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Embark on a Quest in Linden Realms: Collect Crystals, Earn Linden Dollars and Have a Blast!

Linden Lab


We're excited to introduce Linden Realms, where Residents can dive directly into exploring the towers, caves and valleys of the Lab's first-ever game prototype. Dodge rock monsters and fierce fireballs as you cross deadly, toxic rivers to complete quests and cash in your crystals for Linden Dollars. And that's just the beginning...

Quests take you through the basics of game-play in Second Life while you earn Linden Dollars. You’ll start at Basecamp on Tyrah’s Island, where you’ll have your pick of exciting destinations to choose from!


  • Sunspire — Investigate a tower of experiments in teleportation and astronomy.
  • Shattered Cavern — Go deep into an intricate system of caves that snake down under a small mountain.
  • Devil's Canyon — Brave a  dangerous valley of fire and rock monsters, where the courageous are rewarded.
  • Whisper Hollow — Hike through a forest full of secrets and obstacles.
  • Banshee Peak — Soar above it all at the northernmost point of the island and admire the view of Whisper Hollow.
  • Tyrah's Peak — Scale the snowy peak overlooking the center of the island and the Basecamp.
  • Dark Moon Bay — Explore this southernmost point of the island, where Tyrah wrecked her ship and hopes to eventually escape.

Our teams dove deep into the inworld creation process during development, and are eager to share some improved tools that came out of this effort. Residents will soon be able to use those tools to create even richer original experiences in Second Life.


Dive in, explore — and experience the wonder of Linden Realms!

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I've had the joy of tinkering with this for some time: it's quite fun! I especially enjoy Shattered Cavern and the Sun Spire. :-)

Big thanks to the team who put it together!

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I took them up on their discounted premium membership just so I could get in on this, now you're telling me they changed it at the last minute and it's open to anyone? So I basically got shammed in other words.

Come on guys! Don't you ever plan or think things through first?? Figure out what you want to do then stick with the gameplan!

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Mixed feelings,

I'm looking forward to checking it out, sounds like it's gonna be really fun,
but, umm, why is LL competing with their own user base!? 

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my question is, can the tools be used by everyone or those in control of the sim? if the tools are there for all to use, then things can get hectic when people can change the rules as they please. if the tools are only for those in control of the sim, then people won't be able to use them to make personal amusements. also, will the tools allow for augmenting the controls and what happens? if so, that would be kinda cool, so long as what happens (as always) doesn't break the rules of the game set by the makers. I'd also like to see makers of good sims (not just games) perhaps rewarded by some means. perhaps a month's worth of rent paid off, land to expand the world with, that kind of deal. finally, out of curiosity, will these game development tools be able to work with what already exists? if not, then congrats, you just broke something that people have invested in. as much as I hate the gaming HUDs that are out there, there is no denying the fact that they eased the transition for game designers in such a way that allowed for the third party games that exist now in SL. here's to those tools making SL a viable means of interacting with others again.

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Why is Linden Labs competing with their own user base?


The answer:


Linden Labs current CEO is the maker of


So he thinks he has to make all the content which by the way was pure crap in ALL Sims games.

Please fire yourself.




I don't mind new tools for quests and what not but at the same time; are these going to be followed with Massive Lag?

Shouldn't you spend time  and resources updating servers and increasing Sim ram from 300MB for a Main Sim to maybe I don't know 512MB?

Before adding additional features to hog what little resources Sims already have?

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Very interesting indeed... it looks very nice, fitting 12 years olds.


I think LL has missed that all of us here are above 18.


Oh, i also sumbled upon something called " Linden home comic" . It's insulting to comics worldwide.

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The whole layout looks simplistic and childlike. Is it not time LL increased the prim limit on all  Sims, sorted out Sim crossing for Sailors and Aviators. Some of us Sim owners are getting fed up of the lack of effort that is put into sorting existing problems out.


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I think you missed they merged the Teen Grid last January..

Oi Linden Labs when do we get a peek at the actual functions and usage code?


You actually want US BUILDERS to use it why not give us a peek at the scripts?

AKA Wiki me please

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I know there was a merge.  ALL of the locations except one, are rated Mature. That means nobody under 18 can visit. Also, the teens are no longer from 13 years old, but start at 16.

This surely would have been interesting at the teen grid, 2 years ago.

