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  1. my question is, can the tools be used by everyone or those in control of the sim? if the tools are there for all to use, then things can get hectic when people can change the rules as they please. if the tools are only for those in control of the sim, then people won't be able to use them to make personal amusements. also, will the tools allow for augmenting the controls and what happens? if so, that would be kinda cool, so long as what happens (as always) doesn't break the rules of the game set by the makers. I'd also like to see makers of good sims (not just games) perhaps rewarded by some means. perhaps a month's worth of rent paid off, land to expand the world with, that kind of deal. finally, out of curiosity, will these game development tools be able to work with what already exists? if not, then congrats, you just broke something that people have invested in. as much as I hate the gaming HUDs that are out there, there is no denying the fact that they eased the transition for game designers in such a way that allowed for the third party games that exist now in SL. here's to those tools making SL a viable means of interacting with others again.
  2. jiggle script that allows for scripted resizing without the jiggle script reverting it back. though people like me will find other uses, i can also see this possibly used for goo. EDIT: also a platformer hud that restricts your view to that of a 2D ish perspective with controls likewise altered.
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