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  1. For what it's worth, Harry Island predates the LDPW by a couple years, and is not actually a Mole Build. But let's not split hairs, er, pigs. Here's a really big list of Mole Builds. This may help you with your list:
  2. Welcome!
  3. As I understand it (and I suspect a Linden will be about to clarify)... Second Life doesn't allow Residents below age 13 Residents of age 13-15 have been allowed on General-rated educational-based regions when vouched for by the educational entity in question, and can only be on those regions. I have heard that this has changed and is no longer offered, but again, clarification. Residents aged 16-17 are only allowed on General-Rated regions (and, naturally, limited to general-rated content). Further, sexual content is not allowed for minors (see above re: general rated) nor is not allowed for avatars designed to look like minors. Violations of the above can be reported under Help > Report Abuse using the appropriate categories)
  4. Hahaha. It's a stunning likeness, too! FWIW, I have been asking around about them and trying to decide which will work best for me, but am not ready to make that jump. I do love my bento hands, tho.
  5. Cuz why not?
  6. Yup! When I first "grew down" in SL, I started aging up slowly. But I've stuck at 8 1/2 RP age for about three or so years now. :-)
  7. I tend to update my look, but it's incremental. Kinda like the old joke about George Washington's Axe. Here's me in 2006. Rocking that system skin. There weren't really any kid skins available then, and others had pretty heavy, obvious adult shading on them. Most everything I wore then was system, aside from hair, glasses, shoes, and the occasional flexi skirt. Then here's around 2011 or so. Pretty much my "classic" look. Same glasses as the previous shot: I bought those on day 1 and only retired them last year or so. I also wore the heck out of that hair. Was practically a trademark. Still mostly system and prim attire, though I did get into sculpts outfits pretty quickly. And today. Still the same ol skin, shape, and eyes, but with newer hair, mesh clothing, mesh hands, and new mesh glasses modeled based on my old ones a bit.
  8. Ya, I count myself lucky. Nevertheless, it did end up there, and it is highly suspect (to me) that it did end up there, much like your lost folder.
  9. ...and that's going to be a toughie. I know I could not tell you the steps in my case to repro, and could not say with 100% certainty that it wasn't user error - though I have my doubts that it was. Doubly so knowing that Prokofy faced a similar issue. I do feel that this is something that needs to be looked at, regardless. I just wish I had a better "this step here."
  10. ~2 weeks ago, I was decorating a set and pulled out an item that, while gacha, I had exchanged for transfer permissions. I thought it odd that it left the folder as if it was no copy, but assumed that maybe it was an issue with a script or other item inside the mesh was no copy, and shrugged it off. I then checked its rezzed perms, to find it was indeed, all no transfer as expected. Checking my inventory I discovered that a folder called "THE ARCADE GACHA EVENTS" was sitting in my trash. This particular folder includes tens of thousands of items, collected since the initial September 2012 run of the event. I would absolutely not drag that folder to the trash, and while I acknowledge that sometimes things get dragged off in odd ways, it seemed rather unlikely. I did immediately pull and preserve the folder, but I now find myself wondering if my experience, and Prokofy's, are in some way related.
  11. Sure, why not?
  12. I am a Mac user, and get the opposite. I get "You know a lot about computers, right? Why does my Windows 10 keep doing this thing?" Also, the SL version, "Why does Firestorm do this?" (I use the official client)
  13. I wish they'd stop asking me, "What do you wish people would stop asking you?" ;-) Naw, teasing. I can't think of a good answer, though. I really don't mind many questions. I guess the only ones I don't are the ones where someone could have very quickly answered it themselves with 5 seconds and google.
  14. I'm in California, and this was our wettest on record - and after years of drought.
  15. Priot to the vista heart, there was indeed a couple singular digit poses, and yes, also... those. :-)