on ? trad on the page for long time
  4. if you do give a notice please .been looking for a nice seashore forever
  5. its all about personal preferences ,i tried campers and had the most beautiful locations ,but i still cant move in that tiny space ,i loved my houseboat cuz it was in an awesome location ,but in then end im more at home in a trad or a vic .it all in the location of the house and how it feels when your there
  6. for the Victorian lovers ,sending a decent Vic back in the pool ,and no weird looking stuff to derender ,lol .lets say 5 min from now
  7. yup at the back the complete sofa and chairs are sitting on the roof ,but its that fence i hated most ,it had a moving object at it ,Stephen Kings IT banging at it ,i derendered all
  8. i guess its all a matter of taste ,my new backneighbour
  9. i picked the first Vic i saw on the page ,seems there are several waiting to get going at once ,its a nice location though
  10. If you could hold it for 40 min then I will be home
  11. once you grabbed a home ,you go to the mailbox outside your place and click on it ,grab the content pack with goodies and you see also 4 choices of homes you can rez trads gives 4 diff trads ,houseboats give 4 diff boats and Vic's give out 4 diff Vic's
  12. thats ok we all learn daily ,if you want to react just click QUOTE and submit reply
  13. letting go a nicely located Vic in Cape Edward now !!
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