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  1. I am the Owner, Creator, and Designer of Luna Craft Roleplay Enhancement System. http://www.lunacraft.net I post this because I need Sims and players to stretch my system and play so I can work on kinks and get player ideas. You can get a FREE HUD here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/307-BOX-Luna-Craft-Roleplay-HUD/3191452 New players upon wearing the new system will recieve some starter Seeds of growing plants and Tools forfishing/mining/logging and crafting. ** Combat = FREE Plant Seeds: 2$L a Seed Tools: 20L$ for 25 uses* * - Requires lake, tree, or ore rocks ** - Requires Crafting Stations to Craft which you can buy from Lillith Reanimator. ----Or you can visit http://slurl.com/secondlife/Psycho%20Chaos/110/112/806 and use the Stations Free there. If you are a Sim owner and are interested in adding Life to your sim via eating whether you roleplay or not this HUD is for you. Whether it be roleplaying and harvesting for food or to cast spells or just a person harvesting on a NonRP Sim and selling their goods to Roleplayers. Luna Craft works Gridwide! 60 Materials and Loot to craft with. Loots, Materials, Crafts are stored via HUD Menu and Database until needed. Growing plants. Trees that chop down and regrow. Rocks to mine for Ore. Lakes to Fish. Animals to Hunt. Eat and Drink to stay healthy and strong. Materials and Loots used as reagents in spells. Weapon, Clothing, Jewelry, Accecories Magically Enhanced Item API 10 Level Types. 6 Physical Stat Types. Many craft recipes. Roleplay and Tournament Combat Modes. Trade foods and crafts as well as materials and loot.
  2. It's not the programmers fault their bosses can't figure out how helpful and way overdue an inworld Database is... Nor the many applications they can be used for inworld... And that he must build such an area for them to walk through like 12 year olds to get the idea. Just for us to get one of the most fundamental programming developements ever Database.... More inworld Database functions please. Replace need for outside Mysql and PHP murder.
  3. The game itself is nothing but a framework for the Lindens adding new llFunctions to show their bosses "possible" uses of said functions. They just A: Needed Testers B: Figured they would let users enjoy it as well. So things to maybe look forward to out of this little play area: new teleport functions new attach from rezzed functions and an inworld Database function allowing storage of values without needing an external Server or NC/Script datasaving. And works Gridwide. Akin to Mysql. So I wish to Apologize to said Linden employees. And instead Thank them for adding these new functions to increase the functionality of this world ot make it more Virtualy Realistic In fact those working on this project should be given a department and a few extra employees to add more functions.
  4. I'm pretty sure that by now even a 12 year old would look at the graphics in those areas and wonder why he's not turning SL off and switching to Call of Duty.... But this is all approved by the creator of The Sims so what do you expect?
  5. I think you missed they merged the Teen Grid last January.. Oi Linden Labs when do we get a peek at the actual functions and usage code? You actually want US BUILDERS to use it why not give us a peek at the scripts? AKA Wiki me please
  6. Why is Linden Labs competing with their own user base? The answer: Linden Labs current CEO is the maker of The SIMS So he thinks he has to make all the content which by the way was pure crap in ALL Sims games. Please fire yourself. I don't mind new tools for quests and what not but at the same time; are these going to be followed with Massive Lag? Shouldn't you spend time and resources updating servers and increasing Sim ram from 300MB for a Main Sim to maybe I don't know 512MB? Before adding additional features to hog what little resources Sims already have?
  7. Help me smooth the wrinkly glitches out of my System Come Play Luna Craft <Free> Luna Craft is a new Class of Combat/Spell HUD that reuires you to eat and drink to survive. To get food you grow plants and hunt animals and craft it into foods. Spells also require collected Reagents. There are 10 Level Types, 9 Races, many Materials. Mining, Hunting, Combat. Weapon and Item Accessory API's. Luna Craft does not limit itself to a single Sim and is a Grid Wide System thus allowing it to be played on Any Sim or Skybox plot. The only exception is for Huntable Creatures, all other items may be used Anywhere in SL. Open Beta is Free to join visit Psycho Misfits to recieve your FREE System Everything you need to play Luna Craft. Crafting Stations, Plants, Pickaxes, Material gathering systems. FREE Updates while in !!Open Beta!!
