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  1. You sooooo unlucky.... Try any other game and i bet you`ll find what you looking for. Second life is more a retirement home for oldies than anything else... But i wish you best luck !
  2. We need to ask dinosaurs how they fixed that pollution problem since they had 15 times more carbon in the atmosphere than we have right now...
  3. Its same as in RL but you need to be really desperate if you want it to work.
  4. Answering to Vanoralynna, 4 reply above. Was screening the page then saw the statement about "You own yourself, no one own you". So just mentioning "We not owning ourselves, we are". Just doing 12 cents philosophy cuz i am bored.
  5. Nope, we don't own ourselves, "we are". Having and being are 2 different concepts. One is materialistic and the other is spiritual.
  6. Oh wow 2014... However, i recently been asked to voice to confirm i am not a woman ... by a woman ... So we live in a strange era where everything is upside down...
  7. I am certain of it, just used to opportunity to place a funny line to a freshly risen from the graves topic.
  8. you have that person calling card in a folder in your inventory if you didnt deleted it
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