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This game is quite fun! I played last month and it's just incredibly cute.  The $L you can earn is a great bonus, but honestly, it's just fun! :smileyvery-happy:

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I'm pretty sure that by now even a 12 year old would look at the graphics in those areas and wonder why he's not turning SL off and switching to Call of Duty....


But this is all approved by the creator of The Sims so what do you expect?

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Cool as a technology demo and proof of concept. I look forward to study and understand the technology behind and how it can be used. ...but, maybe it is just me, but is not this theme a little bit on the childish side for an audience that is predominantly 18+ ?

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You are spending time and resources on making a game on a framework and three dimensional architecture that is inherently fragmented and supremely limited and overpriced for independent builders and users? You didn't think maybe working on rolling out the forever hushed MegaSim may have been a better use of time and resources? We don't need another beginner's island. We don't need a cartoony place to draw in the children of the world. SL is not nor should it ever be a Game. You want games? Go play in IMVU, Everquest, or boot up a console. I can appreciate the tools that may come of dedicating time to making a "game" where residents can earn lindens but honestly, if you want everyone to have lindens and inflate the market and decrease the arbitrary currency exchange rate, then just give any account older than 30 days a weekly allowance like you do for premium members, just a smaller one. 


I saw this blog post and my mind could only stop and go....








On a more serious note, is Linden Labs or any major inworld presence making an effort to oppose the current SOPA and Protect IP bills which are presently being considered in the US Senate and would totally destroy SL altogether? If private internet censorship gets passed, then you can kiss SL buhbai, because all content is then subject to direct media discretion. Every DJ in SL could be guilty of a felony. Anyone making gestures from songs and movies, you are felons. Let's focus on the bigger pictures and stop trying to turn SL into a Game... Let's make SL the new standard for what the internet should be and make Virtual Reality a Real Reality.



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I suppose there are critics on any topic, opinion, idea, invention, or in this case a fun little game.  Like many I come here to relax and chill.  Life is enough of a challenge.  It's nice to see second life offering little tidbits such as this.  We are seeing the future being unfolded here.  Can't wait to see second life in another five years.  I find this all very exciting.

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I like the idea of games within SL.  I think this is a great idea that could inspire others to create even more indepth games.  I'm really looking forward to the upcoming enhanced NPC tools as I have an idea in mind myself for an inworld game that I'm anxious to get started on.  In the meantimes I'll definitely give this a try.

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Was just at Violet and it is Ahern Annex with loud talking and some dude playing electric guitar over voice o.O mini-fail because of local "color" and sensory assult before the signs even rezzed.

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i look forward to trying these places! i appreciate LL's effort to develop new things & test ideas & am excited about SL becoming more interactive & alive! also love the idea of cashing in crystals for Ls.

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The game itself is nothing but a framework for the Lindens adding new llFunctions to show their bosses "possible" uses of said functions.   

They just

A: Needed Testers

B: Figured they would let users enjoy it as well.


So things to maybe look forward to out of this little play area:

new teleport functions

new attach from rezzed functions

and an inworld Database function allowing storage of values without needing an external Server or NC/Script datasaving.  And works Gridwide.    Akin to Mysql.


So I wish to Apologize to said Linden employees.

And instead Thank them for adding these new functions to increase the functionality of this world ot make it more

Virtualy Realistic


 In fact those working on this project should be given a department and a few extra employees to add more functions.

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It's not the programmers fault their bosses can't figure out how helpful and way overdue an inworld Database is...

Nor the many applications they can be used for inworld...


And that he must build such an area for them to walk through like 12 year olds to get the idea.




Just for us to get one of the most fundamental programming developements ever Database....


More inworld Database functions please.  Replace need for outside Mysql and PHP murder.



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I for one, must commend LL for keeping the status quo and thinking about in-world residents' safety and well-being.  I know I myself would prolly have a severe stroke if LL did anything useful such as bug fixes... you know - chat lag, sim lag, inventory that goes poof, sim crossings in vehicles, just to name a few.  

By keeping their attention firmly focused on trivial garbage such as carnivals for 12 year olds, web profiles that nobody wanted, and removing last names in favor of widely abused display names, they're saving thousands of residents that might go into shock, keel over and die if LL actually did anything sensical or useful.

A big warm "Well Done" to LL for caring so much about us!

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