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  1. See, i fully agree that it's scripting, and interactivity that make objects in SL interesting, but i also see more and more of the above. Lighthouses without a beacon, static pets to hold that are not animated (but still look just as good in a photo), cakes you can't have a slice of and lamps that don't even turn on and off. And this, not from any beginners but high-earning creators visible in many shopping events that draw crowds. It also seems that the buyers are so used to non-interactivity that they go for visuals, and interactivity is just an added bonus, not a salepoint.
  2. SL has a limited amount of users, with limited amount of L$- the money to be made is finite. Making a splendid house, or skirt won't make more users to join SL, or the average SL users pockets to grow deeper- all business are competing for the same money. So while one might argue that backdrops don't offer the exact same thing as full house builds, i feel that they are close enough that one cannibalizes upon the other. It's similar with the number of content creators, although there the number is more flexible depending on skills, and how much/little earnings is the threshold for giving up. Since the introduction of mesh in SL, creations have shifted very largely towards visuals, and further and further away from interactivity. New creators came in with already pre-existing 3d creation skills, and the learning curve for SL imports wasn't that steep. LSL coding however, is an in-house -special, so you can only learn it within SL. Interactive items that can't use a pre-exising posing system, were pushed out in favor of the much prettier, decorative mesh items. It's cheaper and less effort to make a static coffee maker, than one that actually fills up a coffee pot over time, and has movable parts and gives you a cup when done. So why bother with finding a scripter and all that fuss, when the item can compete on the marketplace with looks alone, and nobody that has joined past 2013 will ever know it didn't use to be that way? A creator with the skill of making environments, houses, roads etc, why would they want to spend the effort and time on making an environment, trying to keep the LI as low as possible, making sure all the physics are right, that doors etc work.... when they can just sell a backdrop to the same customer, getting paid roughly the same? And the customer might even no longer have an interest in curating an interactive space, paying for it to remain online, etc. When it's cheaper and convenient to just take snapshots in a booth. Times are changing and whatever flaots peoples boats. But from my perspective, SL isn't getting any more interesting from it.
  3. I hear a lot of people speaking about "sleeping" accounts and the money collected there, and the idea that this money could now be harvested. I don't see how this could work for already dormant accounts, as they will not accept Tilias ToS, logging in or otherwise. They can not be forced in under a ToS they did not accept. So i don't see how LL could drain the USD from old accounts, and that being legal. It will however deal with new accounts going stale, as long as they have accepted the Tilia ToS.
  4. 1. Gacha things are never fullperm, and nearly no fullperm objects can be resold as-is. That means you have to make substantial changes or/and additions to the objects yourself. Also when you re-sell pullperm objects, you have to abide by the ToS of the seller of the fullperm pack, which usually at minimum means you need to change permissions to copy/mod/no trans. Keep that in mind in your business model. 2. Things in your inventory need to have at minimum "trans" permissions in order to be sold or given away. If they are no trans, then it doesn't matter if you use them or not, you can't transfer them to another avatar. 3. That is a good idea! 4. Not sure what you mean with 1L1H.
  5. I think the first and foremost you need to figure out, is what you want to sell. Is it re-selling gacha items? What is your plan for profit, will you play gacha machines and hope for a rare that you can sell for more than you have spent? That is going to be a gamble and you can not count on breaking even. Are you going to buy fullperm packs, and re-sell those? Most of the time, the original creator doesn't permit that, at least not without you making some new textures and alterations. There are still "business in a box" pack circulating around, they are OLD and i would be very skeptical if you happen to find one somewhere. Don't fall for it. So then it comes down to, what is the skill you are offering? Being a merchant always comes down to having a marketable skill. Either it's being a great organizer, with a ton of knowledge how to market events etc, or it's an actual creative skill that you can apply to make things to sell. If you want to sell things, you need to figure out what you want to sell, and why people would want to buy it from you. Everything else is secondary, you need to figure out step one first.
  6. As far as i know, RLV is off bu default in Firestorm. One can not download Firestorm and then suddenly have a "surprise" without actually enabling the function first. Then there's the issue of not closing the program for an hour and a half, while things that the person doesn't want, are ongoing. If one doesn't realise that the avatar disappears from the sim/grid when logging off, then that person might not have the cognitive maturity to count as an individual above 18 years old. In other words, you can't force anyone to remain logged on.
  7. That would show up on your transaction history, on your dashboard. No matter if the transaction is of a monetary gift, paying an object, or using the marketplace. All L$ transactions and the use of pay/buy function will show up there.
  8. Again? Every time i start to rp, this happens. LE SIGH.
  9. In order for a listing to be removed, does the merchant both have to been missing for 5 years AND the product not sold in 2 years, or does it apply if either one or the other condition is met?
  10. See, you are onto something here: it's a fake. It's not real. Nobody is getting harmed. Not unlike as... doing it in a movie. Or in pixels!
  11. Lexbot Sinister


    Optimo, you previous posts about Rhino generating high-poly mesh that needs to be taken to another software for reduction certainly made me think you never touched it before. Also the feature you describe for Maya is nothing like the one like in Rhino. Just because both use commands, doesn't mean it's the same, or even comparable. CreateNURBSCube < box Again, i'm not advocating the use of Rhino for SL- i haven't found a way to make compatible UV mapping. Had some limited luck with Planar. Nor can you do any rigging. But just like all other software, it's evolving. Zbrush wasn't good for anything in SL either, not too long ago. And Marvelous designer, same there. Who knows what extensions Rhino might have in the future, i wouldn't count it out. I think the logic of how the functions operate are brilliant, and easy to follow.
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