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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 hour ago, MaggiJin said:

if you mean escorting, i'm far too shy for that.

When they see you naked and ask, just ask them for money, then park your avi on the furniture of thier choice and go shopping in the MP while they get their fun.

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3 hours ago, MaggiJin said:

If i hang around in a bikini in the snow, my skin will get used to the cold!

It works like that right?

Winter and snow I can manage fine. Perks of being Norse I guess. Come summer I'm dead, the warmth is cruel. I don't ever seem to get used to it!

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2 hours ago, ForrestChild said:


.tsg. Momo - X Tone

Le Momo Soft Blush

HIME DREAM - Fairy Eyes - Purple

GA.EG - Virgule Eyebrows - Tinted

GA.EG - Starshine Effects - Tinted

[PF] Sugar Rush Eyeshadow - Pink Macaroon

I've also tinted my hair and bunny parts to a softer pink.

I see you found a lollipop to lick. :P

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