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  1. @Trinity1776 Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. When it is one of the 'pirate' parties (denoted by the fact that the DJ is showing the pirate DJ group tag, and/or it is noted as such on the events calendar) then our hope is to run events where everyone can have loads of fun, but those outside are not inconvenienced. If you are experiencing anything negative, an IM to the DJ (friendly like ) should be enough to either get them to check the parcel settings, ask guests to tone down on the annoyances, or, in the worst cases, move the party elsewhere. We are a collective, so we ha
  2. A lovely art form, Great Creativity from us, But always there's one....
  3. No Man. No Lindens. No Mesh Body. No new Home. I quit....... aaaand I'm back.
  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the kind words I had so much fun with such an amazing community crowd! My pics are not so good, but we have a pic of Doc on the Keytar! Hope to see you all sooooon!
  5. This could be interesting I'd be interested in supporting such a venture. There is also the option of someones house being used as a place for a "permanent collection" as a way to generate interest for a scheduled event. Ping me in world if you need hands to realize this. 8+ years in technical theatre, LX design and production management here.
  6. Ok - had more time - and spent some time changing makeup so.. more photos yupee! This time, me looking pensive in my garden - probably considering where it all went wrong
  7. I often forget to take photos when out and about - but I'm liking pose places at events
  8. Yeah. I agree with the above. "I'm angry so I'm going to upset as many people as I can on the internet" is pretty much the least mature thing I can think of. Eat Icecream - go for a run - meditate - watch romcoms - stroke a kitten - stroke yourself - Sing - force laugh - Read the darwin awards - write in your journal - make something up for a journal that will be found in 100 years time - Paint - Breathe deeply - Smoke - Finish your design for a cosmic super weapon - call your parents - call someone else's parents - go to the pub and chat to a stranger - go to the playground and swing until
  9. OK. Some of you may remember my relaxation pad. Well, there are two sides to every coin and I have finally made my ultimate party pad I've done my best to keep it contained and cool so it respects the themeing, but this is exactly what I would do in RL given time and money Now I have a place for practice in a cool environment and the odd private party/afterparty Feel free to pop round and relax anytime!
  10. Hey. I haven;t seen anything come up on the blog for the auditions yet... I hadn't clocked it was so close. Did I miss this? Where would it come up? Thanks
  11. This was the first thing I built in SL - on my old account (long story, lost details, started new account, years later remembered the details, now she is my alt) When I rezzed in, all the years later, the hole I made for this to sit in was still landscaped. From August 2005 I give you the Good Ship Bobbysocks!
  12. Just back from a boogie and felt like I hadn't taken a selfie for a bit Pretty face, terrible photographer!
  13. I guess it might be worth adding it to the Jira queue? Maybe it's technically possible to make objects "see through" to mouse clicks?
  14. Hey all. So. I've posted a few pics in the other thread, but not much of the inside of my house. I went with the Adams and have an addon that puts in some internal rooms. I'm still tweaking (as always) but I'm happier than I've been for a while with the results.. just wish I had more prims for "clutter" I plan to join the group and open the house to visitors at some point soon Feel free to ping me if you want to visit in the meantime!
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