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  1. See the difference professional landscaping makes ... ... expect a little more in Willowdale Estate Corner Lots - 1/4 sim - Ultimate Luxury! 16,384 sqm - 7500 prims first week included in purchase price Both lots are Corner Sims with a SUNSET VIEW! and my NEW LAYOUT with BEACH BLUFFS! - Breath-taking landscaping with huge raised grassy area for a large house and beach bluffs all around - perfect for long walks on the beach and for pictures! Amazing huge waterfall with swan pond, wrap-around private beach with large corner swimming area with a cute little raft - absolutely my best work - Ultimate Luxury! - many, many extras!) (Coraith 3 - Visit this lot now!) (Argis 1 - Visit this lot now!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lot sizes available from 2560 sqm to 1/4 sim - all full prim sims For a complete listing please visit: or inworld: Vist the Willowdale Estate Rental Office: Contact IMAGIN ILLYAR for more information.