  8. Luna Craft Announcing the release of the Spiteful Spirit and the beginning of the Hunt for Spirit Essence! These Spiteful Spirits have been haunting the crafting stations causing all kinds of trouble for crafters. A Spirit of Luna at the shop in Psycho Misfit is asking for your help in defeating this spirits. To help hunt Spiteful Spirits and get your FREE Trade Pouch there is a FREE Halloween HUD at my shop. You must wear the HUD to harm the Spiteful Spirit it will damage ANY combat meter. Be sure to eat and drink otherwise you'll pass out. Visit my website for more information. These are the prizes: 50 Spirit Essence gets you a nice Gothic Fireplace, (with 20prims) or (without pumpkin 15prims) 100 Spirit Essence will get you a Trade Pouch giving you the ability to trade materials to your friends. 500 Spirit Essence The Grand Prize will only be given out to one person and is 500L$ First to earn and trade 500 Spirit Essence to the Spirit of Luna at my shop gets the Grand Prize. The Fireplace and Trade Pouch have unlimited winners. Contest ends on Thanksgiving. 
  9. No it doesn't but it does cost money to have your sim hosted. To have your sim run nicely and have friends over I do suggest a linux host rather then running it on windows. Which it will run fine. 10$ a month to burstnet is all you need. And for further developement and a donation to those who work hard developing Opensim $20. Which is a hell of a lot less then LL charges and a whole lot more then they deserve.
  10. How to make LL listen. The only way to make LL labs listen. Export all items you have made. Withdraw all LL money for RL cash. Delete all inventory you have made. Uninstall all 2.0 viewers. Whatever you do don't upload your stuff to OSgrid/Opensim/Myopengrid blah blah unless you lock it after placing it. As well as setting it as no copy. That is unless you want to share it with the world. Don't sell stuff through Myopengrid or openmetaverse currency this currency is sourced from L$. Also stop paying 300$ a month for a sim and run ur own sim for 10$ and donate 20$ to Opensim devs. Save 90% and stick it to SL LL is so greedy they just dropped reduced prices for non-profit and educational. Does a company focused on one of the seven deadly sins truly deserve your support and money? Watch one of LL serpents crawl out and mock me but in the end it's true. LL is all about the greed, screw every little man. Also Opensim may not have DMCA but at least we don't lie about honoring it then hide behind a team of 1st year intern lawyers to respond saying we need more proof. Just look at WARPS combat meter copied script for script from CCS http://ccs-gametech.com/index.php/ccs-faq/52-ccs-information/310-warps-the-truth
  11. May I ask how much LL is paying you to constantly side with them even when the entire playerbase is going the opposite direction or what your Linden alt name is? I know people with the most powerful gaming machine you can get and V2.0 freaks out on them as well.
  12. It would be entirely impossible to build with a webbased viewer.... You wouldn't even be able to upload a texture. And the webbased in my mind was never ever meant to replace TPV's or LL viewers. Just an alternate way for people to view the world. Although I can see it becoming an issue at the workplace of people easily wasting time with it as they already do with facebook. ----===++If your at work reading this; GET BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY BUM++===---
  13. I agree; not to mention web client would also use massive amounts less bandwidth giving people on slower connections access as well. I live on an Island in Alaska; the highest speed we get is 3mb/s. Which is more then suitable for SL My mom lives in Illinois 40 miles from the University of Illinois she gets about 0.5mb/s using Verizons cruddy wireless; they try to blame the cell tower near her.... Which is well a lot less suitable. Also say you want to invite friends/family/business clients/employees to your sim/land and they are so noob they don't know what's going on let alone how to get to you. Web client can easily be setup to act as a postlink on facebook that when clicked opens the web viewer and will log them into the location you have specified. It will also allow for viewing on the Ipad.
  14. Let's see why didn't I mention crash rate... oh wait cause the last time I crashed hmm oh wait it was today when I was saying hi to SL friends!!!! Last time before that oh wait the last time I visited SL on Christmas. Script engine is doing very well thank you. Yes it works -differently- then in SL but that's because Opensim is NOT SL. Also 99% of scripts can be ported into opensim from SL. And we have ninja physics (beta). Nice try with your misinformation from someone who most likely hasn't touched opensim since 0.5.... Points at his megaregion looking for lag; here lag come out lag, you should be here 42 sims/regions and 20,000+ prims on each; here lag where are you lag why can't I find you? Oh that's right this isn't Sex Life!
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