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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 hour ago, Nalates Urriah said:

One of the things about images... only you (the image taker) know what was intended (hoped for?) and tragically we missed our mark. For those of us without knowledge of your intent... you can tell us it was all planned and the accident resulting in an awesome image is just a tiny testament to you talent... 😁

Good image... has that 'artistic' look... ❤️

Thank you! Both for the kind words about the image, but also for the point you make about the irrelevance of my "intentions" vs. the impact of the image itself.

Note to self: stop being so insecure that I feel the need to forestall criticism by making it myself . . . !

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3 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Well, if you're ever foolhardy enough to agree to another sitting, I'd love to try a "softer" take on your look. You've got a serious Rita Hayworth vibe going with your avi, and it would be fun to explore that. Maybe some shots in the new 1940s New York sim! Or at the USO! Or set up as a pin-up. Or . . .

Ok, I'll just shut up now. 😊

Whenever you get the itch and you just gotta scratch it, I'll be there in a flash! I would love to do some in a 1940's Sim AND as a pin-up! How cool would that be????

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Not much time today. Sorted three new outfits, and my resolution is to visit at least five  two new locations each week...…… *grins*

So I kicked off with La Isla Tropical....What a lovely scenic beach with loads of detail....you must go there!!  

Sao Nicolau (59, 116, 21)

The house is really nicely laid out, and there's a hot tub, and boats. Like a beach Lutz. I'm impressed. I will go back when I have more time...……..  :)





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Taking advice........for once!! haha!
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57 minutes ago, GreatBigHippy said:

OK. I was going to spend a ton of money on a new Bento head, but then I got pointed towards the absolute bargain of the Logo mesh! 
Sooo.. I spent all the money on animations! .... can't win! snapshot_015.thumb.jpg.4fa90e93938c2b9da5206e1682f9e5be.jpg

Super cute! The more I see that head the more I’m convinced I have to buy it. I mean, it’s so cheap. You have done great things with it!

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So I'm waiting here for the pilot and nothing....WTF??? The sun is setting so I guess I'll have to find a place to stay for the night....Errrr! So...  what's a girl to do, in a bikini.... in the tropics... at night....on the beach....alone ;)


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