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  1. JJack Montreal

    Would like to start learning korean

    Dunno if you can learn korean but using SL it will be easier to find gorean classes.
  2. JJack Montreal

    achat de linden, montant en euros

    Grosso modo tu applique cette formule. Montant US X 0.9 = xEuro
  3. JJack Montreal

    Will you be my friend?

    You being very offensive and it will be deleted within 24h
  4. Oh i don't bother with that Klyt, it was yesterday. I don't really come in this forum to prove anything, just killing time on a 12 hour shift. And it work well. Yesterday passed like a charm and today is looking good.
  5. Well, Klyt, i won't say its fact, you too biased to be objective. The only real proof you show is your hatred of men. But its ok the feelin is mutual , at least mutual between men and hardcore feminazies . But i just feel there is something hypocrite with you. Reading all your stuff something tells me you not really a woman so what worth the opinion of someone who hate is own gender while identify to the other gender. Also the description of alpha males is definitly the alpha male from most mammal species. But not in all mammal species males behave like this and mankind is not one of them.
  6. Unfortunatly for you i know enough about rome and no its not mysoginystic ***** as you claim, but why i am not surprise that *****ty argument used, again, by a wamen.. or wannabe wamen. Anyway. What kill Rome is the ratio roman/slave that was 1:1 as well as the roman wamen did their feminazism too and wanted privilege so the birth rate ratio plummeted below the minimal 1.3. The mysogynecologic thing you mention is a recent mental meltdown by wamen and their beta pets, its quite recent. But one think for sure, its not you that will teach me something about Rome, you barely leave your computer Klytotyna. The worst thing was the welfare state, like most of you, wannabe wamen, enjoy. That was the final nail in their coffin. So Klytotyna better luck next time.
  7. What is absurd is women and beta males talking about men like if you were specialists. You are the end of a civilization while this current degeneration think they are progress. Roman had all those social symptoms as well, at the end.
  8. JJack Montreal

    Maybe I need help

    Yep its your attitude and also its cultural. That the new women empowerment culture and you prolly swallowed every words of the mantra. But no worries, that where cats will save you ! You will never be alone !
  9. JJack Montreal


    I am reading this and can't believe it...my first question is, did you dyed your hairs ?
  10. Dang i though you were a lady... now just got the proof.
  11. Find it yourself, i just answered a statisticless comment from someone else with my own statisticless answer.
  12. I walked among them and was proud of it. No need to feel sorry for me, i am a man nor asking any change in your point of view, again, men don't care, i just answer this topic for my own fun .