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  1. Just like people can decide to pick a show to watch on tv or netflix depending on it's contents, people can desire to have roleplay that they find enjoyable. You can't expect every person to enjoy roleplaying emotional turmoil, just because they are roleplayers. Surely there are roleplayers that will roleplay everything as it comes- whether it's violence, emotional drama, gore, etc but you can't expect every roleplayer to be open for any kind of limitless roleplay. Roleplay can be about making openended stories, but also be exploration of forbidden topics, escapism, etc. If my main intere
  2. I think the others are very politely telling you that a single random image won't sell in SL for more than the upload cost. So i'll say it bluntly. Unless the art image is something very spectacular or very unique (trees and landscapes are pretty abundant), it's going to be worth the upload cost, at most. Consider also your competition, there are hundreds of framed photos and other art for under 100 L$.
  3. LL is not being honest about the "fees" being just 10%, compared to other stores like turbosquid etc. Last time i checked, Turbosquid didn't have any additional fee's to exchange dollars into playtokens to buy items with, or require the merchant to exchange those tokens back, nor do they have any fee for processing credit. So saying that the fee for selling goods in SL is just 10%, is dishonest. I was trying to make a calculation for how much LL would get off a customer taking in 10 000 L$, using $40.25, but, i got stuck on the process credit as it's no longer possible to view or read ab
  4. I was being sarcastic about Mollymews being new.... because anyone who shops clothes in SL (both from the marketplace and inworld) already knows that a mannequin is of no use other than shop decor to remind us of RL stores. Also, number of posts doesn't signify overall SL experience or who is more new than not... it just shows if you are chatty or not. Anyhow, age is not a competition, it just seemed to me like such a beginner idea, without knowing how clothes in SL work nowadays. Yes, SL used to have mannequins in some few stores, which were mostly a disguise to get people to cam
  5. If your event is not "special" enough to spend 10L$ on, perhaps it's really.... not so much of an event.
  6. Hi and welcome to Second Life! Store mannequins have not been needed since the invention of rigged mesh and demos. There is zero need for a store mannequin to demo clothes for me, that i'm just a second later supposed to demo myself. The store mannequin doesn't have my AO, and i won't see if the rigging is acceptable or not. Also, considering how many clothes need alpha cuts to be activated on the mesh bodies, your bot would need to know how to use the different mesh bodies HUD's and alpha settings. But you know what store mannequins can increase? Customer complaints
  7. Hello, are you new in SL? Or just new to clothing? There is absolutely zero need for bots to "model" outfits, because if i'm in the store to shop, i pick up demos and model them on MYSELF, with the exact same ease as some store mannequin, except much, much better. Many stores also have their items mesh rezzed, so i can have a look at the textures and model without having to demo it first. But that's just clothing stores. There's plenty of other types of stores. Furniture and item stores usually have their items rezzed out. So what you are saying, is that you would like store
  8. Since most of creators catering to that niche have quit or became inactive, the vanilla creators have taken over and started to fill in the gaps without any understanding of what this niche is about. There are a few left, that still make useful products, but they are quickly drowning among items without functionality. At the adult sales events, you will find things like bondage beds, without any bondage poses or bondage functionality. Toy racks, that don't give out any functional toys. Spanking horses, without a single spanking option, or even any bound pose. I can go on and on. At first gla
  9. Wonderful advice! (/sarc) This is however exactly what merchants have been doing, and exactly what people will continue to do. The market of goods is starting to rapidly narrow down to very mainstream fashion and objects, since increased costs for conducting business pushes niche creators out. That in turn generates less interest to stick around, since the culture of SL is becoming increasingly bland. The whole idea of " don't like it, then quit, but don't whine" is making me sad, because that is exactly what is happening. People are quitting, we see it on the number of peopl
  10. Or, it could actually work like a normal subscription to a service, but what do i know. I still don't understand what people get out of defending this consumer-hostile practice. Does it benefit you to belittle people who figure they want to have what they are paying for?
  11. No, it's EXACTLY what it is. It's a notice to LL that i will not extend my subscription past it's due date. It's NOT an agreement to forfeit what i have paid for, in any form or way. That is not how subscription cancellation works anywhere, except in the wonderous world of LL So far, i have seen exactly zero examples of other subscriptions that end the moment you decide not to renew, and cease delivering a service already paid for. Imagine if you were subscribing to a magazine, and decided not to renew your subscription for another year, giving the magazine a notice in good t
  12. This is why consumer rights are crap in the US. Instead of working together to make things better, some prefer to beat down on the weak party of business transaction. What exactly do you gain from it? A gold star from LL?
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