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  1. Now this is more like it!
  2. I'd be willing, though I am in the midst of travel and won't be back to really delve into it til Monday. I think I can help. I was a part of the memorial park (you'll see some of my prims in Varna) and have helped my virtual community during the loss of more than a couple residents (and very much dealt with the grieving process myself). You can catch me inworld at Marianne McCann, too.
  3. Have you filed a JIRA?
  4. Indeed. So handy.
  5. Your friend should check her email. She will likely find some information there.
  6. Hey there! We had a *massive* return of content from the Livingtree region at 4:21 a.m. SLT today, with hundreds of items coming back. Region now shows as having some 400 LI available, while yesterday there was more than 5k available. The region was reset at 4:20 a.m. SLT. My spidey sense tell me there's an issue here.
  7. One such playground, if I may toot my own horn: https://places.secondlife.com/parcels/47018/slc-second-life-children-youthspot For what it's worth, there *are* still a lot of places that take pause at child avatars. While some are obvious (the adult continent!), a lot of clubs and such look down on shorter avatars. Nevertheless, most of the larger (non-adult) stores and events are happy to see us, and there are welcoming places to be.
  8. Here's a handy list of the "perks" of premium membership http://secondlife.com/premium/
  9. Fair point :-)
  10. The answer is likely 3 or 4. I'm serious.
  11. The feeds tend to be in a start of regular broken-ness, with photo failures being a common issue. (I hope the feeds some day get the love they need. Sadly, I know I'd best not hold any breath)
  12. Also, double prims, lots of protected edges.
  13. It will depend on what specifically they did. If they committed fraud (selling empty boxes, etc.), abuse report them from inworld and include the relevant information in the body of the report. If their listings was incorrect, flag their listings from the item page. If they are selling things they should not (ripped content, copyright content, 'copybotted' content, full-perm mesh sets they don't have resell rights for, etc.) contact the original creator of that content and urge them to file a DMCA on the content.
  14. I added a jira requesting the addition of a "Share on Plurk" button to the rather lengthy list of buttons on the bottom of these pages. As a Plurk regular, there's a pretty strong SL community there, and I feel it would be great to share materials here and bring in their voices. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41561