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  1. Im scrolling back to see where i mention that i am looking for partnership. PS: Had to edit, just returned from a week of moderator forced isolation. We'll continue this saturday, so i won't be ban before monday.
  2. Show me your ***** Someone from "second life" telling me that ? The biggest joke ever...
  3. Uh if you say so. Still waiting for your certification...
  4. Girls don't need to mention they are emotional.. Its like saying you are looking for wet water...
  5. Typical, they got check mate but they still want the last word, be my guest
  6. I am an SL billionaire i can afford what i want. I made the gallow and the rope, costed nothing. And you exactly the stereotype to be used with.
  7. I have no clue about any ID card, key or secret handshake but as a populist i can provide a gallow and a rope
  8. You are at the right place to ask this question. The SL aristocracy hang here and they are really bored... Higher their resident score, higher the boredom factor.
  9. Welcome in society, where the reality is not at the height of the ideal. But i agree on all that noble explanation of what should be an admin. Finally, if you were yourself an admin, do you think you'd be a enlighten admin or you'd be a tyrant ?
  10. I doubt you will find any virtue in SL at all. Its already hard to find people of real virtue in the real world. You'll find alot of people who claim to be, but saying it is not enough, unfortunately. People like to use big words when they run their lips but they fail to prove it with actions.
  11. Dunno if you can learn korean but using SL it will be easier to find gorean classes.
  12. Grosso modo tu applique cette formule. Montant US X 0.9 = xEuro
  13. You being very offensive and it will be deleted within 24h
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