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  1. OMG i am there now,i came across this place from someone else landmark near by and i really like the details in this cafe,for just a 1024 land its very well done
  2. Hi everyone,i am so new to purchasing land and wonder if its worth it...If i bought a Homestead from someone that would mean that i pay the asking price but then would have to pay LL monthly? and also since i would purchase from someone does that mean i need to own a full sim first? what would be more worth it a full sim at 20000 LI or a homestead at 5000? This whole thing is so confusing to me,i am hoping to eventually purchase a sim for when i decide to ever open an inworld store in the future and thought since its a big sim i could also put my house along with a few others on that sim so i
  3. Thank you,I haven't been looking for a few months since the Vic was first released i got one at that time and stuck with it,then just today saw the log homes which i would prefer so decided to abandon my Vic home for one...Not sure how hard it's going to be to get one but i will keep trying lol
  4. Are they still releasing regions daily and if so what theme of homes?
  5. they must be holding on to them...nothing has come up so far for both of them lol
  6. Thank You,its funny how we use to keep getting the old ones and Bellisseria was not very often and my heart would drop every time it came up and now it's all i get but mostly boats and campers with the odd trad...now its to keep an eye on the photos...very challenging now but knowing someone got one this morning makes it better to know that its possible just might have to try for a while.... also trads would go so fast that alot of the time we'd miss out for not being quick enough and now they sit for many refreshes and much easier to get...
  7. Good Morning/Evening everyone...i have been away for about a month and missed the big release of Victorian homes...do they still release regularly like every day or second day (Monday,Wednesday and Friday) like they use to and is it very hard to get a Victorian?
  8. what region is this,that's pretty? only downfall for me is i like a house at the street but if somewhere was that pretty with water i might overlook that lol
  9. yeah i meant where in Permaglow? was trying to see which houses...
  10. awwwww,its a great way to keep your mind off of things and enjoy a bit here...hope he is doing much better Nice to see you both on here,my real hubby is on here with me as well and i love it
  11. awwww love that you both got a spot next to eachother...that's great
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