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How does your avatar look today ?


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So tired of taking selfies by myself, so I had a friend pose with me!


Slight colour enhancement editing in Gimp, nothing complex. 
To the left stands the alluring Allurey!

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52 minutes ago, Talligurl said:

Sometimes I think that the "How does your avatar look today ?,thread, should be, How does you avatar look this hour. 

Are you telling me that you don't change clothes every hour? =o

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1 hour ago, ForrestChild said:

Finally decided to give my bunneh bits a different colour. I've also switched to the tsg. Dewy Eyes - Forrest and Argrace Misaki Hair - Reds

How, when pink is a paint I abhor,
Are you pictures a thing I adore,
I but think that it's weird,
I'm just scratching my beard,
Always eager, and waiting for more.

... In my defense, it's past midnight. I'll go to bed now. Toodles!



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Last night I was trying to decide where to go for some good blues.. :P and actually ended up trying Crossroads.. but, being that it's so close to Christmas, I was completely lagged out by all the blingy decorations and falling snow. I love Christmas in RL.. but in SL, I can always count on Christmas Lag every year :S


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