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  1. The only fireworks i'll see this weekend 😐
  2. Can't get a haircut RL so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Enjoying my favorite part of the Christmas decorations, this little village!
  4. This was my original Halloween costume for this year, ummm not scary 😆
  5. No one ever gave me this while trick or treating , and I don't find it all that often but Ritter Sport Marzipan is a huge favorite of mine . 😁
  6. This is a bit of a reach but Valentina E does some vintage looking clothes as well.🙂
  7. i only go for the rares if it is something i will wear or use myself. I limit what i will allow myself to spend, for the most part,lol. I've used extra rares to trade and I usually give extra gachas away. I doubt I would buy a rare on mp for a super inflated price.
  8. My apologies if this is already in motion, but wouldn't it be easier to just start a separate thread? As far as themes, let everyone submit themes on notecards and pick a random one each month, which then could be announced in the thread. I wanted to thank @Saravendi for the original poster, so much fun and i appreciate you taking the time to do it .
  9. i deleted too quickly but anyone else having problems with TP and connecting to FS help chat?
  10. it's the intent of the bullies/shamers which counts here, not the fact that we are just pixels on a computer who can mute, log off tp away etc. the intent to cause another person (because there is a live person sitting at the computer) discomfort or shame that is what is counted. i never get upset when someone attempts to troll me , i ignore or mute, but that doesn't excuse their troll behavior, because my avatar is not real. body shaming, racism etc it all exists in sl even if we are a virtual world
  11. using the term "body shaming" in sl in no way lessens the meaning in rl. if i start spewing out racist words in sl , does that change how offensive they are in rl? body shaming in rl or sl comes from the same root cause, people trying to hurt someone else , just because they think they can get away with it.
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