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  1. thank you so much for the info, i will be definitely checking all of those out i know I am very new but before joining second life I watched a lot of youtube videos to get an idea and came across a few of the Bellisseria and love it, i know that this continent came out I believe back in April so obviously no places there left unless someone abandons one, but would hope that maybe they will come out again with pretty homes like that again and a lovely town...the new places that are provided at the moment aren't my type but I don't mind patiently waiting, but in the mean time I would love to visit the Bellisseria Continent...thank you so much again for the info
  2. hello everyone, i just joined SL in Hopes to have a home here but seems we have new homes to chose from which I don't like, this is a much more beautiful continent...how can someone come and visit your beautiful continent...I have searched everywhere on the maps and such and put in "Bellisseria" and can't find it anywhere....hoping one day I can get a place there...
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