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  1. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: I always feel guilty after I've been a vulture. i love you. me too. me too,.
  2. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: "... I live with it and do no complaining (at least publically). Maybe you need to do the same? People are individuals........they don't think the same and they don't act the same. Wouldn't the world be boring if they did? looks like one contradiction eating another.... when i want to complain publicly about ppl being total dillweeds, i will )
  3. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: Define "vulture" please. i'm down with ppl speaking their mind. i like to do it too^^ i know i dont come across as wonderful all the time. most of us don't. i say some stupid crap, thats for sure. but, a wake of vultures is how i mentally picture some of the commenters here! ready to swoop in & rip the OP's apart.... adding in unintended meanings, saying personally attacking things, & generally just making a stink in the air... leaving me with a bad taste for the forums. it's not just here. i guess it is forums in general. i've saw a bunch of new moms i
  4. geez calm down. i said "I hope SL is going to soon add features that make the land more valuable for residents" Senobia Xenga wrote: If you're not happy with the land fees, don't buy any! If you don't think you're getting your money's worth, don't buy any! LL will continue to sell so long as people continue to buy. See how that works? They're not going to change their MO for you. Or him. Or her. Consumer power is in numbers, not disgruntled singles.
  5. your response reminds me of how multi-faceted running any business is, but especially one that is so groundbreaking & changing all the time. i think what you say about watching the Marketplace as a sort of barometer is an excellent idea. Nuhai Ling wrote: In a nutshell though, this is how I explain the current situation.
  6. i know what u mean Angus lol! it can be so frustrating... it feels clunky to me. so many issues, so many steps & clicks, & go here, go there... inworld, marketplace, website, forums, all these places we have to log in & out of. every single time i've contacted the chat support, they tell me they cant help with that problem. i roll my eyes b/c i knew they'd say that! & my tickets have also gone ignored. many. however... i have seen glimpses, i think, of where they might be trying to head... not sure of course, hence my confusion! but i had an opportunity to take part i
  7. Senobia Xenga wrote: Why do these threads crop up every so often from disgruntled members? Is it to get attention from the Lindens? Do they really think one gripe will make much difference? I mean, it's kind of like threatening suicide. Most people who intend to commit suicide don't give warnings. They just do it. Same with people who truly get fed up with/burned out on/sick of SL. They don't carry on with long farewells. They just go. If you need someone else to point out the good/bad reasons for you to stay somewhere - anywhere - you maybe should have left a long time ago before yo
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Reading the OP I see two things being asked about. First is really Linden Lab's business model. That is a subject of a lot of speculation. Supposedly the purpose is to make money. As much as possible. But many find land costs a big hindrance. Personally, I don't believe I know enough to really calculate how over priced land is. I've seen a lot of numbers thrown around and some I consider very good educated guesses, but really, none of us know how profitable SL is. The second thing is User Experience. For me it is still "Your World, Your Imagination." I am still
  9. TOTALLY AGREE! but alot of ppl dont realize, those sims are created by those fortunate enough to waste money on a hobby. sims/land, etc costs waaaayyyyyy tooo much to invest in (for the average person) without wanting to make some cash back in return!
  10. wow dismal outlook, people! that dressup game sounds pretty dead on LOL!
  11. I really am wondering what other people think regarding this topic. Please share your thoughts! Annnd, where is SL now? I find it difficult to guage why people log in SL these days. I'm thinking about only using the Marketplace to sell my wares, as I know plenty of others are doing as well, especially now with the improvements to the site. But it makes me wonder then, why would I pay so much tier for land? I hope SL is going to soon add features that make the land more valuable for residents. I'm confused... ~Mia
  12. I am wanting to pay someone for building a custom mainstore. I have vague concepts of what I want/need, but need your expertise to help it come to life. Hopefully it will lead to a partnership where I can call on you for help in the future too, & pay again for perhaps an event build for my island, or a welcome area, etc. I am looking for someone highly conceptual/creative, with a refined sense of style. You MUST be familiar with store design & be able to show me examples of your directly-related work. Please take a look at the builds I site below. Take note that I am seeking ROUNDED S
  13. Hello, i have worked on creating an HUD which is pretty good so far, but i need help. If you are expert with scripting & making HUDs, i'll be happy to pay for your time, weather u end up making anything for me or not. we might just need to talk & u can point me in the right direction. Contact me inworld MiaSnow Myriam. Thanks!
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