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How does your avatar look today ?


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Trying to see what I can do with the "Normie" bento mesh head.  500L and support for omega skins, but a different overall shape than I'm used to.  Getting some good results though.  Using a glam affair skin for this one, normally meant for a logo head, but the omega applier worked just fine here too.


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I went to see if I could find any interesting new clothes to buy. I ended up getting some new eyes and hair instead, and figured I should try it without the beard first.Not sure I like how it's rigged, I may have to work a bit on that. 



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Inspired by real life, Saw a girl in RL with this outfit. OK so her top was actually tucked into her shorts, and those were not this short and her socks were white and red (I need to fix that) and she had tennis shoes on.


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Playing around with LAQ's 1000L promo head "Scarlett". I love the mocap animations included with it, but the sliders are very subtle as far as changing the shape and there's some obvious issues with the nose. System eyes can be worn with it and it has a layer that can be toggled on or off giving them that shine.


She's super cute though and at this price I think I'm going to grab her for Clover and my alt.

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