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  1. PeterCanessa Oh

    What is mesh?

    Mesh is a toy for people who think SL is a game. Have fun working out how to win :-)
  2. PeterCanessa Oh

    How to find UUID of prim you don't own

    Or, if you want to do it rather than not; write a script using http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSensor that looks for the object. Within the event=handler for this - sensor() - you can find the UUID with http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDetectedKey
  3. PeterCanessa Oh


    Game? Bye then :-)
  4. PeterCanessa Oh

    Integers and floats

    steph Arnott wrote: Why do people become lazy and type 1 instead of 1.0 when the complier has to convert it? An integer is a whole number and a float is a floating point number. People don't become lazy. They ARE lazy :-) Please check the difference between 1/3 and 1/3.0 in almost any compiler you like to use. In most cases the compiler is 'clever' enough to spot that only (fast) integer division is required in the first case - with the (integer) result 0. In the second case the calculation 'ought to' use floating point division = 0.33333... There is no excuse for being lazy. Unless you know your compiler and don't care about any other use case.
  5. Sorry, this is spelt in English. Apart from that I demand that YOU pay me back my money right now because some other program doesn't work. How dare you ask what problems or what programs! I shall take you all to court tomorrow morning, if I get up in time. Goodbye. [Enough for another year or two, I think. Happy birthday Rolig - I really don't know how you put up with it]
  6. PeterCanessa Oh

    Second Life random crashes (All Viewers)

    Ahhh, yes - that's because the doohickey wiget isn't reciprocating with the velocity cam. (your computer specs please).
  7. PeterCanessa Oh

    i want to buy $L with my PayPal but i cant?

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. In general LL will only take money from major US credit-cards and paypal backed by same ... if you're in the USA. Should you happen to be anywhere else or use another banking system then, unlike every other company on the internet, LL can't work out how to let you pay them. This is a GOOD THING - it teaches you a) not to waste money you don't need to on SL, b) not to expect anything in SL to work as you'd expect it to ... if at all.
  8. Thank you for informing us of your incompetence. Why are you trying to 'change' it and what is your question?
  9. It's not that you are too poor to pay for it all of it, you're just too stupid to understand any of it/ Bye then.
  10. PeterCanessa Oh

    Depth of Field graphic glitch?

    Hello. You appear to have taken a picture that you don't like. What is your question? If it is "depth of field" in what way do you think the depth of field is glitfched? If you do no want depth of field defocussing have you considered turning it off?
  11. PeterCanessa Oh


    Was it good for you? Have I mentioned that I don't even have a TV? You'lll remember "custard" longer, I promise you (if you watched it)
  12. PeterCanessa Oh

    Assigning a function on object

    You might wish to learn LSL at some point, instead of trying to write in a completely alien language. Once you know how it works and what it can do you'll no longer have to waste time hinking it's javascript.
  13. PeterCanessa Oh

    Advanced MESH creator needed!

    Nice answer :-) Your OP appeared as if you were making a copy of an existing real life vehicle - which would be copyright and, probably, trademarked. I am not PIOF so can't do mesh.
  14. PeterCanessa Oh

    Can/t reply to support case

    That's 10 megabytes! The only way I can imagine she's reaching that level is by attaching hi-resolution photographs to the email. Reduce the file-size of the photos or email one at a time.