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  1. Are you starting something?
  2. I can't imagine living anywhere but mainland. :-)
  3. Perhaps the Park Plaza in Bay City?
  4. Ya, this is, for me, at showstopper level. You can't have a page promoting a place, then have a SLURL that doesn't actually *send* people to that place. It's a fundamental issue.
  5. My 25th was 6 days ago. And I know that ring issue. We need to resize both of ours, for the second time. :-)
  6. The shopping guide will be out soooooooon. It's usually out 72-48 hours before the event, if not sooner. As for previews, well, I have a stack of those. I'll send you a bunch inworld.
  7. One way to fix that...
  8. The folks in charge of them are Lindens. It's the Horizon's project, and this would be LDPW work.
  9. Let's hope word comes out soon on this.
  10. Also: Stephen Blackmoore‏ @sblackmoore Taurus: A good day to set the world on fire. Literally. Methane is bubbling up from the North Atlantic. One match and it's all over. Happy Birthday - and, apparently, careful with those candles. ;-)
  11. I've even said that in non-SL conversations
  12. I too had the thanksgiving pack. Some of that stuff was pretty darned nasty.
  13. Little known fact: all of the sound UUIDs for LindenWorld (gun, grenade, ators, birds, etc.) are still functional.
  14. Yes and no. As I understand it, the grid that Lindenworld existed on is not the same as Agni, but was a separate grid. Later, too, "Linden World" became the name of a LL-sponsored amusement park in the Luna and Coney regions, but that was a separate thing.
  15. And to you too!